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FAQ #2 Your Recordkeeping responsibilities by bigbro22


									              Corporate Information Management Branch

                   Frequently Asked Questions # 2
             Email: Your Record Keeping Responsibilities

Email: Your Record
Keeping Responsibilities
Do government records                             •   FOIPPA and litigation
management standards apply to                         requests.
                                                  •   Maintained in the most space
Yes, these standards apply to all                     efficient manner possible.
types and forms of government
records, including electronic. Email          The following frequently asked
must comply with existing                     questions should help you to
government legislation, regulations,          determine these responsibilities.
policies and standards (e.g.,
Freedom of Information and
Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP              Do I have to file every email I
Act), Document Disposal Act (DDA)             receive?
and Core Policy and Procedures
Manual (CPPM) Chapter 12). See                No, you do not. Sometimes email
FAQ #1: Government Email: An                  is only of temporary use and is
Overview for more detailed                    therefore considered a transitory
information about policy and                  record. An example of a transitory
legislative requirements.                     email record may be “Is this
                                              morning’s meeting still on?” or
It is important to know who has               personal email, such as a lunch
responsibility for ensuring that              message sent by a friend.
emails are:
                                              For more information check the
    •   Classified under                      Transitory Records Schedule ,
        ARCS/ORCS or other                    Unsolicited Records Schedule and
        approved schedule.                    Electronic Mail Schedule in ARCS
    •   Filed appropriately in the            [
        corporate record keeping              in/main.asp].
        system (paper or electronic).

    •   Retained and disposed of in           Who is responsible for classifying
        accord with approved                  and filing outgoing email
        schedules.                            messages and attachments?
    •   Accessible to authorized staff
        and available in response to

ARCS 312-02/FAQ #2            Approval date: 2006/03/22                         page 1
              Corporate Information Management Branch

                   Frequently Asked Questions # 2
             Email: Your Record Keeping Responsibilities

The initiator (the sender) is                     •   What individual or section in
responsible for classifying the email                 your office is responsible for
and filing, or arranging to have it                   the subject or function
filed, in the office filing system                    covered by the email? That
(physical file folders, LAN, TRIM or                  section is responsible for the
other electronic records                              “official office copy” and
management application).                              should classify and file the
                                                      email record and all
                                                      attachments. All other
Who is responsible for classifying                    recipients should manage
and filing incoming email and                         their copies as transitory
attachments?                                          records.

You are. If you send or receive an                •   Were you sent a ‘cc:’ (carbon
email message you are responsible                     copy) or bcc: (blind carbon
for managing it. How to manage it                     copy) copy of the message?
will depend on the answers to the                     In most cases you can delete
following questions:                                  these types of messages
                                                      once it is no longer required
    •   Is it a government record or a                for business purposes.
        personal email? If personal,
        delete it promptly from the               •   Was the email widely
        government email system.                      distributed? Some emails,
                                                      such as committee agendas
    •   Is the email of only temporary                and minutes, or ministry- and
        or transitory use? If yes, then               government-wide notices, are
        it does not need to be filed                  received by a large number
        and may be disposed of                        of individuals. These records
        under the Transitory Records                  need to be managed to avoid
        Schedule.                                     the retention of multiple
    •   Is it an external email (e.g.,
        from another branch, ministry                 An example of how to
        or group)? Whether one or                     manage a ministry-wide
        several individuals receive                   email notice is as follows:
        the email, one “official” copy
        must be classified and filed.                     •   The initiating office is
        All other copies within the                           responsible for
        office are duplicates and may                         classifying and filing
        be treated as transitory                              the official copy of
        records.                                              the email, complete
                                                              with transmission and
                                                              receipt information.

ARCS 312-02/FAQ #2            Approval date: 2006/03/22                          page 2
                Corporate Information Management Branch

                      Frequently Asked Questions # 2
                Email: Your Record Keeping Responsibilities

                                                            unmanaged in an
            •    All other ministry                         individual’s email folders.
                 recipients will either
                 treat the email as a                  •    Email and all related
                 “convenience copy”                         records, are linked
                 and dispose of it under                    together as they are
                 the transitory records                     classified and filed within
                 schedule; or file the                      the office record keeping
                 email under the                            system. A complete file of
                 appropriate non-OPR                        a specific activity, case, or
                 classification in ARCS.                    topic is maintained. That
                                                            isn’t possible if records are
    •   Is it part of a discussion or                       scattered across various
        chain? It is often sufficient; if                   individual email accounts.
        participants have consistently
        used the reply function (e.g.,              Benefits to government include:
        all earlier email replies are
        included in new email), to                     •    The ‘’official copy” of an
        only retain and file the final                      email is managed and
        email in the series of email                        retained within the office
        exchanges on the topic.                             record keeping system.

For advice and guidance on                             •    Email is “disposed” of in
classifying and filing email, contact                       accordance with approved
your Ministry or Corporate Records                          records schedules.
[                •    Email server space usage
e/default.htm#mroc]                                         is reduced as duplicate
                                                            and transitory emails are
                                                            promptly deleted from the
Classifying and filing my emails                            email system.
sounds like extra work; what are
the benefits?                                          •    Authorized staff can locate
                                                            all email records required
   Benefits to individual users are:                        to comply fully with FOIPP
                                                            Act or litigation requests.
        •   You and your co-workers
            have access to the records
            you need to do your jobs.           What is the “official record”?
            Email is classified and filed
            in the official record              A branch/office must designate one
            keeping system, not left            copy of each incoming or outgoing
            inaccessible and                    email as the “official record”. This is

ARCS 312-02/FAQ #2              Approval date: 2006/03/22                          page 3
              Corporate Information Management Branch

                   Frequently Asked Questions # 2
             Email: Your Record Keeping Responsibilities

the email that is classified and filed         Attachments and FAQ #5:
in the office filing system. Duplicates        Distribution and Filing of Email with
and convenience copies of an email             Attachments.
may be “transitory records” and kept
only as long as they are needed.
                                               When can I delete an email? What
For more information on transitory             rules do I need to apply?
records check out Transitory
Records Schedule                               After you copy an email to a shared
[       LAN directory, EDRMS or print it for
pec1.asp] located in ARCS Online               filing in a physical file folder, you
[         must delete the email from your
min/main.asp].                                 personal email account.

                                               If you need to retain a copy in your
What should I do with documents                personal email account for
attached to government email?                  convenience or reference purposes,
                                               you must promptly delete them once
Attachments must be classified and             that purpose has ended. Do not
filed in a way that maintains the link         keep convenience or reference
to the email message. The size and             emails longer than the official office
format of the attachment should                file version.
determine how you file it.
                                               If you have added notes, or
Contact your Records Officer for               annotations or other information that
details on ministry policies and               is not captured elsewhere, then you
procedures for managing email and              have created a new record, and
email attachments.                             must file it in your office filing
General examples on how
attachments can be managed                     Check with your Records Officer to
include:                                       find out who is the contact person
    • Printing attachment to paper             responsible for applying retention
       and filing with the printed             and disposition schedules to your
       email message;                          office’s email records.

   •   Moving the attachment to the            Contact your Records Officer for
       LAN folder or TRIM folder with          details on ministry policies and
       the email message;                      procedures for applying records
For more information on this topic
see RP #4: Managing Email with

ARCS 312-02/FAQ #2             Approval date: 2006/03/22                        page 4

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