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					Breeding a Better Stove
Millions of families use wood stoves to cook in the developing world. They are often inefficient and smoky. Computational Fluid Dynamics is being used to model stoves, and their design is being improved using Genetic algorithms.

Eritrean “mogogo” stoves are built by women from mud and stone. They are typically 5% efficient. They are used in poorly ventilated kitchens, where smoke can cause health problems for women and children.

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A genetic algorithm is CFD is used to model wood combustion used as a tool to assess and heat transfer to the cooking many stove designs very surface. The model includes char quickly. The shape of a combustion and volatile release from stove is stored as a gene the fuel, as well as flaming combustion which is used to deform and radiation. The model correctly a generic stove into a predicts the burn-rate of fuel, and new design. The temperature and velocity fields above a efficiency of the new pile of burning wood. design is assessed with CFD. The most efficient The new stove will improve the quality of designs mate, and pass the life for women and girls, who will not have best design features on to to find as much fire wood, and reduce the the next generation. prevalence of pulmonary complaints. It will Gradually an optimised also provide employment opportunities in stove evolves. rural communities. H Burnham-Slipper*, MJ Clifford & SJ Pickering School of Mechanical, Materials & Manufacturing Engineering, University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD. *

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