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					Issue 30 March 2007




With Simon Elvin Balloons… Badges… Confettis… Banners… Candles!

It’s Party Time – as Simon Elvin launches ‘Celebrations’, a tremendous new range of Party Accessories. All eye-catchingly packaged for guaranteed, attention-grabbing impact at point-of-sale. This is a top quality collection with everything you need to maximise your opportunities in this important and growing area. From Balloons to Badges… Candles to Confetti… now there’s a co-ordinated range to make your displays stand out and grab a whole new level of sales! Fantastic value-for-money, in a range to cover every opportunity for you .

Reasons to be cheerful – Edward Williams launches the new Party Accessories range at the Spring Fair in Birmingham.

Oh ‘sew’ beautiful!
With Handmade cards still attracting a lot of attention from consumers, here’s a really fabulous way to take advantage of that interest – at prices that will make terrific sense for you and all your customers. ‘Appliqué’ is the stunning new collection of beautiful Simon Elvin Handmade cards, featuring delicate attachments of embroidered laces and silks. Intricate foil-work further enhances the magical quality of this new collection, to deliver truly outstanding value for money.


Tel: 01628 526711



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It is still… ALL THE FUN OF…
… very difficult out there in the retail sector, I know that. I talk to retailers like yourselves every day, and I wince at some of the stories I hear of just how very competitive it is at the moment; with the massive power of the supermarkets on one side and the ‘cut price merchants’ on the other. Here at Simon Elvin, our determination to help you compete is as strong as ever. We remain totally committed, steadfast supporters of the independent retailer, whether you run a specialist card shop or a broader retail offering in which cards are just part of your range. And that support is channelled into making sure that, through us, you always have access to very strong, high quality products. Products that are competitively priced and conspicuously good value for money – both for you and your customers. In short, products that live up to our promise to bring you – ‘Great cards at great prices’. And that is important, because no longer are UK consumers ready to accept the ‘cheap and cheerful, pile it high’ mentality. There’s no doubt that people now want, and expect, good value for money – and a key part of that equation is quality. Once you have those ingredients, it is then vital to have availability. Which is why we continue to focus exclusively on the specialist wholesale card distributors for you. Through them, we know you can enjoy real flexibility and value in finding Simon Elvin stock. As we put it, ‘You can be sure of the stock you want, in the quantities you need, when you need it.’ It is never likely to be easy, we understand the problems, but by working together we can continue to fight our independent corner with every hope of growing success. Thank you for your support thus far, and we look forward to supporting you further in the future. Yours truly

... The Spring Fair - Birmingham! Where 2007 was yet another huge success for Simon Elvin, with more retail visitors than ever and many tremendous compliments paid to the new stock on show. Not least being the new Party Accessories (see front page). But for Simon Elvin himself, it is the concerns as much as the compliments he wants to hear. He told us, “The only way we get

better each year is by listening to retailer. They know better than anyone what the public wants, and Birmingham gives us the chance to hear what they have to say.’ And you can be sure your comments are relayed in detail to all the Simon Elvin designs teams – so our thanks to you all for caring enough to come and see us at ‘The Fair’.

Finding genuinely funny cards for the more mature male just got a whole lot easier. ‘Young at Heart’ is a fabulous promotion of a dozen new designs for this often ‘difficult’ sector. Amusing cartoon style illustrations with strong colourways give the collection real man and eye-appeal.


Simon Elvin



What could be more natural and appealing on your racks than this new collection of clean, contemporary ‘Animal Magic’ photographic cards? Always a winner!

Simon Elvin Ltd is pleased to announce the expansion of the Company through the acquisition of Nottingham-based Paper Rose Ltd. Paper Rose, founded in 1984 by Alan Hawkes, has become a well recognised publisher of contemporary greeting cards - selling to UK retailers and many export markets. Paper Rose will continue to operate totally independently at its Head Office in Nottingham, run by Ann Griffiths (Managing Director) and the present management team. Stuart McKay has been appointed Chairman of Paper Rose and Alan Hawkes will continue to act in a consultative capacity, concentrating on new product development. Simon Elvin will personally continue to focus on the existing publishing side of the business, ensuring Simon Elvin Ltd retains its position as the major greeting card publisher in the wholesale market sector. Commenting on the acquisition, Simon Elvin said, “These are exciting times for the Company and all of our staff, and will help to maintain our position as one of the leading independent UK greeting card publishers, with its own comprehensive UK printing and manufacturing facility.”


• 12 NEW designs • HI GLOSS finish • TOP QUALITY board

‘Shiny Smiles’ are back with 24 fantastic NEW designs, in a collection of contemporary cards for the younger set. Strong colourways and trendy foil captions deliver real excitement on the racks – and great sales at your till!

• Ages 1–16 • Full colour inside • Hi Gloss finish

• Boys and girls

Classy photographic images are given even more eye-appeal with this mixed colour treatment from Simon Elvin. The ‘Silver Tones’ collection features silver inks and foils to add yet more impact to a very contemporary, yet satisfyingly traditional, design approach.

• 18 NEW designs • Silver foiled and embossed



The cheery characters of ‘Planet Happy’ never fail to attract attention. Now they’re back. And they’re brighter than ever in a NEW collection of Birthdays, Relations and Ages!




• 20 NEW designs • FLITTER finishes • FRESH styling • FOIL details

You’ll have everyone in the party mood with this fantastic range of really noisy cards –Simon Elvin ‘Voice Cards’. Six terrific designs with illustrations of classic

Great value for money in a range of charming ‘Disney’ characters that are sure to delight younger boys and girls.

★ ★ ★ ★

characters and featuring some of their top catch-phrases. Designed to retail at £2.99 these will be a great addition to any racks!

• 12 eye-catching

• AGES 1–6 • Shape-cut


Editorial address: SELECTIONS, High Silver House, High Street, Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6BN

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