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									DESCRIPTIVE TEXT The aim of descriptive text is basically to give information. The social context of this text is to describe a specific thing, animal, or human being ( certain thing, our pets or someone we know well), it is different from report text which describes something in general ( for example a specific of animal species, an architect of certain era, and so on). The relation between the writer/the author and the readers in a descriptive text is as the authority and the unknown readers/listeners. The medium of a written descriptive text can be an encyclopedia, scientific magazines, text books, and history texts. The generic structure of a descriptive text is as follows : • Classification or Definition • Description of features in order of importance. The vocabularies often used in a descriptive text are the words which are related to names of places : locations, destinations, the functions, the appearances and the evidences if needed (for building). For animals, the words are used to describe the classification, the physical appearances, habitats, behaviour, life cycles, and the function. The language is neutral or objective. Descriptive Text often uses the form of be : present or past and one of have form. The present tense is often used in this kind of text, but sometimes we can also use the past tense to describe a certain thing which is extinct or not available nowadays. The passive form is also often used here. The language functions, the grammar and also the words which are often used in a descriptive text are : • Defining : a/the .......was a ..... • Describing features (properties) : adjectives • Expressing cause and effect : because, so, as a result Descriptive text is often equipped with photos, diagrams, maps and so on.

KINDS OF TEXT Hello everybody. It is my pleasure to be able to write something for you. In this blog I would like to motivate you to be fond of reading and writing in English. I realize that there are still many students complaining about their English competence. They still get difficulties to understand English texts and to express their ideas in English even though they have started studying English from elementary school. They still can't read and write well. OK don't worry! Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Just write what you want to write. Express your ideas in English. I will read your writing and you can consult me anything. There must be something valuable in your sentence. I'd appreciate it. We can study together. Through this blog I want to share my experiences and my knowledge for you. I will give you examples of kinds of text and some short functional texts which are very useful to master. Genre or Kinds of Text which are very familiar with students are :

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Descriptive Narrative Recount Procedure Report

We will discuss each of the text above, analyze the generic structure of the text, the grammar or the structure of the sentence used in the text and more. I will also give some questions related to the text for you. And there will be some exercises of grammar concerning with the text for you to complete.

Please feel free to ask your questions, give your opinion or consult your difficulties. I will try to help your problem. You can give your comment in English or in Indonesian. I hope this will be useful especially for students of elementary and secondary schools. You may give me respond or criticize for the shake of our English improvement.I also a human being. It is normal if I make mistakes sometime but please remind me if do something wrong. I'm sure you can perfect your English. Come on everybody! Express your idea in English. Don't be afraid of making mistakes in the structure or the grammar of your sentence. I will try to help you. Let's start from the simple and easy sentences. Good luck.

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