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									                                Canadian Interuniversity Sport
                                  2003 Summer Universiade

                                  Sport Information Bulletin #2
                                               (May 2003)
                                      - Aussi disponible en francais -

Please refer to Sport Information Bulletin #1 and the Site Visit Questionnaire and Answers for
prior information.

The following individuals have been confirmed as the Canadian Mission Team:

Chef de Mission            Joanne                MacLean        Brock University        Fonthill ON
CIS International Programs Colin                 Timm           CIS                     Ottawa     ON
CIS - Intern               Joe                   Morissette     CIS                     Ottawa     ON
Administration Manager Patricia                  Murray         York University         Toronto ON
Operations Manager         Trish                 Chant          McMaster University Hamilton ON
Sport Technical Manager Jean-Francois            Rapatel        CIS                     Ottawa     ON
Sport Information Manager Michel                 Belanger       CIS                     Ottawa     ON
Sport Information Officer Marc                   Weber          University of BC        Vancouver ON
Sport Information Officer Claire                 Baillie        OUA                     Burlington ON
Sport Information Officer Taylor                 Paxton         Laurentian University Sudbury ON
Sport Information Officer Adrian                 Bradbury       University of Toronto Toronto ON
Team Photographer          André                 Ringuette                              Ottawa     ON
Chief Medical Officer      Renata                Frankovich     University of Ottawa Ottawa        ON
Chief Therapist            Judith                Proulx-Snedden University of Ottawa Ottawa        ON
Clinic Manager             Antoine               Atallah                                Montreal QC
Doctor                     Richard               Goudie                                 Barrie     ON
Doctor                     Alan                  Connelly       Acadia University       Kentville NS
Doctor                     Merrilee              Zetaruk        University of Manitoba Winnipeg MB
Therapist                    Tracy               Meloche        York University         Toronto ON
Therapist                    Madeline            Hunter                                 Burlington ON
Therapist                    Tija                Westbrook      University of Alberta Edmonton AB
Therapist                    Debra               Skelton        McGill University       Montreal QC
Therapist                    Karen               Decker         Saint Mary's University Halifax    NS
Therapist                    Michael             McMurray       University of Manitoba Winnipeg MB
Therapist                    Guylaine            Boutin         McGill University       Montreal QC
Therapist                    Susie               Renaud         University of Ottawa Ottawa        ON
Massage Therapist            Remo                Bucci                                  Toronto ON
CIS Delegate               Drew                  Love           Carleton University     Ottawa     ON

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The following individuals are the key contacts for each of the sports Canada will participate in
during the Universiade:

   ATHLETICS – Leslie Murray, e-mail:
   BASKETBALL (Men) – Andrew Cook, e-mail:
   BASKETBALL (Women) – Denise Dignard, e-mail:
   DIVING – Anne Warburton, e-mail:
   FENCING – Danick Newosielski, e-mail:
   GYMNASTICS (Artistic - men) – Karl Balisch, e-mail:
   GYMNASTICS (Rhythmic) – Danielle Frattaroli, e-mail:
   JUDO – Andrzej Sadej, e-mail:
   SOCCER (Men) – Len Vickery, e-mail:
   SOCCER (Women) – Steve Johnson, e-mail:
   SWIMMING – Josey Corbo, e-mail:
   TAEKWONDO – Michael Sirota, e-mail:
   TENNIS – Ryan Clark, e-mail:
   VOLLEYBALL (Men) – Ron Pike, e-mail:
   VOLLEYBALL (Women) – Laurie Eisler, e-mail:
   WATERPPOLO (Men) – Heather Kaulbach, e-mail:

All members of the Team Canada Delegation must complete the following forms, and return them
to the CIS no later than July 12, 2003. They may be downloaded from the CIS Website at as of June 11, 2003.
                                               Judges &


Information required
Deadline: July 12, 2003                                                      Comments
Athlete Biography                          x
FISU Academic Eligibility Form             x
Team Agreement                             x    x   x   x
Individual Entry Form (I forms)            x    x   x   x   Specific to each group (I1 – I16 forms)
Health Questionnaire                       x    x   x   x
Copy of page 3 & 4 of Passport             x    x   x   x
2 passport sized photos for                                 Could save you hours in accreditation upon
accreditation                              x    x   x   x   arrival
Flight Itinerary                           x    x   x   x   Mission Team excluded
Fees                                       x    x   x       All payments must be made in advance

Flight arrangements for the Mission Team will be made through the CIS travel agency. All other
Delegations must provide their flight itineraries by the July 12th deadline.

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The ground travel times from the Daegu airport to the Athletes Village is approximately 15
minutes. However, participants flying in via the Incheon (Seoul) airport should plan for four
hours from time of arrival in Incheon until their arrival at the athletes’ village in Daegu.

There is one Village for all participants made up of multiple blocks in a condominium style floor
plan. This will allow us to have our Mission and medical operations in the same location as the
athletes. Meals will be provided in a central cafeteria, except when box lunches are required.

We will try and confirm at which location Team Canada will be staying prior to our departure.

2003 Summer Universiade – Village to Venue distance chart

 Sport            Duration of Competition   Venue                                   Distance from Athletes Village

 Athletics        8.25~8.30 (6 days)        Daegu World Cup Stadium                 20km (30 minutes)

 Basketball       8.20~8.31 (11 days)       Daegu Citizen’s Gym. + 5 other Venues   6.3km (9 minutes)

 Fencing          8.22~8.29 (8 days)        Daegu Convention Centre                 3.0km (5minutes)

 Artistic         8.27~8.30 (4 days)        Keimyung Univ. Gym.                     14.3km (21 minutes)

 Rhythmic         8.23~8.25 (3 days)        Kyeongju Gym.                           75.6km (57minutes)

 Swimming         8.24~8.30 (6 days)        Duryu Swimming Pool                     15.8km (24 minutes)

 Diving           8.24~8.30 (7 days)        Duryu Swimming Pool                     15.8km (24 minutes)

 Waterpolo        8.23~8.30 (8 days)        Daegu Athletic High School              8.0km (12minutes)

 Tennis           8.22~8.29 (8 days)        Duryu Tennis Court(1)                   14.9km (22 minutes)

 Volleyball       8.21~8.31 (11 days)       Daegu Gym.+ 5 other Gym.                5.3km (8 Minutes)

 Football         8.20~8.30 (6 days)        Daegu Muni-cipal stadium +others 6.3km (9 minutes)

 Taekwondo        8.22~8.26 (5 days)        Kyungbuk HighSchool Gym                 14.0km (21 minutes)

 Judo             8.26~8.30 (5 days)        Keimyung College Sports Stadium         14.3km (21 minutes)

 Archery          8.24~8.29 (6 days)        Yecheon archery Filed                   114.2km (86 minutes)

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No immunizations are required for travel to South Korea. However, there are some that are

If you plan on extending your trip to other parts of South Korea or beyond, contact your local
travel health clinic for immunization requirements for the areas that you plan on visiting. See the
following website for a travel clinic near you:

Make sure your Diphtheria-Tetanus-Polio (dTP) vaccine is up to date. You should have this
booster shot every 10 years and it should always be current.

Recommended Immunizations

1) Hepatitis A (Havrix 1440)
This vaccine is two shots. The initial shot should be at least one month before departure but if
done two weeks before, the protective antibody is already at 88%. The second shot should be
done 6-12 months later and provides immunity for 10-20 years.

2) Typhoid Fever
It is a one shot vaccine to be given at least 2 weeks before departure and good for 3 years.

The CIS will be responsible for an overall Team Canada clothing package and are currently
working on a system of sponsorships and suppliers. The clothing package will be distributed the
first week of August and contain at a minimum: Walk-on tracksuit, vest, short and long sleeved t-
shirts, polo-shirt, linen style shirt, shorts, cap and visor, socks, back-pack. All competition wear
is the responsibility of each sport. A sizing chart is included in the Team Members agreement.

Further general information on the Summer Universiade may be obtained at

International Programs Services/ Services des programmes internationaux
Canadian Interuniversity Sport / Sport interuniversitaire canadien
801 av. King Edward Ave., Suite N205
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5
Tel: (613) 562-5670 Fax: (613) 562-5669

Colin P. Timm
Tel: extension 32

Jean-François Rapatel
Tel: extension 29

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