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					                          INFORMATION ON THE

The North Smithfield Transfer Station is located at:
                            14 Canal Street
                            North Smithfield, RI.

Their telephone number is:    (401) 762-2450.

Hours of operation are:       Monday – Friday open at 8:00 am
                              in by 3:15 pm and out by 3:30 pm

For Woonsocket property owners for properties containing 4 units or more:

       Loads containing strictly household waste will be charged as follows:
              -$5.00 for loads less than 500 pounds
              -For loads greater than 500 pounds the charge is $66.00 per ton, prorated
              based on the actual weight.

       Loads containing non-household waste are subject to the North Smithfield
       Transfer Station price schedule

       Household waste is defined by the City of Woonsocket, Code of Ordinances,
       Chapter 10 – Garbage and Trash: ‘(1) all putrescible and nonputrescible wastes,
       except liquid-carried industrial wastes or sewage hauled as an incidental part of
       septic tank or cesspool-cleaning service; (2) garbage (i.e. putrescible animal,
       fish, food, fowl, fruit or vegetable matter, or any thereof, resulting from the
       preparation, storage, handling or consumption of such substances); (3) rubbish
       (such as printed materials, paper, pasteboard, rags, straw, used and discarded
       clothing, packaging materials, ashes, floor sweepings, glass, and other waste

       Household waste does not include: bulk rubbish (all miscellaneous large
       household items and articles), hazardous waste (as set fourth in the Rhode Island
       general laws), household appliances (so-called “white goods”), yard waste,
       construction and/or renovation debris.

       All residents are encouraged to recycle as much of their waste as possible. To
       assist in this process the City has opened a Material Recycle Facility (MRF) at
       943 River Street. The hours of operation are Monday through Friday 7 AM to
       3:30 PM and Saturdays 8 AM to 12 PM (excluding holidays). Should you choose
       to utilize the MRF property owners of 4 family units and larger will be given a
       $5.00 voucher to be used at the B.F.I./Allied Waste Transfer Station.
For Woonsocket landlords and residents of properties containing 3 units or less:

       All loads are subject to the North Smithfield Transfer Station price schedule.

North Smithfield Transfer Station Price Schedule:

       $75.00 minimum for the weight (1,520 pounds or less)
       $7.50 Environmental fee
       Fuel Recovery Fee (This changes month to month based on the preceeding
       months average fuel prices)

       $97.50 per ton (2,000 pounds) pro-rated

       Any mattress or box springs is $45.00 per piece

       Not accepted are:      Tires, Freon units (A/C’s, Fridge, Freezer, etc.), Paints,
                              Asbestos, Liquids, Gases, and Hazardous Waste

Please be advised that the transfer station is not owned or operated by the City of
Woonsocket and any rules and regulations set fourth by B.F.I./Allied Waste must be
obeyed in order to utilize the facility.