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					        Cllr Jason Perry                                                             East Croydon masterplan
September 2009

                                                   The Plan

                                                               Councillor Jason Perry (front left) discusses the development of East
                                                               Croydon with Christophe Egret of Studio Egret West.

                                                               Design practice Studio Egret West (SEW), is making steady progress
                                                               towards the target of developing a masterplan for East Croydon by

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                                                              Articles inside this issue:

                                                              East Croydon masterplan                   2
                                                              Open House London 2009                    3

                                                              Public Service Delivery Hub               4
                                                              Croydon Councillors visit Sheffield       6
Councillor Jason Perry                 East Croydon masterplan
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Welcome to the September issue of
The Plan, the monthly bulletin on
                                       The East Croydon Masterplan will coordinate development
planning and conservation issues in
                                       in the East Croydon area to create a new urban quarter
                                       with an improved transport interchange and railway station,
                                       increasing capacity, creating Croydon's 'front door' and
As the council’s cabinet member for
                                       enabling the wider regeneration of Croydon. This will all be
planning and conservation, I want
                                       tied together with an enhanced public realm, linking East
to make sure you are aware of all
                                       Croydon to the improvements being planned for Wellesley
the major projects and policies that
                                       Road and the rest of the town centre.
will be affecting Croydon both now
and in the future.
                                       SEW has been talking to private and public sector
                                       landowners and stakeholders to help shape initial ideas. On
You’ll find all the latest news in
                                       9 September the SEW team led a walkabout around the
these pages - I hope you find it
                                       station area with me, the Fairfield and Addiscombe Ward
interesting and useful.
                                       Councillors, Councillor O’Connell, Councillor Barwell and
                                       Vincent Lacovara, senior urban designer, to help start to
If you have any comments or
                                       refine their ideas for the masterplan.
suggestions about this bulletin,
please get in touch.

You can contact me via the Town
Hall, Katharine Street, Croydon
CR0 1NX or call me on 0208 404

My email address is

Jason Perry

                                       Soon after the walkabout there was an opportunity for pub-
                                       lic involvement during the Open House weekend on 19 and
                                       20 September when SEW organised an event on the top
                                       floor of No. 1 Croydon (formerly the NLA tower), which
                                       provides a bird's eye view of the whole East Croydon area
                                       and made a fitting backdrop for the masterplanners to
                                       engage with residents and invite comments and ideas.

                                       Contact officer: Tim Naylor
                                       Ext: 6261
 Page 2                                                                                THE PLAN
Open House London 2009                                        Planning policy update -
The London-wide Open House weekend event on 19 and               the Core Strategy
20 September included a rare chance for the public to
see inside some of Croydon’s hidden architectural jewels.    The council’s Core Strategy will set
The weekend invites Londoners to see the best of the         out how the borough should develop
city’s great buildings and celebrate good design across      over the next 20 years. It will make
the capital – all free of charge.                            sure we build enough homes, shops,
                                                             jobs, schools, health, leisure and
Over 300 people visited No.1 Croydon (formerly the NLA       recreation facilities, and it will also
tower), where they had the opportunity to visit the East     outline how we will protect our natural
Croydon masterplan engagement event.                         and built environment and adapt to
                                                             climate change.
Other Croydon landmarks open for viewing included:
                                                             Following the publication of the
• Airport House                                              Imagine Croydon Core Strategy
• Whitgift Almshouses                                        Issues and Options Initial Report, an
• Church of St Michael's & All Angels                        ambitious consultation is now
• Shirley Windmill                                           underway. Complemented by the
                                                             Imagine Croydon project, officers are
In addition, the council opened the viewing gallery on the   running a series of events and
19th floor of Taberner House. Over 100 members of the        activities to get the views of residents,
public enjoyed the stunning views of London and the          businesses, community groups and
south east from this vantage point:                          others. The feedback received will
                                                             inform the next iteration of the Core
                                                             Strategy Report. If you’d like to make
                                                             your views known please click here
                                                             for further information.

                                                             Whilst we are keeping our policy
                                                             options open at this stage, we need to
                                                             look in greater detail at the type and
                                                             broad locations of development. Over
                                                             the next few weeks officers will be
                                                             considering stakeholders’
                                                             representations and identifying/
                                                             remedying any gaps in the evidence
                                                             base. Preliminary work will also begin
                                                             on a ‘living draft’ Regulation 25 Core
                                                             Strategy Report which will set out
                                                             more focussed policy options.
There was also a guided walk around the ‘seven hills of
Croydon’, led by members of the urban design team,
showing how Croydon transformed from a market town           Contact: Tony Pierce
into a twentieth century ‘super suburb’.                     Ext: 65558
Contact: Vincent Lacovara
Ext: 62051

    Page 3                                                                               THE PLAN
   Planning applications                   Public service delivery hub
          update                           At the Planning Committee meeting on 10 September, the
For the last two years planning con-       Committee resolved to grant planning permission for a
trol have been measuring customer          new public service delivery hub on the site of the
satisfaction by sending a response         Municipal Buildings and Crosfield House in Fell Road and
card to every planning permission          Mint Walk.
applicant. The card asks them to
rate as excellent, good, fair or poor      The new building will feature a range of energy efficiency
aspects of the service they have           measures that will set the standard for sustainability in
received including: friendliness of        Croydon. It will provide 36,150sqm of office space for
staff; clarity of planning conditions or   council staff; an Access Croydon facility offering a range of
refusal reasons; online planning           services including housing, education, planning,
facility; speed and overall quality of     environment, parking and land charges; and a
service.                                   replacement Register Office. The hub will also be used by
                                           the police and health authority.
For the year 1 April 2008 to 31
March 2009 75.7% of applicants             The development comprises a main building and an
rated the overall quality of service as    annexe. The main building is five storeys in height facing
either good or excellent. This was a       Mint Walk. It steps up to eight storeys and then 13 storeys
marked rise from the 54% measured          overlooking the Croydon flyover. The annexe building on
in 2006.                                   Mint Walk is five storeys high and linked to the main
                                           building through a series of walkways on each level above
In the first quarter of 2009 (April –      ground floor. The existing bridge link to the Town Hall will
June) 156 cards were returned              be replaced and will link into the main part of the new
giving the highest satisfaction score      building.
ever recorded for the service. 82.7%
of respondents rated the overall           Car parking for the building will be provided in two
quality of planning control as either      basement levels with a total of 69 spaces. 145 staff and
good or excellent.                         20 visitor cycle parking spaces are also provided for.

Managers in planning control use
these customer satisfaction cards to
provide individual feedback to
planning case officers, to provide
praise when due and to enable
improvements to be made on
matters that warrant attention.

The council is committed to
improving customer satisfaction in all
service areas and planning control
has embedded this in its day-to-day

Contact: Rory Macleod
Ext: 65578

 Page 4                                                                                    THE PLAN
Public service delivery hub                                      Planning enforcement
                                                                        update -
                                                                unauthorised car parks in
                                                                    the town centre

                                                                The planning enforcement team has
                                                                acted decisively to prevent two
                                                                temporary car parks operating
                                                                illegally in the town centre.

                                                                Similar temporary car parks have led
                                                                to complaints of clamping, vehicle
                                                                removals and exorbitant fines.

                                                                A car park at 13 – 16 Dingwall Road
                                                                was brought to our attention in July
                                                                because the site does not have
The building will have a triple glazed climate wall             planning permission for use as a car
enhancing sustainability by maximising natural daylight,        park. An officer immediately went to
coping with heat gain in the summer sun and heat loss at        the site and subsequently an
other times.                                                    enforcement notice was issued
                                                                (effective on 17 September 2009)
Photovoltaic panels will cover 325 sq metres of roof space
                                                                requiring the cessation of the use of
and rainwater stored below ground will be used for
                                                                the site for parking within one month,
flushing toilets. There will also be a gas-fired combined
                                                                pending any appeal by the site
heat and power system combined with thermal stores and
chiller units. In addition the hi-tech basement heating plant
will power the Town Hall and has the potential to link into
                                                                Another enforcement notice with the
other systems to form a new district heating network
                                                                same time constraints was issued on
Council staff are currently relocating from the Fell Road       a nearby unauthorised car park at
premises so that the entire site can be ready for demoltion     the former Essex House site on
in spring 2010. Construction is expected to start in            George Street opposite Dingwall
summer 2010 with the new building being ready for use by        Road.
                                                                The companies running both sites
                                                                have appealed against the
                                                                enforcement notices and the cases
Contact: Rory Macleod                                           will now go to the Planning
Ext: 65578                                                      Directorate for a final decision.
                                                                You can report a suspected breach
                                                                of planning control by completing an
                                                                online form here.

                                                                Contact: Ian Clark
                                                                Ext: 62956

 Page 5                                                                                   THE PLAN
  Building control update                   Croydon councillors visit Sheffield
On 1 September 2009, the
Communities and Local Government
Department published ‘The Future of
Building Control: Implementation
Plan and Milestone Map’. This long
awaited report is likely to lead to the
biggest change in building control for
over 20 years.
The Plan sets out key commitments
to improve the building control
system and compliance with the
building regulations. It includes a
new approach to inspections which
will enable better focus on more
challenging or riskier projects. It also
aims to help compliance by providing        Peace Gardens Sheffield
clearer guidance on particular types
of work and the first of these (on loft     On 2 September I joined a delegation of Croydon
conversion) is due to be published in       Councillors and officers involved in masterplanning
October.                                    projects throughout central Croydon. We visited Sheffield’s
                                            programme of public space improvements over the past
The Plan also includes the first            ten years. A meeting and tour of the city centre with our
outline of the Periodic Review of           counterparts from Sheffield revealed a number of
Building Regulations. This will limit       remarkable and useful similarities between the two
changes to the regulations to every         Councils.
three years and will help the
construction industry to prepare for        Sheffield City Council were awarded Beacon status in
change and make it easier for               2008-2009 for the design, quality and maintenance of their
designers, builders and owners to           public realm.
The building control industry has
worked closely with government to
create this new vision for the service
and its success will be measured by
even better compliance at a lower
cost for system users. It’s critical that
the building control system is fit for
purpose because it is central to the
ability to deliver more and better
homes and buildings and to address
the challenge of climate change and

Contact: Ric Patterson
Ext: 65420
Email:            Sheaf Gardens & Sheffield station
 Page 6                                                                                    THE PLAN
Croydon councillors visit Sheffield                                      Coming up
The visit demonstrated how investment in high quality         The urban design team are carrying
public realm could act as a catalyst for regeneration         out a residential character appraisal
throughout the city centre. The Peace Gardens, completed      as part of the evidence base for the
in 1998, was the first of a series of new public spaces now   Local Development Framework
known as the Gold Route.                                      (LDF) which is the main collection of
                                                              planning policy documents for the
Of particular relevance to Croydon was Sheaf Square, a        council.
high quality gateway to the City centre outside Sheffield
Train Station.                                                The study aims to identify and
                                                              analyse different types of housing in
                                                              Croydon. This will ultimately be used
                                                              to guide the nature of future
                                                              development and ensure the existing
                                                              residential character of areas is
                                                              retained and protected. As well as
                                                              looking at the architecture of
                                                              buildings, streets and
                                                              neighbourhoods, the appraisal will
                                                              take into account the valuable
                                                              greenery in residential areas.

                                                              The appraisal is ongoing and
                                                              identifies nine housing types by their
                                                              defining characteristics. The types
                                                              are analysed against a set of criteria
                                                              including density, units per hectare,
                                                              area of plot, height of house, length
Sheaf Square at night                                         of rear garden and width of street.

                                                              The study describes the historical
Especially impressive was Sheffield’s commitment to high      evolution of each housing type and
standards of maintenance and management of public             maps them to show their distribution
realm, and how that enables bold design and a broader         across the borough, excluding
range of uses.                                                conservation areas, town and district
                                                              centres, industrial areas, parks and
I learned that what made Sheffield really stand out was       open spaces.
that on top of great designs they were 100% committed to
their long-term maintenance.

Sheffield photos by Andy Barker, courtesy of Sheffield City

Contact officer: Tim Naylor                                   Contact: Lee Longhurst
Ext: 6261                                                     Ext: 62252
Email:                              Email:

 Page 7                                                                                 THE PLAN
And finally … some good enforcement news

Residential area rescued from industrial use
Residents of Harewood Road, South Croydon have benefited from planning enforcement
measures stopping the area being used as site offices and to store equipment.

Twelve metal storage containers were used to store equipment and as site offices during repairs
to flats by a housing association. Whilst work was being carried out this was permitted
development that did not require planning permission.

However, the housing association continued to use the compound after works were completed
and large lorries visiting the site caused hazards to pedestrians and other traffic. Continued use
required planning permission which was refused due to the detrimental visual impact on the area
and being out of keeping with the locality.

The owners continued to use the compound despite letters and phone calls requesting them to
stop. The council then issued an Enforcement Notice requiring the use to stop and the owners
appealed against this to the Planning Inspectorate. However, the appeal was later withdrawn, the
unauthorised use ceased and the land restored to its former use.

Contact: Ian Clark
Ext: 62956

 Page 8                                                                                  THE PLAN

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