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									Do You Fit In This Category Also A couple of days ago I wrote and submitted an article that actually taught us some valuable lessons in marketing. How to get back links from submitting articles that we have not written ourselves. Plus because of the content I chose for the article we learned an important SEO technique that a lot of people will never use.

I used another author who had a lot of links like he was the subject of my article but truth be told I wanted to show everybody some crafty tactics for establishing links without having to put in a great deal of effort. Throughout the body of the article I used many different keywords which based on some keyword research would provide me with links on those keywords. None of the techniques were black hat, instead I would title them as gray hat/ gray areas. These techniques are still legitimate ways to get links from certain popular keywords. If anybody is on a budget these days they know how much good keyword placement can cost. I pride myself as always being frugal but without resorting to using black hat strategies. I used the author ‘Derek Rogers’ because I see a lot of articles are being submitted by him and in return he is getting some very good results from this. If Derek Rogers reads this article do not take offense I think you are very smart in the way you are doing certain things. In the past other article directories have told me that they did not like my way of titling articles because the titles are not descriptive enough. As a rule of thumb I try not to provide too much information in an articles title. Instead I am trying to create, spark, an interest that will get people, readers, to want to read more.. I used to have in my signature, The Purple Cow of People, because a very well known marketer named Seth Godin wrote a book a few years ago that was titled ‘The Purple Cow”. Seth Godin, the founder of Squido, is an authority figure and thus has a large number in the results in the search engines. Too many people out there will judge a book by its cover. These people, before creating an opinion, need to read the whole story first I could have been vindictive and told you my thoughts about these article directory owners, and the owners of some of the groups on Yahoo and Google but instead the only thing I will say is I consider these people to be at the bottom of the totem pole. Everybody else will always be at the top of the totem pole with me unless they do something that pisses me off in the future. Now before I let everybody go look at this article and notice that I have used some very popular keywords. My organic rankings on these keywords will be very high and yet will cost me nothing out of pocket. Now the only fluff I will use in this article will be very minor and will only be used so that I have more than 500 words contained in this article.

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