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					City of Yakima

News Release
Subject:    Wal-Mart Application
Contact:    CED Director Bill Cook - 575-6113
            Supervising Planner Bruce Benson – 575-6042
Release Date: Friday, December 9th, 2005

                 Wal-Mart Information On City Website
In advance of next week’s public hearing on a proposed Wal-Mart in West Valley,
a report prepared by City staff, environmental review information, and an
architect’s rendering of what the store will look like have been posted on the City
of Yakima website front page. The staff report, environmental information, and
rendering can be seen in the “Front and Center” section of the City’s website at

Next Wednesday (and Thursday, if necessary) City Hearing Examiner Gary
Cuillier will accept public input on the proposed Wal-Mart site plan beginning at
7:00 pm at the Harman Center at 101 North 65th Avenue. The hearing is the next
step in a land use process that began 2002.

Over 3 years ago, property owned by Congdon Orchards, Inc. south of the
intersection at 64th Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard was rezoned allowing a
category of land uses including “discount department store.” That rezone was
challenged in court but was ultimately upheld by Superior Court Judge Michael
Cooper in a decision released in late October of this year.

The Wal-Mart proposal underwent a year-and-a-half-long environmental review.
That review, completed this fall, resulted in the City requiring Wal-Mart to
“mitigate,” or lessen, potential environmental impacts of its project like increased
traffic, additional noise, bright lighting, etc. Based on information received during
next week’s hearing along with other data, Cuillier will decide whether Wal-Mart
can proceed with the building permit application and the full extent of
environmental mitigation that Wal-Mart would have to meet.

Community members interested in the project are encouraged to take a look at
the “Wal-Mart Staff Report,” the “Wal-Mart FEIS (Final Environmental Impact
Statement) Documentation,” and the “Wal-Mart Perspective View” on the City’s
website at www.ci.yakima.wa.us. Anyone can also contact the City’s Planning
Division by phone (575-6183) or by e-mail (bbenson@ci.yakima.wa.us) for more

Next week’s hearing will be taped and replayed on Y-PAC, channel 22 on
Charter Cable.

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