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Why struggle with the wrong tools for the job?
The most important task of any fashion designer is to translate wonderful new ideas into exciting creations that delight the prospective purchaser. Delicate fabrics need the very best sewing machines and pressing equipment to yield the best results. OmniSew has been supplying the trade with a range of professional industrial sewing machines since 1978 and have pleasure in offering you the very best and easiest to use multi-use machines that have been carefully adapted to enable you to concentrate on the job in hand. Our range of machines enable you to save time and money while producing the highest quality work. We are a customer-focused company aiming to delight you, our customers, with the quality and reliability of our products. OmniSew also offers a range of electric cutters, hot fix beading tools, spot cleaning tools and top quality steam irons with reversible vacuum ironing boards.

Industrial Sewing Machines

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OmniSew Sew


Industrial Sewing Machines Industrial Sewing Machines

Steam Irons & Boards

To help you make the right investment in tools for your business, OmniSew has pleasure in offering easy payment terms on all sewing and steam products over £250.

For over 10 years the preferred choice of professionals for tiptiptop wedding dresses and quality fashions.
~ only from OmniSew ~

Cut it Right, Sew it Right and Press it Right!
Call David now to discuss your requirements.


Om n iSew
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Steam cleaning tools Hand held steamer / brush

Ten years exhibiting at the Harrogate Bridal Exhibition

~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~
Overlock Machines Lockstitch Machines Chainstitch Embroidery Hemming Machine

• • • • • • •

Five thread ruffling Wire edging Beading Rolled Hem Piping Ribbon Taping Elastication

• • • • • • •

Satin Binding Russia Braiding Gathering Roll Hemming Invisible Zipping Piping Range of specialist attachments

• • • • • •

Range of specialist machines Veil Embroidery Bodice Embroidery Excellent for Lurex and Floss threads Taping, Braiding and cording options Speed conversion for extra control

• • • •

Trouser hemming Skirt hemming Curtain hemming Portable machine

Button Covering and Eyelets

Irish Embroidery

Fusing Press

Hot Fix Beading

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Button Covering Eyelets

• • • • • •

Long Arm Machine 1/2” Satin Stitch High Visibility Foot 3x Speed conversion for increased control Foot Lift Device Silicon Pot

• • •

Reinforce fabrics by fusing two layers together. Teflon surfaces Portable

• • •

Hot fix rhinestones to veils and dresses Hot fix beads to shoes Table ideal for pattern stoning large areas

~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~ Cut it Right ~ Sew it Right ~ Press it Right ~

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