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									                                 Mighty Gem

                                                       Emmett, Idaho
 Volume 5 Issue No. 3                                                                                          March 2009

          The Gem Lions Club meets every Friday at noon at
     Cold Mountain Creek Restaurant on Hwy 16 in Emmett, Idaho
  Accelerator Pay-off Plan ~ Money Merge Account
                                 Chris Williams, U First  in your checking or savings account waiting for you to
                                 Financial, was the guest pay expenses. Instead it is actually being put to work
                                 speaker at the February  every day it is in your account, to significantly reduce
                                 6, 2009 meeting.         interest on your mortgage. Home owners in different
                                                          parts of Australia and Europe have been using this type
                               Chris presented the of interest-saving concept for years.
                               Money Merge Account
                               program, which is a new, This program is totally secure. You can monitor your
                               innovative way to pay account and interest savings 24 hours a day, 7 days a
                               off your mortgage in a week. Once your program is activated, only you have
                               fraction of the time with- access to your money through checks, debit cards, and
out refinancing your existing mortgage, with little or ATMs. You will continue to deposit your income and
no lifestyle change.                                      pay expenses, except now you will be saving time and
                                                          interest on your mortgage.
This interest reducing program combines innovative
software with banking systems, which have been Highlights of the Money Merge Account include:
around for decades, to provide homeowners with the
tools necessary to achieve the greatest time and interest • All activity and transactions are controlled by client
savings imaginable.                                       • No contractual obligation
                                                          • Free lifetime technical support
The Money Merge Account program consists of three • 24 hour secure online access
main components, your primary mortgage, an • No monthly service charge
advanced line of credit and online software.              • The Money Merge Amount system can be transferred
                                                          to other mortgages that you have (ie: rentals, invest-
This program works like your standard checking or ment properties, etc.)
savings account, except that it has the ability to offset
large portions of interest on your mortgage each time For more information on this program please contact
you deposit income into your account.                     Chris Williams at 208 369-0387 or e-mail Chris
                                                          Williams at or visit the web-
With this program, your money doesn’t just sit around site at

 The Mighty Gem Lion newsletter is published monthly by the Gem Lions Club. For newsletter submissions or to advertise, please
   contact Lion Kathy Steed at 454-1764 or e-mail to Deadline for submissions is the 20th of each month.
March 2009                                                                       Page 2
  New Gem Island Entrance Gets
    Archway as Eagle Project
Levi Kurta from Boy
Scout Troop 322 vis-
ited the Gems on
Friday, February 13th
to present his Eagle
Project and ask if we
would be interested in
helping fund the
remaining portion of
his project.

Levi designed and
created an archway
for the new access to
the Gem Island Park.

The project cost approximately $5,000 to complete.
Levi is approximately $250 short of his goal of $5,000.

Levi acquired funding from the Gem County
Commissioners, private donations from individuals as
well as other groups and organizations.

                                            A dona-
                                            tion glass
                                                           March Birthdays
                                            was pass-       •3/4 Linda Ipaye
                                            ed around
                                            for Levi        •3/8 Chuck Rolland
                                            and $100        •3/16 Sue Gunter
                                            was col-
                                            lected to
                                            help final-
                                                          Happy Birthday Mighty
                                            ize    this
                                                               Gem Lions!
March 2009                                                                                              Page 3

               Sell Quick Idaho ~ We Buy Houses CASH...FAST!
                               Lion Linda Ipaye, Sell   buying your house for cash or buying it and renting it
                               Quick Idaho, was the     back to you so you don’t have to move.
                               guest speaker at the
                               February 20, 2009        Linda advises to beware of lenders who offer loans to
                               meeting.                 “catch up” on your mortgage. There is normally a
                                                        catch. Many times these loans are designed to take
                               Linda discussed the      advantage of your current situation and they are
                               options available to     designed to fail. They are often short term loans with
                               someone who cannot       high percentage rates, and with the first missed pay-
                               make their mortgage      ment, your house may become the property of the per-
                               payment and is in the    son or group who loaned you the money.
                               midst of foreclosure.
                                                         If you have missed a mortgage payment and the bank
In the past, in Idaho, if you miss your mortgage pay- tells you there is nothing you can do to stop the fore-
ment for the 4th time in a row, foreclosure would begin, closure, Sell Quick Idaho can stop the foreclosure and
consisting of 6-8 weeks for public notice of Trustee trustee sale on your home and may be able to save your
sale with a minimum of 120 days to public auction sale. credit.
Now days, there is closer to 12-14 months from the 1st
missed payment to the public auction, in which time With Sell Quick Idaho, you will be treated with digni-
the homeowner is allowed to stay in the home. During ty and respect and all exchanges will be honest and fair.
this time, the homeowner may refinance, bring the bal-
ance current, sell or do nothing. Another alternative is Sell Quick Idaho has been in business since 2004 and
a short sale.                                            has worked diligently with homeowners to achieve
                                                         positive win-win solutions.
Sell Quick Idaho is a team of professional property
buyers based in Boise. They are not Realtors or mort-         For more information about Sell Quick Idaho,
gage brokers. They are members of the Better Business call 208 484-5095, or to contact Linda Ipaye directly
Bureau, and pride themselves in achieving positive                    call 208 887-1805, or visit the
win-win solutions with their customers.                    Sell Quick Idaho website
                                                                   Mailing address: Sell Quick Idaho
Sell Quick Idaho offers may positive solutions such as             P.O. Box 140272, Boise, ID 83714
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Dear Fellow Lions,
                                                            Because we are in the midst of conference season,
Quite literally, Leader Dogs for the Blind would not        please note that your contact for scheduling speakers is
exist today if not for the Lions. I want to keep you, our   now Kathleen Breen, (248) 650-7110 ext. 2052. You
strongest supporters, informed of significant develop-      may have met her during summer visits last year.
ments at Leader Dog. If you have kept up with current
events, you know that we are in the midst of a global This is an important message that needs to be spread
economic crisis. Consequently, our funding sources    among all Lions. Because we have limited e-mail
have been negatively impacted.                        addresses, we ask that you share this message with
                                                      your fellow club members. If you have questions about
Over the past several weeks, Leader Dog senior man- Leader Dog's economic situation, please contact me or
agement and the Executive Committee of the Board of Eric Berger, director of lions relations at 248-651-9011.
Trustees made some very difficult decisions regarding
the organization. These decisions were made after a Though we will continue to monitor the economic sit-
lengthy process and were not reached lightly. Since uation, we believe that Leader Dog is currently posi-
September, we have reduced expenses, formulated a tioned to move forward through this difficult time. We
phased approach to address the dramatic drop in rev- are sincerely grateful for the work you do as Lions in
enue, and implemented efficiency improvement strate- supporting Leader Dogs for the Blind with such pas-
gies. Unfortunately, these measures were not enough. sion. We appreciate each one of
Therefore, in order to maintain our services for stu- you, and we need your support
dents, we implemented a 9% work force reduction.      more than ever.

These decisions were made to ensure that the services       Yours in Lionism,
we provide to our students remain intact and are not
                                                            Lion Gregory Grabowski,
affected. Leader Dogs for the Blind remains 100%
                                                            President and CEO
committed to our core mission of enhancing the lives
                                                            Leader Dogs for the Blind
of people that are blind and visually impaired. Our stu-
dents are, and have always been, our top priority.
March 2009                                                                                                Page 5

                                   Idaho Fish & Game
                                Paul       Alexander,     the Mountain Time zone.
                                Conservation Officer
                                for the Idaho Depart-    The headquarters office, located in Boise, is organized
                                ment of Fish & Game,     into bureaus representing Department functions:
                                was the guest speaker    Administration, Fisheries, Wildlife, Law Enforcement,
                                at the February 27,      Communications, Natural Resources, Information
                                2009 meeting.            Technology and Engineering. Each bureau is responsi-
                                                         ble for direction and consistency for programs imple-
                                 Paul has been with the mented by regional staff.
                                 Department of Fish &
                                                         The mission statement for the Idaho Department of
                                 Game since 1993. He
                                                         Fish and Game is found within the State of Idaho
                                 has several degrees in
                                                         Wildlife Policy, which reads:
                                 Environmental Studies
with an emphasis on Biological Science and also a "All wildlife, including all wild animals, wild birds,
degree in Geography with an emphasis on Physical and fish, within the state of Idaho, is hereby declared to
Environment.                                             be the property of the state of Idaho. It shall be pre-
                                                         served, protected, perpetuated, and managed. It shall be
Paul spoke mostly about his duties as an officer of the
                                                         only captured or taken at such times or places, under
Department of Fish & Game. Some of his duties
                                                         such conditions, or by such means, or in such manner,
include 50% to 60% law enforcement such as foot
                                                         as will preserve, protect, and perpetuate such wildlife,
patrol, horse patrol and boat patrol. The balance of his
                                                         and provide for the citizens of this state and, as by law
duties include biological duties which includes DNA
                                                         permitted to others, continued supplies of such wildlife
sampling of the habitat; informational and educational
                                                         for hunting, fishing and trapping."
duties, which included Hunter Education presentations,
informational presentations to clubs and other organi-               Idaho Fish and Game History
zations and fishing clinics; and managing wildlife sys- Idaho's first game laws were established by the First
tems, just to name a few.                                Idaho Territorial Legislature in 1864. They called for
                                                         closed seasons on big game animals from February to
               Office / Region Locations
                                                         July, but did not provide for enforcement.
                                 Administratively, the
                                 Idaho Department of In 1890 Idaho was admitted to the Union as the 43rd
                                 Fish and Game is state, and in 1899 the Fifth State Legislature estab-
                                 divided into regions lished the Fish and Game Department. The State Game
                                 with offices in Coeur Warden was in charge, with deputy wardens being
                                 d'Alene, Lewiston, hired in every county except Ada, Custer and
                                 Nampa,         Jerome, Shoshone, "where it had been impossible to secure per-
                                 Pocatello, Idaho Falls sons to act," according to Charles Arbuckle, the first
                                 and Salmon. In addi- warden. The Department budget was $1,500, of which
                                 tion, a subregional $1,200 was salary. The deputies were to be paid half of
                                 office in McCall oper- each fine for which they could get a conviction.
                                 ates in conjunction
                                 with the Nampa                  Fish & Game SW Region,
                                 office. All offices are    3101 S. Powerline Rd., Nampa, ID
open Monday through Friday, except state holidays, 8                       83686
a.m. to 5 p.m. Offices in the Panhandle and Clearwater            Phone: (208) 465-8465
regions are in the Pacific Time zone; all others are in             Fax: (208) 465-8467
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                            Special Olympics ~ Opening Eyes
                                            G e m       someone bumped her and splashed coffee on her hand.
                                            Bev and
                                            Jan were
                                            part of
                                            t h e
                                            E y e s
                                            event for
                                            the 2009
                                                        Pictured above is Lion Jan and BSU staffers with eye
Olympics held February 9th through 13th.                                                       testers.
                                                                                               Also     pic-
Lion Jan and Lion Bev worked testing eyes                                                      tured     are
on the first day there. On Friday there were                                                   District
too many helpers for the "OPENING EYES"                                                        Governor
and help was needed in the cafeteria, so Lion                                                  Laura Walls
Bev & Lion Jan went there for the day. Not                                                     & Vice Dis-
bad duty, all the cookies and milk you could                                                   trict  Gov-
handle. Lion Jan did get a bad coffee burn on                                                  ernor Shirley
her hand so she wasn't feeling real chipper.                                                   Hazen, Lions
She had just gotten a cup of “Joe” when                                                        Bev & Jan..

       Your ad could be
       here for only $40
           per year!
 Call Kathy Steed at 250-4782
    to reserve your space
March 2009                                                                                   Page 7

        St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Hits
             Mid Winter Convention
                            The Gems were the official tailtwisters for
                            the Mid Winter Convention held at the
                            Holiday Inn located in Boise on February
                            20 & 21, 2009.

                            Lions Sharron, “Mob Momma”, Linda,
                            Marlene, “Ellie Neskie”, Kathy “C.O.P.”,
                            James “Crooked Lawyer” Julie, and Bev
                            “Judge” were in attendance to relieve all
                            the attendees of there money and keep
                            everyone in line.

Lion Rex was the offi-
cial driver transporting
dignitaries from the
airport to the conven-
tion in his 1931 Ford
Model A Tudor “Molly
(The Mobster)” .

Lion Sharron was our                                                         A great time was had
Mob Momma specially                                                          by all. The Gems gen-
outfitted in her stun-                                                       erated some needed
ning fur and feathers.                                                       funds for the district.

       Gems Take 1st Place in Scrap Book Contest &
          Lion Julie Wins First Timers Contest!
                           The Gems walked away with several awards during the convention. Lion
                           Marlene received the Scrap Book 1st Place Award. This was the first
                           year that awards were given for the best scrap books at Mid Winter
                           Convention. If this was any indication, we may have a good chance of
                           getting 1st place at MD Convention in Sun Valley in May.

                           Also, at each Mid Winter Convention, there is a
                           First Timer Contest held for all the first time
                           attendees. Our very own Lion Julie, with the
                           help of many Lions in attendance, won 1st place
                           for having the correct answers to most of the
                           questions asked and having the needed signa-
                           tures required for the contest.
                                Good job, Lion Julie & Lion Marlene!
March 2009   Page 8
       Gem Lions Club
         March 2009
             Meeting Schedule
    Where:     Cold Mountain Creek Restaurant
                    Hwy 16 • Emmett
    When: • Friday, March 6 • 11:00
                      (Board Meeting)

           • Friday, March 6 • 12 Noon
        (Community Review ~ Steering Committee Presentation)

           • Friday, March 13 • 12 Noon
                       (Business Meeting)
           • Friday, March 20 • 12 Noon
                 (Alyson Boldon ~ P.A.L. )

           • Friday, March 27 • 12 Noon
                (Don Odiorne ~ ID Potato Commission)

James Buck, President 365-2160 • Kathy Steed 454-1764

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