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Spring 2008
  Volume 3

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Through the Editor’s Eyes …
I am so excited to be printing the third volume of this journal. I see a
real need for an outlet for sharing local green lifestyle information.
There’s a growing global urgency for all of us—each person on the
planet—to move steadily, swiftly and sure-footedly towards a greener
existence. The time to act has arisen and it is now clear that we are the
ones we’re waiting for. We hope that this journal can be a valuable tool
to aid local residents in the transition to a greener Tennessee.

We are so grateful to the US Department of Agriculture for awarding us a grant to make this bi-annual
newsletter into a quarterly journal publication. Also big thanks to all of our contributing writers, volunteers and
to our advertisers, without whom we would not be moving forward with such ease. Thanks most of all to our
readers. We hope that you find The Green Living Journal to be an engaging and inspiring account of the good
life in the Tennessee Cumberland Green Bioregion, named for the 3 main rivers in central Tennessee,
Northern Alabama and Southern Kentucky. Our aim is to print and distribute the journal with the seasons.
This volume of the Journal is dedicated to all the wonders of spring.

Oh spring, filled with the generous gift of life, warm my chilled bones, and reinvigorate my dusty passions. I
am ready to sink my toes into soil. To lie down on fresh blades of grass. To squint my sunned eyes looking for
reflections of light on gossamer wings of little pollinators. To breath deep the fragrant smells of nectar. My
senses be dazzled by a brilliant petal pallet, the soft harmony of humming, buzzing and trilling, the floral
fragrance of warm damp earth, the succulent kiss of tender fruits and the softness of newborn critters.

May I be wiser this year than last. May I live each moment mindfully in a state of miracle. May I be free, full
                                filed with a desire to create and
of life, inspired, grateful and filled with a desire to create and give back. May all things be born to peace and
                                                                              May all beings be born to peace and
contentment this spring.

Spring throughout human history has been the most significant time to cleanse the body, mind and spirit.
Physiologically the body and blood become thicker in the winter; thus, spring is a time to make thin the fat of
the old. Energetically, spring is the time of the child, of hope, of renewal and creativity. Spiritually it is the time
of fasting and purification. Detoxification is transformational. It can instill change on all levels. Physically,
detoxification is like giving the body a holiday so that it can rest and heal current symptoms. As preventative
medicine it increases energy and prevents future imbalances. Emotionally and mentally detoxification and
cleansing are ideal to help simplify our lives.

In a time of massive globalization, advanced high-speed information technology, and overstimulation of every
sense with gadgets, gizmos, and bling – our inner equilibrium could do well with a long deep breath and a
moment to catch a nap. If each of us could catch our breath many of us will find that we could do without a lot
of the unnecessary luxuries and cheap thrills of our overconsumptive lifestyles that turn into weighted-down
baggage both under the eyes and in the attic. Oh to feel a sense of contentment with the abundant gifts that
we currently claim. I encourage everyone who reads this to take the simplicity challenge and I assure you that
more wealth will manifest in your life. If ever, now is the time to live lighter.

This spring is a perfect time for reflection; to begin a self-inventory; to explore how we can make our lives
simpler. The process is similar to organic gardening. First we must prepare the soil of our minds and bodies
to ensure a fruitful harvest. We must learn to sift through stagnation by detoxifying the body and clearing the
mind. Once the soil is strong we plant our seeds – our intentions. We do so with our new knowledge of body
awareness, mental clarity and nature’s healing bounty. As all gardens require maintenance, we need to keep
educating ourselves with plenty of ideas for alternative living, lifestyle and diet changes, and tools to recognize
and release mental and physical toxins from our lives. We hope that this journal can be one such tool and that
you’ll finish reading this feeling fresh and revitalized, with a sense of peace and possibilities for a simpler and
more abundant life. This spring, cultivate simplicity for true personal wealth and because now is the time for
                                                                                   Jennifer Dauksha-English, Editor

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                       This journal isThis journal 100% recycled chlorine free paper paper
        good karma credit - we’ve bought and planted 4 yearling trees because we’ve used 14,000 sheets of 17”x11” paper
                                       which, if virgin paper would have equaled 3.35 trees

           Green Living Journal
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The Green Living Journal is an eco-solution-
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is a collaborative project between Center for
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The Center for Holistic Ecology’s (CHE) activities
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environment. Check out CHE’s new website at                                                   13 Shiitake Course                                    9 COOL CONGREGATIONS
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                                                        	      Jim Deming                     16 Secret Life of Plants
(CGBC) had its 24th birthday in February, and it is
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threefold: education, networking, and celebration.
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              Sustainability at Lipscomb University
              by Dodd Galbreath
              In October 2007, Lipscomb University President L.           Local pioneers in green business will share their
Spring 2008

              Randolph Lowry announced the establishment of               experiences with conference participants in the
              the Institute for Sustainable Practice. Its mission         choice of two interactive workshops on green
              is to advance the practice of sustainable living and        business fundamentals and three mini-seminars on
              business through community service, academic                green business practices. Practitioners from
              education and professional training.                        Positively Green Magazine, Mars, HCA, Sodexho,
                                                                          Hawkins Partners, SSR Sustainability Group,
              One of the Institute’s primary service initiatives in
                                                                          Lipscomb, Vanderbilt, Bridgestone, Crescent
              2008 will be Tennessee’s first Green Business
                                                                          Resources, Wilmot Inc., Rayan Solutions and
              Summit, April 3-4, on the Lipscomb campus. The
                                                                          others will lead highly interactive and participatory
  Volume 3

              summit will provide entrepreneurs, business
                                                                          sessions. Example topics include:
              people and trade professionals with opportunities
              to learn about the rapidly growing field of green
                                                                          - green product design
                                                                          - green printing
              Noted sustainability author Paul Hawken,                    - green housekeeping
              Economic Commissioner Matt Kisber, and                      - hybrid car fleet facts
              Environment Deputy Commissioner Paul Sloan                  - renewable energy options
              will provide keynote addresses on Thursday, April           - recycling and renewable waste management
              3. The Hawken keynote is free and open to the               - two green building certification and renovation
              public but registration is required. To register for        case studies, and
              the Summit and the Hawken keynote, visit http://            - green industrial, manufacturing, and facility

                          Dodd Galbreath is the Executive Director and Assistant Professor of Sustainability in the
                          Institute for Sustainable Practice at Lipscomb University.

              During the summit, Lipscomb will host the Tennessee Green Expo from
              April 1-5. The Expo will be open to the public and showcase a variety
              of local "green" products and services. To reserve a display booth, or to
Spring 2008

              sponsor the conference or Hawken address, go to http://
     Initial sponsors include Barge Waggoner
              Sumner and Cannon, Centric, SSR, Sodexho, Positively Green
              Magazine and McQuiddy Printing.

              To define sustainability on its campus, Lipscomb will be among 93
              colleges and universities across the nation selected as pilot sites for the
              STARS rating system. The 440-member Association for the
              Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) will begin
  Volume 3

              the pilot as a self-examination process. It will examine sustainability in
              operations, curriculum, civic engagement and financial stewardship, to
              name a few.

              The Institute will also offer a broad curriculum in sustainability beginning
              in the summer of 2008. Tennessee’s first Graduate Certificate in
              Sustainability and first “green” Master of Business Administration are
              currently offered. The “Sustainable Summers in Nashville” professional
              training curriculum will begin in June. A science based undergraduate
              major and generalist undergraduate minor in sustainability will be
              offered in the fall.

              The sustainability revolution represents new hope for natural
              abundance, healthy living, social justice and continued prosperity.
              Lipscomb University seeks to join with the many leaders and institutions
              in our community to make Nashville and our world, a better place to live
              “for all children, for all species, for all time”.                             Paul Hawkin

              Cultivating Green Hearts in Children                                                         By Cynthia Rohrbach
              Many news stories are disturbing         very effective for teaching all            A school in Berkeley, California,
              these days, but one theme I find         subject areas.                             has students involved in growing
              particularly alarming is the well-                                                  fruits and vegetables, cooking
Spring 2008

              documented decline of both               I know I’m preaching to the choir          meals, and eating the food from
              children and adults spending time        on the subject of standardized             their gardens. Reports show
              outdoors appreciating nature. We         testing and No Child Left Behind.          increased interest in eating
              could easily shrug it off as just part                                              healthier meals as a result.
              of “the times they are a’changing,”      If only teachers would be brave            Legislation called “No Child Left
              despairing that there is not much
              to be done about people
              preferring t.v., movies, video
              games, cell phones, computers,
  Volume 3

              and the wealth of electronic
              gadgets that can distract even the
              most hard core nature lover.

              Granted, it may be difficult to
              change the way adults spend their
              time. Research that came out in
              mid-February reported that visits
              to state and national parks are at
              an all-time low. As concerned
              adults, it is our obligation to
              counteract this growing trend by
              making a concerted effort to get
              our kids and grandkids outside.
              Research is showing that bonding
              with nature at a young age is
              important for developing
              conservation values that linger
              into adulthood. In other words,
              kids that spend more and more            Lewis County Middle Schoolers enjoyed a nature day at the Buffalo River investigating
              time indoors looking at screens do       "creek critters" and having fun with other outdoor activities.
              not care about environmental
              stewardship. They grow up                enough to leave the classroom              Inside” has been introduced to
              alienated from the natural world         with their students and realize that       accompany and embellish the
              and, therefore, do not care what         all subjects can be taught in a            current law. You can find out
              happens to the wild places or its        meaningful way in the local                where it stands through Google.
              creatures. This situation spells         environment. Actual on-the-                Additionally, there is a developing
              disaster for the world and will          ground research is now                     coalition of Nature Preschools that
              contribute to all the other threats      demonstrating that in schools              have less emphasis on basic skills
              we hear about.                           where the environment is used as           in preparation for Kindergarten
                                                       an integrating context for learning,       and more emphasis on free,
              If you have not read Richard             test scores improve with statistical       unstructured play in nature.
              Louv’s Last Child in the Woods:          significance!
              Saving Our Children from Nature-                                                                   Continued on page 20
              Deficit Disorder, you should             Another important finding is
              purchase or borrow a copy. It            that the increasingly pervasive              On April 25, 2008, there
              presents a convincing argument           Attention Deficit Disorder, which
                                                       has put so many kids on                         will be an Outdoor
              that today’s educational system
              turns kids away from the natural         medication for years, can be                Classroom Symposium at
              world, although they may study it        counteracted naturally by taking               Ellington Agricultural
              in lessons about bat sonar, soil         behavior problems outdoors. The
                                                       obesity and juvenile diabetes               Center, open to teachers
              nutrients, and endangered
              species. The focus on threats to         problem is also improved by                     across the state. It
              the rainforest, although a real          regular old-fashioned walks in the          promises to be a valuable
              issue, should instead be re-             woods. I realized that those
                                                       experiences are surely what                  day for those looking to
              focused on local forests and local
              threatened species. Place-based          formed the foundation for my                 expand the walls of the
              education has been shown to be           passions as an adult.                         traditional classroom.
              What Farms are for...                                                                    By Jeff Poppen
              We need farms for a wide variety of                                                    the bare foot farmer
              reasons. The domestication of
              cattle and the dawn of agriculture
Spring 2008

              gave birth to the rise of civilization
              and the growth of human culture.
              Much of the work was done by
              slave labor. As consciousness
              expanded, hired labor became the
              norm. Farms are at the cutting
              edge of a future where people
              donate labor out of love for their
              work and each other. As the old
  Volume 3

              saying goes, “you don’t count your
              labor on a farm,” meaning farmers
              love their whole lifestyle while not
              regarding money as the most
              important aspect of it.

              Although the farmer gets just a few
              pennies from the dollar we spend
              on our daily bread, the rest of the
              dollar is widely distributed. Farms
              create jobs. For every 6 or 7 farms
              in a neighborhood, one business
              sprouts up in town. There are lots
              of tasks involved in turning farm
              products into food, clothing and
              shelter. But the farm is the place
              where it all starts, where the
              miracle of photosynthesis annually
              creates new wealth from sun, air,
              water and earth. Filling needs with
              the least effort is true economy.
              The market economy relies on the
              productivity of farms.
                                                       effect, barnyard animal antics,         highly toxic agriculture here. There
              Healthy farms are good for the           pond ecology, the continual             are more Americans today in
              environment and less likely to           changing of the seasons, and all of     prison than there are Americans
              become subdivisions. A farmer’s          the natural processes happening         who are farmers, a fact we would
              care for the land is reflected in the    on a farm teach a morality and          have found unimaginable a few
              scenery. A drive through the             practicality largely unavailable in     generations ago when the prison
              countryside uplifts the spirit;          modern education. Willpower and         population was way less than one
              instinctively we still feel inwardly     work ethics are enhanced by farm        percent of the farming population.
              secure when we see crops,                life.                                   Thomas Jefferson, among many
              animals and the potential for next                                               others, believed that small farmers
              year’s food supply. Local food           Farms are fun places to visit, for      and small businesses were
              production consumes less energy          camping, hiking, swimming,              necessary for democracy. Farms
              and recycles carbon, nitrogen and        hunting and other entertainment.        certainly provide more freedom
              other nutrients. The diversity of        Communities form around farms,          than other lifestyles, and allow
              plants and livestock on a farm is        with picnics and bonfires, family       people to supply their needs
              mutually sustainable, and good           and friends. A net is created for the   without the global economy and all
              farmers conserve and preserve soil       less fortunate, handicapped and         of its social and environmental
              and water as if their lives              older folks. Nature’s display of        ramifications.
              depended on it.                          interesting insects, colorful forests
                                                       and industrious wildlife never       So, we need farms for economic
              Farms offer amazing educational          ceases to amaze and amuse.           reasons, for a healthier
              opportunities. A simple lesson like                                           environment, for education, and for
              “you reap what you sow” becomes          America stands at an interesting     their social value as well. And
              much more real when you’ve               point in time now, importing most of there’s one other reason we need
              planted the wrong type of bean           its food from other countries, and   our farms – to give us this day our
        1     seed like I did last year. Cause and     promoting an unattainable and        daily bread.
                                                                                            communication between the
                Anyone CAN Make a Difference!                                               environmental community and the
                By Diane Perschbacher
                                                                                            To gain public input, the bill’s
Spring 2008

                                                                                            sponsors held a meeting, which
                                                                                            Sierra (as well as other groups)
                                                                                            publicized through websites and
                                                                                            email notices. The HRWA in
                                                                                            particular was very successful in
                                                                                            notifying the public of the issue
                                                                                            and raising awareness of the
  Volume 3

                                                                                            Several Sierra members attended
                                                                                            this public meeting, while others
                                                                                            wrote letters or called the bill’s
                                                                                            sponsors. Public opinion was
                                                                                            mainly against an exception to the
                                                                                            state Scenic Rivers Act. Because
                                                                                            of the efforts of all citizens and
                                                                                            environmental groups, the scenic
                                                                                            river exception bill was withdrawn.
              The Middle Tennessee Group of          scenic river, and no landfills can     Groups and individuals had
              the Sierra Club is active in           be present less than two miles         contacted their legislators, the
              preserving, exploring, and             from the river. (This is to prevent    press and governmental
              enjoying the natural environment       possible pollution leaking into the    regulatory agencies, distributed
              throughout our state’s mid-            river.) While a controlled             fliers, attended meetings and
              section. Our national                  construction waste landfill            signed petitions, to show public
              organization, Sierra Club, is the      wouldn’t necessarily be a              concern for the health of our
              largest grassroots conservation        problem, history has shown that        scenic rivers. A difference was
              organization in the United States.     they are often abused as illegal       made.
              At the local level, we are active      dumping grounds. Changing
              with environmental issues,             state law, too, would set a            Diane Perschbacher was the past
              sponsoring outings and                 dangerous precedent for the            conservation chair of the local Middle
              participating in local educational     health of all our state scenic         Tennessee Sierra Club group. For
              events. As the Sierra group based      rivers.                                information about the local chapter
              in Nashville, our state capital, we                                           contact
              also have a very active legislative
              team, which assists in making           Because of the efforts of             Picture is of McCory Lane quarry
                                                                                            provided by the Harpeth River Watershed
              sound conservation legislation at            all citizens and                 Association
              both the local and state level,
              often behind the scenes.               environmental groups, the
              Legislative activity, along with       scenic river exception bill                   Betty Stevenson
                                                                                                   Dr. Joel Goldstein
              citizen participation and coalitions        was withdrawn.
              of like-minded groups, working
              towards the same goal, can make                                                       Life Coaches
              a difference in preserving the soil
              underneath your feet, or the water     Members of Middle TN Sierra
              in your local river.                   Club’s legislative committee met           Advertisement -
                                                     separately with the Harpeth River                Produce specific, measurable
                                                                                                Life Coach from and ease
                                                                                                   RESULTS with fun, play
              The McCrory Lane quarry on the         Watershed Association (HRWA -
              Harpeth River is one such              the conservation organization              last edition page
              example. Starting in 2006, an          leading opposition to the landfill),       17 (same but
              investor group proposed that the       the bill’s sponsors, and the               expand to fit this
              McCrory Lane quarry (located           developers and their lobbyist, to
                                                     work behind the scenes in
                                                                                                space) for a
              about 500 feet from the river, near                                                      Sample coaching
              the Davidson/Cheatam county            understanding the proposal,
              line) be turned into a construction    concerns and potential solutions.                              P.O. Box 265
                                                                                                               Summertown TN
              waste landfill. The landfill would     Our working relationship with                                  931 964 2545
              require an exception to current        some of the bill’s sponsors                  
              law, as the Harpeth is a state         facilitated efforts in                  

              Building Community Through Cool Congregations
                                                                                         We give each participating
                By Jim Deming                                                            congregation a copy of Kilowatt
                                                                                         Ours and a CD full of resources
Spring 2008

                                                                                         and connections to more
                                                                                         information. And then we ask
                                                                                         everyone to meet again quarterly
                                                                                         and to hold ourselves accountable
                                                                                         to one another.

                                                                                         We ask for sustainable action on
                                                                                         three levels: what you can do
                                                                                         personally or in your family, what
  Volume 3

                                                                                         you can do as a part of a group,
                                                                                         and what you can tell those who
                                                                                         represent you at all levels of
                                                                                         government. And then we break
                                                                                         bread together and celebrate a
                                                                                         new kind of community that
                                                                                         stretches across traditional lines
                                                                                         of religious practice.

                                                                                         We’re beginning this new
              I’m a veteran of the First            and that many of us felt somewhat accelerated grass-roots approach
              Environmental Movement – the          smug about being with folks who      in 2008, and so far we have nine
              one with John Denver singing          agreed with us. But the impeding     Saturday morning workshops
              Rocky Mountain High while the         crisis of global warming calls us to planned for the winter/spring at
              Cuyahoga River in Cleveland,          go beyond our comfort zone and       congregations in Knoxville,
              Ohio burned with industrial waste. preach transformation, not just         Nashville, Chattanooga,
              Cynics among us say that the          adjustment. We need to go            Millington, Brownsville, Columbia,
              results of this movement were         beyond changing light bulbs to       Clarksville, and Hendersonville.
              mainly mega-homes for the rich in changing lives and habits. What
              Aspen and Burning River Ale, but better place to talk about                We are lining up more
              I believe there are real lessons to transformation – being “born           congregations for next fall and
              be learned from that time. We did again” to a new way of life — than beyond, and if you would like
              pass the Clean Water, Clean Air,      among people of faith?               more information about how to
              and Endangered Species Acts                                                involve your congregation, contact
              under Republican President            I am now invested in Tennessee       me at
              Richard Nixon. So what happened Interfaith Power and Light and its and we’ll start the conversation.
              to the bi-partisan momentum to        Cool Congregations outreach                       Continued on page 27
                                                                                                      Continued on page 26
              clean the water, clean the air, and program. We identify host
              respect the right of all creatures to congregations that will sponsor
              exist?                                Saturday morning workshops and         Tennessee Interfaith Power
                                                    they invite five to ten of their      and Light is working to be a
              Perhaps we became too                 neighboring congregations to          resource for energy saving,
              complacent and popped the corks participate. Each congregation
              too soon. Perhaps the “me”            sends up to five people who              energy alternatives, and
              generation and the Reagan             become the environmental                sustainable practices for
              Revolution cut us off at the knees. stewardship committee of that            people of faith who have a
              But very likely, we settled for       congregation. During the                      compelling call to
              putting the health of the             workshops, we watch a                          save the earth.
              environment in the hands of the       documentary such as Kilowatt
              lawyers and advocacy                  Ours, discuss the connection
              organizations like the Sierra Club between faith and creation care,
                                                                                         Picture Above:
              instead of in the hearts of every     work through a carbon footprint      Jim Deming gathering information at a
              person in every community.            analysis, and ask everyone to        Building Outside the Box meeting
                                                    commit to reducing their carbon      sponsored by the Cumberland River
              As an environmental activist, I       footprint by 10% within one year     Compact. Jim collects data about
              realized some years ago that I        and take the message back to         sustainable building to share with
                                                                                         congregations across the state.
              kept seeing the usual do-gooders their home congregation.
              at every environmental meeting
              A Place for Bamboo                                                                             Free Bamboo Craft
                                                                                                             Presentation March 29th
Spring 2008

                                                                                                             Bamboo Artisan, Matthew
                                                                                                             English has been working with
                                                                                                             bamboo for over 12 years,
                                                                                                             studying and collecting
                                                                                                             information on growing and
                                                                                                             utilizing temperate bamboo.
                                                                                                             Matthew has studied and
                                                                                                             worked with craftsmen from
  Volume 3

                                                                                                             China, Japan, India, Africa, the
                                                                                                             Philippians and North America
                                                                                                             in an effort to assist in the
                                                                                                             creation of a bamboo culture in
                                                                                                             North America.
                                                  By Bamboo Artisan Matthew English

         Bamboo is an ancient grass that                             underground stem) knit and hold         A Place for Bamboo:
         has influenced the art and                                  the soil together, preventing           Bamboo Craft Potentials, on
         technology of every culture where                           erosion and actually building           March 29 from 2-4 pm at the
         it was found. Prized by artisans                            topsoil over time from leaf mulch       Strand Theatre in
         and crafters, the aesthetics of this                        and silt deposits. Bamboo’s
                                                                                                             Hohenwald, TN.
         group of plants carries through                             dense foliage shades and
         from the grove to the products it                           protects the soil from drought and      Registration is preferred,
         is transformed into. Sometimes                              torrential rain. Esthetically, the      donations are encouraged.
         revered by the humans                                       diversity of height, leaf size, color   Contact
         interacting with this group of                              and wide range of growth make  for
         grasses, bamboo has been                                    bamboo highly valuable for              further details.
         skillfully crafted into a wide variety                      striking landscapes. Its ability to
         of artistic and utilitarian products                        produce large amounts of
         —one artisan documented 1000                                resources quickly and in small
         uses. From the Americas to Asia                             areas makes it a wonderful              This presentation is part of the
         and Africa (Europe lost its                                 natural resource in a time when         Center for Holistic Ecology’s
         bamboo during the last ice age)                             we are quickly consuming most of        Local Economic Development
         people have made their homes                                the natural resources around us.        and Green Education Initiative
         and multitudes of useful products                           Beauty and usefulness come
                                                                                                             supported by the USDA Rural
         out of bamboo. Common uses                                  together in this plant. From
         are baskets for all imaginable                              natural beauty, to soil                 Development. Matt will also
         uses, mats, furniture and tools                             conservation, to human food and         be doing a weekend bamboo
         like 1 3/6/08 4:32 PM
juneteenth adrakes and brooms. Page 1                                animal fodder and raw materials         construction course April 25-27
         The beauty of bamboo can be                                     craft, art construction and
                                                                     for craft, art, construction and        in Summertown, TN.
         traced back to its relationship with                        industry, this plant has all.
                                                                     industry, this plant has itit all.
         the earth. Its rhizomes (the

                Reach out and touch
                   5,000 African American consumers                                         Advertisement- Shelia Day Acupuncture
                Advertisement - the
                with your ad inJune th                                                      From last edition page 17
                2008 Mid-TN
                See jpg.                     Juneteenth Tabloid                             (change address to 156 Bear Creek
                 distributed FREE at the annual Jefferson St. Jazz & Blues Festival,        Pike, Suite 7B and add 2nd phone
                       Saturday, June 21st in Nashville, TN and at participating            number of 931-388-7500)
                        churches, businesses, libraries and community centers                 156 Bearcreek Pike, Suite 7B • Columbia, TN 38401
                            published by the Nashville 2008 Juneteenth Committee
                            Contact: Gwynelle Dismukes, 931.964.2675,                       By Appointment                         (931) 384-6209
                                                                   (931) 388-7500

              Coal CONS by Paul McCown and James D. Qualk
              Despite global trends to phase out       In the Southeast, where coal            Wind and solar energy production
              coal use, supporters of a coal-          accounts for over 65% of electricity    top the list of feasible solutions, but
Spring 2008

              based energy economy have                generation, asthma rates among          false arguments from supporters of
              repackaged their product as one          children are abnormally high. The       the status quo continue to crowd
              that will carry the United States into   cause is clear. The heavy amounts       out proper debate of the issue. As
              the future. However, when all            of particulate matter—including         a Tennessean, would you rather
              external costs and risks of using        mercury—produced at coal burning        see a wind farm on a hillside or
              coal are uncovered, coal stands out      plants and emitted from the smoke       would you prefer the removal of our
              as one of the least viable options       stacks are directly linked to this      mountains to get coal?
              for America’s energy future. For the     growing health problem. This is
              future of our economy, our               particularly damaging to children’s     The costs of wind and solar energy
  Volume 3

              environment and our health, our          developing lungs which are more         production are falling quickly. In
              nation must invest in alternatives to    susceptible to long term damage by      some parts of the country, the cost
              coal.                                    breathing tiny particulates. Children   to produce wind energy has fallen
                                                       are not the only victims, though.       below that of natural gas, proving
              World coal use peaked in 1996 and        Thousands of adults die each year       that even in an unbalanced market
              continues to decline. Many factors       from complications associated with      renewable energy options are
              have contributed to this decline,        breathing byproducts of burning         already viable. By changing our
              including environmental destruction      coal. Heart attacks, strokes, deadly    approach to energy production, we
              and human health risks associated        asthma attacks and mercury              can create jobs in Tennessee while
              with its use. A common technique         poisoning have all been directly        protecting the health of our citizens
              used for the extraction of coal is       linked to coal plant emissions.         and our remaining wild places.
              called mountain top removal. This
              “mining” method requires small           We must make strategic changes in       How many Tennessee Mountains
              teams of men with explosives to          America’s energy policy to avoid        will be destroyed before we realize
              blow up the top 1,000 feet of a          these unnecessary health and            the need to change direction? How
              mountain, filling the valley below.      environmental risks. Aside from the     many children will suffer from
              Primarily occurring in West Virginia,    obvious energy efficiency               debilitating asthma before we start
              Kentucky and Tennessee, this             opportunities available today           making better choices? Tennessee
              process to convert coal to electricity   (Tennessee ranks number one in          has an opportunity to lead the
              follows these steps: blow up a           electricity consumption per capita),    nation in the energy economy of the
              mountain, sort the pieces by fuel        “free” energy options are now viable    future. The choices we make today
              content, haul the pieces out by          but are unable to compete in a          will have lasting effects on the
              truck, load them on trains, transfer     market biased towards fossil fuels.     health of our citizens and economy.
              them hundreds of
              miles to coal-fired
              power plants, burn                                                                           Paul and James are
              the coal to boil water                                                                       sustainability consultants
                                                                                                           for SSRCx, LLC. Paul is
              which turns large
                                                                                                           currently a board
              turbines and                                                                                 member of the
              generators, load                                                                             Tennessee
              capacitors with                                                                              Environmental Council
              electricity, and                                                                             (TEC) and served on the
              transmit the                                                                                 Summit for a Sustainable
              electricity thousands                                                                        Tennessee Steering
              of miles for use (2/3                                                                        Committee. James is the
              of which is lost before                                                                      liaison for the TEC to the
              reaching the user).                                                                          Tennessee Pollution
              To date, nearly 500                                                                          Prevention Roundtable in
                                                                                                           the Tennessee
              mountains have been
                                                                                                           Department of
              erased from our                                                                              Environment and
              landscape by this                                                                            Conservation and also
              dreadful practice.                                                                           served on the Summit for
                                                                                                           a Sustainable Tennessee
              The associated                                                                               Steering Committee in
              health effects and                                                                           addition to chairing the
              costs of burning coal                                                                        Marketing and Outreach
              are not included in                                                                          committee for the
              the cost of electricity.                                                                     Summit.

 First US Gaia University Graduates
              Report by Gwynelle Dismukes

Gaia University held its first US graduation on Wednesday,
October 31, 2007 at The Farm in Summertown, Tennessee.
Six graduates received diplomas from Gaia University
directors Liora Adler and Andy Langford.
         Shaktari Belew and Skye received Masters of Science
degrees in Organizing Learning for EcoSocial Regeneration.
Richard Kuhnel received a Masters of Science in Integrative
EcoSocial Design. Jill Tieman received a Masters of Science
in an independent topic. Jennifer English and Karen Stupski
both received post-graduate diplomas.
         In a typically nontraditional ceremony, graduates
walked through an archway made of branches decorated with
brightly colored streamers held by two associates. Chairs for        Gaia Southeast U.S. provides a stimulating and stabilizing
the students, directors, and audience were arranged in a circle      educational framework within which emerging earth
outlined with leaves and branches laid on the floor. A warm          “actionists” can powerfully manifest pilot projects and
and familiar air pervaded the occasion, as Liora spoke about         initiatives. We also provide the opportunity for seasoned
each graduate’s personal experience and contribution to the          world-changers with years of on-the-ground experience to
group.                                                               acquire greater social leverage through acquisition of
         Albert Bates, director of the Ecovillage Training Center,   professional degrees.
noted as part of his opening address that in his work with the
Global Ecovillage Network, he sees the tremendous need of            About Gaia SEUS
                                                                     Gaia Southeast USA is a nontraditional, project-oriented
the planet for recovery of the environment and of individuals to
                                                                     educational center based out of the southeast inland
do meaningful work in the world. In answer to the question,          portion of the U.S., which offers masters degrees and
“what is our response?” he encouraged those present to “plant        postgraduate diplomas in the fields of earth and social
more trees, do more good work every day on behalf of the             regeneration through Gaia University to world-changers
planet.”                                                             from across the globe. The Gaia University degree and
         Gaia University offers a unique approach to higher          diploma programs begin and end with a residential
learning by offering students (called associates) access to          intensive at Gaia SEUS headquarters in Tennessee. For
accredited Bachelors and Masters degrees and Graduate                the remainder of the year, you will be in your chosen
Diplomas while the associate is actively engaged in self and         community, implementing strategic projects toward
planetary transformation. Linking ideals with self-directed          positive change. Gaia SEUS provides a dynamic action-
practical experience, students act as change agents by               learning framework to help associates (students)
                                                                     maximize effectiveness in their projects.
working for local and global sustainability and regeneration,
justice and peace. Through Gaia’s self-directed action learning      In the autumn of 2008 Gaia SEUS will be offering the
methodology, students study locally at work or on a project, in      following three pathways towards MSc degrees and
their own language, supported by Gaia University's Regional          Graduate Diplomas through Gaia University International:
Organizers and a worldwide network of learning providers,
tutors and mentors.                                                  Green Business Development Pathway
         The Farm, through the Center for Holistic Ecology,          From designing a business plan that reflects your deepest
serves as a regional center for Gaia University here in the US.      values to the cultivation of marketing skills; our Green
Associates participated in permaculture and village design           Business Pathway offers the visionary and pragmatic
courses at the Ecovillage Training Center, and were housed at        tools needed to run a thriving green business.
the Ecovillage Inn during their on-site study period.
                                                                     Relocalization Pathway
         Alternatives to the mainstream traditional approach are
                                                                     When you enroll in our Relocalization Pathway, you will
appearing in every field—including education. Gaia University        be provided with the support and learning framework to
stands at the forefront of higher education institutions which       effectively launch a relocalization project in the
allow students to get credit for work they do in helping to save     community where you live or work—thus strengthening
the planet and in exploring alternative, more natural and            the health and self-sufficiency of your community into the
beneficial ways for humans to interact with the world around         post-carbon future.
us. For more information, go to
                                                                     Women’s Actionist Pathway
                                                                     Our Women’s Actionist Pathway offers women within the
                                                                     social or environmental change movements the
                    Gaia South East US                               opportunity to manifest their visions and amplify their skill
                                                                     as world-changers, while collaborating with a supportive
                       offering degrees through                      network of women actionists from across the globe.
                     Gaia University International                   Contact for information
              Growing Shiitake Mushrooms for Food and Profit                                             By Frank Michael

                                                                                         A Free Shiitake Mushroom
Spring 2008

                                                                                         Growing Course was
                                                                                         Offered February 16 at the
                                                                                         Ecovillage Training Center
                                                                                         Mushroompeople hosted a hands-on
                                                                                         workshop for Growing Shiitake
                                                                                         Mushrooms on Saturday, February 16,
                                                                                         2008 from at the Farm’s Ecovillage
                                                                                         Training Center in Summertown, TN.
  Volume 3

                                                                                         The course was part of a Local
                                                                                         Economic Development and Green
                                                                                         Education (LEDGE) Initiative supported
                                                                                         by the US Department of Agriculture.
                                                                                         The course was free to all residents of
                                                                                         Tennessee. More than 30 people came
                                                                                         out to the course and received a
                                                                                         valuable presentation from Frank on
                                                                                         cultivating mushrooms for profit and
                                                                                         they got to inoculate shiitake logs.
                                                                                         Frank will be offering another course on
                                                                                         November 1, 2008 contact
                                                                                for rates and
                                                                                         for details on calendar events below

              Mushrooms have                       people with cancer and other               Other Courses at the
              multidimensional uses, especially    immune problems. There are               Ecovillage Training Center
              if you consider that plants          supplements made of a liquid
              probably would not exist without     culture of Shiitake and two other     Ecovillage Apprenticeships
                                                                                         April 1 to 25, May 1 to 25, Sep 1 to 25,
              those lowly soil fungi that break    fungi, which triple the activity of   Oct 1 to 25
              down rocks into the soluble          killer T cells, the first line of     Biodynamic agriculture or natural
              nitrates and phosphates that         immune defense.                       building specialization immersion under
              plants need to live. Mushrooms                                             the tutelage of experienced
              are those types of fungi that      Shiitake is a good year-round           practitioners.
              produce fruiting bodies. People    crop in Tennessee because we
              often grow mushrooms to ensure     are blessed with an abundance of        April 4-6 Natural Building
              they don’t pick a toxic look-alike oak trees. Shiitake can be grown        Introduction to building with straw, cob,
              to a wild edible. The main reason  on healthy logs freshly cut during      wood and other natural materials.
              they’re grown, though, is because  the cool season, inoculated with
              mushrooms can be delicious and     the seed-like material called           May 2-4 Home Biofuels
                                                                                         Grow your own fuels and convert your
              people want lots of them!          spawn. A source of spawn in             car or truck to run on alcohol or
                                                 Tennessee is the mail order             biodiesel.
              The Shiitake is the Elvis of       company Mushroompeople in
              mushrooms – it brings out the      Summertown. You can get spawn           May 14-18 Exploring Medicinal Herbs
              best price in the market, does not to grow a few for your kitchen, or      Workshop with Wendel Combest, Ph.D.
              require any special training, and  for commercial cultivation of
              stays fresh for about a month’s    thousands of logs.                      June 13-22 After Peak Oil:
              keeping in the fridge. Shiitakes   Mushroompeople’s phone is               Fundamentals of the Permaculture
              are delicious grilled alone or in  931-964-4400, their email               Design Science
              shish kebab, soup, spaghetti, and address is
              pizza. They have a good  , and               July 18-27Combating Climate Change:
                                                                                         Ecovillage Design Practicum
              complement of vitamins and         their website
              minerals, and their protein comes                   Oct 10-12 Peak Oil Preparedness Grow
              in a good amino acid balance. If   features over 200 products.             your own fuels, become food self-
              you dry them, they’ll keep for                                             sufficient, and more!
              years. Shiitakes improve the
              immune system and lower            Frank Michael is the Director of        Solar Installation
              cholesterol. In Japan, a shiitake  Mushroompeople and is the               Nov 5-9
              extract called Lentinan jump-      Secretary of Global Village Institute   Become a solar installer with this week-
                                                 for Appropriate Technology.             long course from Ed Eaton.
              starts the immune system of
 A Short History of Gasoline vs.
     Alcohol Fuel (Ethanol)                                                                              Save the
                    by David Blume                                                                        dates!
The first cars, back in the late 1800s, ran primarily on
alcohol. It was the only reliable, combustible fuel that was                                              David
available. Oil had already been discovered, but it had a
completely different use at that time; it was used for heating                                            Blume
and lighting homes. So the part that they couldn’t use for
heating and lighting—the stuff that wanted to explode and
                                                                                                           in TN
nobody wanted to put in an oil lamp—they threw away. John
D. Rockefeller did some experimentation and found out that,
                                                                                                          June 7
although it didn’t do such a good job of it, it would run a car,
too. And he started selling it at dirt-cheap prices in the cities,
where he had his oil distribution business.                                                              Sept. 5-7
So gasoline was an industrial waste byproduct that was
marketed as an alternative to the standard fuel, which was              David Blume will be speaking in
                                                                       Hohenwald, TN during the June 7
The big proponent of alcohol in cars was Henry Ford. He               Sonnenschein Green Power Festival
thought that alcohol was the very best fuel for cars—it was
clean, it was efficient, and there were a lot more stills in this        and will be teaching alongside
country than gas stations. So Ford and Rockefeller fought                 Catherine Austin Fitts for the
tooth and nail over what was going to be the nation’s fuel
supply, until Rockefeller decided not to play fair anymore.              September 5-7 Green Business
                                                                      Development Course at the Farm in
Rockefeller gave the Women’s Christian Temperance Union
four million dollars to lobby Congress with. That would be
                                                                           Summertown, TN. Contact
like four hundred million dollars today, and, yes, you can   for details
buy Congress for that. And so they passed Prohibition. You
probably thought it had something to do with drinking and
moral decay. But can you imagine an all-male Congress
voting to keep working men from drinking? So for 13 years
alcohol went off the market as a fuel, as an industrial
product that used to compete with many oil products, and
for drinking also.

After they make everything they call valuable out of oil—
plastics, drugs, pesticides, industrial chemicals—
everything’s that left over is dumped into the gasoline. So
on any given day there are 400 toxic chemicals dumped into
gasoline, and those might not necessarily be the same
chemicals the next day. It’s whatever’s left over.

So gasoline is the biggest toxic waste disposal system in
the world, and it’s in the open, and it’s legal! They’re able to
use our cars to spew their toxic waste back into the air. And
they make something like $2500 from a barrel of oil, for the
industrial chemicals, and something like $100 a barrel from
the gasoline, and they don’t care if they made zero,
because they get rid of all their toxic waste.

—David Blume is the author of the “brilliant,” “delightful,” “most comprehensive and authoritative,” new book, Alcohol
    Can Be a Gas: Fueling an Ethanol Revolution for the 21st Century. He is the executive director of the International
Institute for Ecological Agriculture, and has been an alcohol fuel pioneer since the seventies. He has consulted for a wide
array of clients, including governments, farmers, and companies interested in turning waste into valuable and profitable
      products. He presents a plan for producing alcohol fuel as a sustainable substitute for oil-based products, while
  producing food, cleaning the air and improving the soil. For excerpts from the book, and much more information on
                                        alcohol fuel, see
                                                                           8. Alcohol has a proud, solid history. Gasoline is a refinery’s toxic waste;
               Alcohol Fuel:                                                 alcohol fuel is liquid sunshine. Henry Ford’s early cars were all flex-
         The Two-Minute Summary                                              fuel. It wasn’t until gasoline magnate John D. Rockefeller funded
                        by David Bloom                                       Prohibition that alcohol fuel companies were driven out of business.

1. With alcohol fuel, almost every country can become energy-
  independent. Anywhere that has sunlight and land can produce             9. The byproducts of alcohol production, instead of being oil refinery
  alcohol from plants. Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world,       waste, are clean and are worth more than the alcohol itself. In fact,

  imports no oil, since half their cars run on alcohol fuel made from        they can make petrochemical fertilizers and herbicides obsolete. The

  sugarcane, grown on 1% of its land.                                        alcohol production process concentrates and makes more digestible
                                                                             all protein and non-starch nutrients in the crop. This “byproduct” is so
2. We can reverse global warming. Since alcohol is made from                 nutritious that when used as animal feed, it produces more meat or
  plants, its production takes carbon dioxide out of the air,                milk than the corn it comes from. That’s right, fermentation of corn

  sequestering it, with the result that it reverses the greenhouse           increases the food supply and lowers the cost of food.

  effect (while potentially vastly improving the soil). Recent studies
  show that in a permaculturally designed mixed-crop alcohol fuel          10. Locally produced ethanol supercharges regional economies.
  production system, the amount of greenhouse gases removed                    Instead of fuel expenditures draining capital away to foreign bank
  from the atmosphere by plants—and then exuded by plant roots                 accounts, each gallon of alcohol produces local income that gets

  into the soil as sugar—can be 13 times what is emitted by                    recirculated many times. Every dollar of tax credit for alcohol
  processing the crops and burning the alcohol in our cars.                    generates up to $6 in new tax revenues from the increased local

3. We can revitalize the economy instead of suffering through Peak
  Oil. Oil is running out, and what we replace it with will make a big     11. Alcohol production brings many new small-scale business
  difference in our environment and economy. Alcohol fuel                      opportunities. There is huge potential for profitable local, integrated,
  production and use is clean and environmentally sustainable, and             small-scale businesses that produce alcohol and related

  will revitalize families, farms, towns, cities, industries, as well as       byproducts, whereas when gas was cheap, alcohol plants had to

  the environment. A national switch to alcohol fuel would provide             be huge to make a profit.

  many millions of new permanent jobs.
                                                                           12. Scale matters—most of the widely publicized potential problems
4. No new technological breakthroughs are needed. We can make                  with ethanol are a function of scale. Once production plants get

  alcohol fuel out of what we have, where we are. Alcohol fuel can             beyond a certain size and are too far away from the crops that

  efficiently be made out of many things, from waste products like             supply them, closing the ecological loop becomes problematic.

  stale donuts, grass clippings, food processing waste—even                    Smaller-scale operations can more efficiently use a wide variety of
  ocean kelp. Many crops produce many times more alcohol per                   crops than huge specialized one-crop plants, and diversification of
  acre than corn, using arid, marshy, or even marginal land in                 crops would largely eliminate the problems of monoculture.

  addition to farmland. Just our lawn clippings could replace a third
  of the auto fuel we get from the Mideast.                                13. The byproducts of small-scale alcohol plants can be used in
                                                                               profitable, energy-efficient, and environmentally positive ways. For

5. Unlike hydrogen fuel cells, we can easily use alcohol fuel in the           instance, spent mash (the liquid left over after distillation) contains

  vehicles we already own. Unmodified cars can run on 50%                      all the nutrients the next fuel crop needs and can return it back to

  alcohol, and converting to 100% alcohol or flexible-fueling (both            the soil if the fields are close to the operation. Big-scale plants,
  alcohol and gas) costs only a few hundred dollars. Most auto                 because they bring in crops from up to 45 miles away, can’t do this,

  companies already sell new dual-fuel vehicles.                               so they have to evaporate all the water (and sell the resulting
                                                                               byproduct as low-price animal feed), which accounts for half the

6. Alcohol is a superior fuel to gasoline! It’s 105 octane, burns much         energy used in the plant.

  cooler with less vibration, is less flammable in case of accident, is
  98% pollution-free, has lower evaporative emissions, and                 14. The design and implementation of a revolution based on small-scale

  deposits no carbon in the engine or oil, resulting in a tripling of          ethanol production is simple common sense, and at the same time a

  engine life. Specialized alcohol engines can get at least 22%                radical departure from the way corporations and the government

  better mileage than gasoline or diesel.                                      currently do things. So it’s truly up to us citizens to make the
                                                                               change. You will see early on in this book that MegaOilron
7. It’s not just for gasoline cars. We can easily use alcohol fuel to          historically stops at nothing to make sure that the public perception

  power diesel engines, trains, aircraft, small utility engines,               of ethanol is tightly managed. But once you know the truth, you

  generators to make electricity, heaters for our homes—and it can             can’t be swayed by their propaganda. It’s time we share what we

  even be used to cook our food.                                               know, organize to bring it about, and win.
                                                                                                                   vival Guide an
                                                                                                                   founder of Glo
                                                                        Cynthia Rohrbach coordinates
                                                                        the Tennessee Department of                Peter Schweit
                                                                        Environment and Conserva-                  and Executive
                                                                        tion's Green Schools Program               plenty@plenty

                                                                      Jeff Poppen, The Barefoot
                                                                                                                    Andrew Couc
                                                                      Farmer, owns and operates
                                                                                                                   Tennessee Cl
                                                                      the Long Hungry Creek Farm
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                                                                  From last edition pg 7 (same)

                                                                     CHE and Sonnenschein want to thank you for your cont

                                                           Please contact if you’d like to submit an artic

 Journey Through the Secret Life of                                                                                       
      Plants with EarthMatters
J Tennessee on April 22, 2008                                     Advertisement - Gray Bear
                                                                  From last edition (same)
 Celebrate Int’l Earth Day 2008 at a special event,
 TENNESSEE at the historic Belcourt Theater in                                                                            
 Nashville on Tuesday, April 22, from 5:30 to                                                                            
 10pm. The highlight of the evening will be the
 showing of the landmark film, “Journey Through
 the Secret Life of Plants” with music by Stevie
 Wonder.                                                        Advertisement - Canoe
      The evening begins at 5:30 with musical                   From last edition page 10 (same)
 performances by Sara Beck, Kenny Mullins, and
 “Earthman” Lanny Smith. Invited guests include
 Shannon Sanders.
      At 7:00p the film will be shown, followed by a
 brief panel discussion. This year marks the 30th
 anniversary of this groundbreaking work, which
 revealed how plants respond to human emotions                            PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer - Tri
 and events. Panelists include Glenn Christman,
 the Gentle Arborist; Umaru Jutte, Holistic                       Advertisement - Swan Center
 Consultant; Cherokee Lewis, Herbalist; Gwynelle
 Dismukes, author of Black 2 the Future.
      The fundraiser event benefits EarthMatters
 Tennessee, a Nashville-based nonprofit
 organization that maintains the George W. Carver
 Food Park and DeFord Bailey Rose Garden in
 south Nashville. The wine and cheese reception
 features local beers from Yazoo Brewery. There
 will also be a silent auction. The event is                      Advertisement - Tri Star Energy
 sponsored by LifeWorks Foundation, Gardens of
 Babylon, and the Gentle Arborist Tree Care.
      All is included in the ticket price of 20 dollars.
 For more information or to make reservations,
                    call 615-252-6953
Tips for a Spring Cleanse                                                                            By Jennifer Dauksha English
Who Should Cleanse                                  three full-course meals a day. There are         Caffeine: Try herbs like gotu kola, ginseng,
Cleansing is recommended for anyone                 different levels of detoxification. A person     bee pollen, cayenne, ginger, mint,
searching for lasting health changes.               could undergo cleansing that only involved       cardamom, black pepper, shizandra or
Detoxification helps with many acute and            level 1 detoxification and still enjoy the       yohimbe; Limit your intake of coffee and
chronic illnesses, addictions and obesity. It's     wonderful benefits of a cleanse.                 substitute grain beverages like barley and
also great for anyone who carries around                                                             chicory roasts; If caffeine is a must, try green
extra baggage; whether it is on the body, in        Levels of Detoxification                         tea, then black tea or dark chocolate.
                                                                                                     Chemical Additives: Suggest that ingredients
the house, in relationships, or of the mind.        Level 1: No fried food, refined sugar, white     Chemical Additives: Suggest that ingredients
                                                                                                     be purchased by local organic farmers or at
There are some contraindications to                 flour, meat, eggs, dairy, alcohol, nicotine,     be purchased by local organic farmers or at
                                                                                                     a health food store (or grow it yourself) to
cleansing and because you would be                  coffee and foods containing any chemical         a health food store (or grow it yourself) to
                                                                                                     guarantee best quality; Try buying processed
undertaking a change to your health regime,         additives and preservatives. Instead eat         guarantee best quality; Try buying processed
                                                                                                     foods at health food stores or in the health
it is highly advisable that you seek approval       whole fresh organic foods.                       foods at health food stores or in the health
                                                                                                     section at your local grocery store.
of your personal health caregiver, especially                                                        section at your local grocery store.
                                                                                                     Encourage stores to carry foods that are
if you are under health care provider               Level 2: No processed, pre-packaged or           Encourage stores to carry foods that are
direction.                                          frozen food. Instead eat:
                                                                                                     made without chemical additives or
                                                                                                     made without chemical additives or
                                                                                                     preservatives. These options are available if
                                                                                                     preservatives. These options are available if
                                                    - whole and natural foods (dry ok)
When to Cleanse                                     - grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and
                                                                                                     your store only knew there was a demand for
                                                                                                     your store only knew there was a demand for
Spring and autumn are generally the best            legumes
time to cleanse, although cleansing can
occur during any month of the year and for
                                                                                                     Elements that Aid Detoxification
                                                    Level 3: Eat raw fresh organic foods only
any length of time. Most importantly, make          - Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds
sure that you choose to do the cleanse                                                               - Don't overeat
                                                    - Progressing to just fruits and vegetables      - Chew well, until paste-like
during a time when you have more control            - Progressing to just fruits
over your schedule. You want to be able to                                                           - Don't drink more than 4 oz of liquid at a
keep mental and physical exertion to a                                                               meal or it will dilute digestive enzymes
                                                    Level 4: Juices - Organic and all natural,       - Eat natural, whole, fresh, unprocessed and
minimum. Also be sure that you have                 preferably fresh juiced
access to quality foods.                                                                             organic foods
                                                                                                     - Eat 80% vegetables and fruit and 20%
                                                    Level 5: Herbal teas, flavored broth, water      starches and protein / 60% raw
How to Detox                                                                                         - Eat variety at each meal, daily, weekly and
1. Seek guidance from a professional.                                                                seasonally
2. Plan your cleanse: choose a level of             Foods for Level 1 Detoxification                 - Eat foods that are in season and locally
   detoxification that suits your needs and         Fried foods: Learn to steam, bake and dry        grown.
   choose the duration of your cleanse. Be          roast (boiling and broiling ok) and              - Eat foods close to home and foods close to
   sure that your schedule is free so that you      experiment with ghee butter, sesame oil,         their original state in nature.
   have plenty of time to both deeply rest          safflower oil and sunflower oil. Know the
   and to be active in creative projects that       heat index.
   inspire you and reconnect you to your
   center.                                          Refined Sugar: Sweeten recipes with
3. Educate yourself on what your body and           honey, molasses, maple syrup, jaggery, date
   life need and don't need.                        sugar, beet sugar, pure cane sugar or fresh
4. Try to avoid using chemical soaps,               fruit juice, fruit butter or sauce.
   creams, etc on the body and avoid taking
   any medicine unless under the care of a          White Flour: Use whole unbleached flours
   health professional. Be sure to inform           like stone ground whole wheat, whole-wheat
   them of your cleanse before proceeding.          pastry, chapatti, soy, chickpea, rye, wheat
   Certain herbs can aid in detoxification, but     gram, bean gram, rice, spelt, oat or kamutt.
   again seek the care of a professional.
5. Start the cleanse slowly and keep your           Meat: Substitute mushrooms, tofu, tempeh,
   will power, while being aware of how you         seitan, soy products and minimally
   feel. If fainting occurs, discontinue            processed bean products like soy dogs,
   cleanse.                                         bean burgers etc… and add nuts, seeds and        Cleansing is not just about food
6. Begin to listen to your body, it will tell you   beans to the diet. If you eat meat eat free
   which habits are toxic.                          range cared for animals.                         Cleansing isn’t just about food, it’s about
7. Make steps to eliminate toxic habits,                                                             creating a metabolic balance by ensuring the
   which complicate your life. Create a             Eggs: Substitute tofu, starch like tapioca or    elimination of toxins through all organs of
   simplicity strategy. This is the perfect         buy egg replacer, fruit sauces or fruit or nut   elimination and optimizing nutrition so as to
   time for deep reflection regarding your          butters in pastries. If you must eat eggs eat    not consume more toxins.
   overall life pathway and for cultivating         only fresh free-range eggs from happy
   simplicity in all realms of your life.           chickens.                                        Techniques for Elimination of Toxins Through
8. Return to regular eating habits slowly and                                                        the Primary Organs
   continue with mindfulness. You should            Dairy: Drink and use soy, rice, almond,          Colon – Fiber, Herbal laxatives, Enemas,
   spend half the number of days going out          hazelnut or hemp milks in recipes; Use soy       Colonics
   of a cleanse that you spent in the               powder instead of milk powder; Use nut           Lungs – Breathing Exercises, Expectorant
   cleanse.                                         creams instead of cream; Make cheeses out        Herbs
                                                    of seeds and tofu or try soy and rice            Lymph Glands and Nodes – Drinking water,
People often avoid cleansing                        products; Try soy and rice yogurt, cottage       Massage, Exercise
because they fear going hungry                      cheese, sour cream and ice cream; Vitamin        Kidneys – Diuretic Herbs, Drinking lots of
                                                    B12 can be found in sea vegetables and           water
Cleansing doesn't have to be a fast                 microorganisms added to fermentation             Skin – Bathing, Skin Brushing, Bodywork
consuming only water. Actually a very               processes. You may consider using foods          Mind – Mindfulness, Meditation,
healthy and controlled cleanse could include        enriched with B12 or take supplementation.       Concentration
              A Masonry Stove Retrofit                                     by Albert Bates
              In last autumn’s issue of Green Living Journal, Doug Kramer wrote about his built-in masonry stove that
              also moderates summer heat, pre-warms his solar hot water system, and adds a nice aesthetic feature to
              his and Claudia’s solar home. This past November we added a masonry stove to our living room at the
Spring 2008

              Ecovillage Training Center, and I wanted to describe that process for anyone who might like to give it a try.
              The benefits of a small masonry stove retrofit is that it provides a nice even heat to the room (especially
              beneficial in a greenhouse), keeps radiating heat long after the fire has died, and depending on what
              shapes you give it, can take on additional functions—bread oven, sock drier, foot warmer and cook-stove,
              for instance.

              To begin with, a masonry stove is a heavier than a conventional wood heater, so work for us began under
              the house. We have a small cellar below the living room, and it has a four-inch concrete pad, so we added
              a single column of 8-inch block to support the floor joist that ran directly under the location of our stove.
  Volume 3

              We bought an inexpensive welded box stove from a local welder on Highway 20, nothing fancy, just a 14 x
              14 x 24 inch box of ¼-inch steel with a large firebox door, a smaller ash/flu door, and four legs made of
              bent rebar. We nailed down a thin sheet metal flashing, about four-foot square, to protect the wood floor
              from heat and cinders.

              We put down a layer of unmortared brick around three sides of the stove, staying on the metal flashing.
              This was to protect the cob from water, such as when the floor is mopped. For stability, we laid the brick
              alternating orientation, two bricks east-west, two bricks north-south. We were careful that the inside edges
              of the bricks were even with the outside walls of the stove, neither under the stove nor too far removed. On
              this stable brick base we started a cob wall, filling the holes of the bricks with the first batch of cob, and
              moving up plumb with the firebox. The width of the cob wall matched the size of the brick.

              It was easiest for us to make the cob on a tarp right outside the back door and then wheelbarrow it into the
              living room, but a cob toss would have accomplished the same thing with twice the fun had we had enough
              hands. I was usually working with only one other person much of the time, so the wheelbarrow was better.
              As we built the cob wall up, we threw in some large river stones to add to the mass of the wall. Stone, brick
              and cob have slightly different thermal qualities, so by mixing our media we had the benefit of all three
              types of storage and radiant heat.

              After the first 12 inches of wall we put in another course of brick. Cob has a tendency to slough if you build
              it up too much before it can harden, and it can take days or weeks to harden, so by having a course of
              brick, and using stiff cob, we could stabilize the wall-in-progress and keep going.

              I drew a chalk line on the side of the stove in a sweeping S-curve and we built the cob up to that line. Then
              we stuck in some flat creek stones for ornament, which followed my chalkline. After that we continued the
              cob wall up, leveling it to the top of the stove and beveling around the door-frame to give the firebox door a
              full range of motion.

              There is an important addition that also went in while the cob was still wet. Between the cob wall and the
              firebox we slipped some scraps
              of hardy-plank (cement
              fiberboard) that we had left over
              from building a geodesic dome. If
              you don’t have hardy plank,
              scraps of glass or ceramic tile
              would also work. The hardy plank
              serves to insulate the clay from
              the hot metal surface of the
              firebox and prevent cracking.

              Once we reached the top of the
              firebox we had several options.
              We could stop and retain the top
              of the stove as a cooking surface.
              We could cob-over the top and
              increase the radiant thermal
              battery effect.
Or we could do as we
did, which was to
keep half the surface                                        Debut of the Tennessee Cumberland

as a grill for tea                                              Green Network coming soon!
kettles or pots of chili
(we chose the rear
half, closest to the                                         Do you represent a green business, nonprofit
stove pipe) and make                                         organization, or agency in the Middle Tennessee
the other half into a                                        Region? Link up with our Tennessee Cumberland
baking oven. We also                                         Green Network (TCGN) and combine forces with
added some features                                          other green visionaries from multiple areas of
to the rear of the                                           expertise and industry across the bioregion.
stove — some carved
alcoves for warming                                          Consumers, it’s time to cultivate your personal
your feet on a cold                                          purchasing power! Are you wondering how to become
winter day and some                                          a green consumer? If yes, than you should use the
knobs and knolls for                                         TCGN Directory to shift your purchasing patterns to
drying woolens.                                              support your local economy and save the planet.

To make the baking oven, we used wedge-shape                 TCGN serves all of the bioregion in an effort to
firebrick from a defunct pottery kiln, making sure we        increase sustainable, green local economic growth in
had enough depth for bread pans and enough ceiling           the area. As this network expands over the next two
for bread to rise. Building the arch 2-bricks deep           years, it will cover all of the Tennessee Cumberland
accomplished the right depth, although the natural           Green Bioregion. The network’s website offers a multi-
curve of our form was such that we ended up with             searchable directory of green businesses and
more elevation than we had anticipated. Rather than          organizations in the area, an interactive events
build a brick base as we did, if I had it to design over I   calendar, local news flashes, opportunities and links
might either dispense with the base or start it lower        related to green and socially conscious investment,
down the outside of the firebox. As it is, we ended up       economic development, employment opportunities,
with an oven you can do two-shelf baking in.                 marketing and much more.

Building arches is a science, and its something we           All consumers will have free access to the bulk of data
teach here as part of our natural building courses. We       that the website will host. Members will have the
used a 10-gal plastic barrel as our form, propped up         following added benefits: inclusion of organization or
on wood shims, both to make the barrel stable during         business in Directory, discounts on advertising,
construction and easy to extract after the arch was          discounts from participating businesses, subscriptions
completed. We used 1-inch bamboo for spacers as              to the paper version of the Directory, this quarterly
we lay the brick, with a just a dab of mortar at the         Green Living Journal and an e-news update.
narrow end of each wedge. We used a 3-foot level to
keep the bricks level and plumb. Once the keystone           Our Directory will spotlight the areas current green
was in and the arch was in tension, we backfilled with       economic assets including its artisans, farmers,
cob and removed the bamboo spacers. Then we                  craftsmen, scenic natural areas, and outdoor
pulled the form and Voila! - a compression arch.             recreational opportunities. Through our online center,
                                                             we will facilitate information exchange within a
We had a nice piece of marble that fit the hole at the       network of ecologically and socially conscious
back of the oven. We cobbed that into place and              entrepreneurs, service providers and educators, and
cobbed over the top of the arch, connecting it all to        help to ramp up regional efforts to raise awareness of
the cob wall below. Finally, after a few days to harden      global-scale environmental crises, thus helping to
and a very small fire to accelerate the drying process,      reverse environmental degradation, strengthen
we plastered with a mix of sand and lime, and put in         community, and conserve resources.
some ornamentation with a clay alis, a bit of carving,
and some bone, turtleshell, and colored bottles. The
bread oven door is carved white oak.                             Advertisement- Classic Wood Furnace
So now when we have a fire we can also make
cornbread and chili, bake bread, and the stove                   Use printed business card
radiates heat long after the fire has died.

Albert Bates is founder of the Ecovillage Training Center
at The Farm in Summertown and author of The Post-
Petroleum Survival Guide and Cookbook: Recipes for
Changing Times (New Society Publishers, 2006)
                                                                June Sonnenschein Green Power Festival
                                                                This Saturday, June 7, in Hohenwald TN, the third
                                                                Sonnenschein Green Power Festival will have music,
                                                                nature, alternative energy and art! This year’s festival
                                                                will be the biggest Green Power Festival in Middle
                                                                Tennessee. It will include 25 green power speakers, an
                                                                alternative vehicle and fuel exposition, a music stage
                                                                powered by solar energy, a tour of alternative homes,
                                                                an energy play shop for kids, an eco-film fest and much
                                                                more!! The festival opens June 6 with tours of the
                                                                Ecovillage Training Center on the Farm Community in
                                                                Summertown, TN and Cumberland Greens Bioregional
                                                                Council Gathering. The festival ends with
                                                                Sonnenschein’s Sunday Tour of Alternative Homes.
                                                                Join us for a sunny Sunday tour to visit ecologically
                                                                conscious homes in the area! The Global Village
                                                                Institute of Appropriate Technology and CHE will be
                                                                offering the tour of homes in Middle Tennessee on
Tour of Alternative Homes, June 8, 2008                         June 8. The festival and tour are free to the public! The
For many years, the American Solar Energy Society (ASES)        tour will visit homes, showcasing solar power off-grid
has facilitated solar tours in communities across the nation.   and grid-tie, wind power, passive solar, natural building,
For our third year, CHE and the Global Village Institute for
Appropriate Technology have joined this effort by               solar hot water heating, biofuels, Permaculture gardens
coordinating a tour in southern Middle Tennessee.               and more! Please contact to
                                                                register and get directions.
This year's tour on Sunday June 8, 2008 will showcase off-
grid and grid-tie homes in Lewis, Wayne, Hickman, and           Make sure your business participates in the
Lawrence counties, passive solar, solar hot water heaters, a    Sonnenschein Green Business Exposition. Vendor
windmill, alternative vehicles, natural buildings, water        spaces start at $35 and non-profits can set up for free.
catchment systems, organic gardens and more!                    Visit for details!

Cultivating Green Hearts in Children, continued from page 6
On the bright side, there is a growing movement being           sessions and a luncheon with keynote speakers.
born out of the research and literature mentioned               How-to sessions on developing weather stations,
above. Last fall I heard Ken Finch speak about his role         wetlands, bird-watching stations, rain gardens,
in this movement and the establishment of his Green             vegetable gardens, tree trails, and more will give
Hearts Institute for Nature in Childhood. When he               teachers the tools to begin thinking outside the box.
asked us to reflect on nature experiences we had in             Please spread the word! There are several
our youth, memories from my childhood began to                  demonstration rain gardens available for viewing by
surface that I had not thought about in years.                  the public at Ellington, in case you are in the area.
On April 25, 2008, there will be an Outdoor Classroom
Symposium at Ellington Agricultural Center, open to                   It presents a convincing
teachers across the state. It promises to be a valuable
day for those looking to expand the walls of the
                                                                        argument that today’s
traditional classroom. Aspects of outdoor classrooms                educational system turns kids
including creation, maintenance, funding, and                      away from the natural world . . .
appropriate learning activities will be addressed
through interactive concurrent
                                                                As members of the Green Living movement in
                                                                Tennessee, we should all be doing our part to bring
                                                                the natural world into the lives of the younger
                                                                generation. Whether it be paying for your grandchild
                                                                to attend summer camp at Great Smoky Mountains
                                                                Institute at Tremont, planning a wilderness experience
                                                                with them on the Cumberland Trail, or setting a goal
                                                                of visiting all 77 State Natural Areas during the
                                                                coming years…. Help the kids get away from the
                                                                electronic screens, and put natural experiences in
                                                                their hearts.
                                                                Cynthia Rohrbach is President of Swan Conservation Trust
                                                                and is an Environmental Specialist with the Tennessee
                                                                Department of Environment and Conservation, where she
                                                                manages the statewide Green Schools Program.
                     Archeological History of the Cumberland-Green Bioregion By Eric Lewis
                     Some twenty-five years ago a group of people sat down and began to divide up the earth into “bite-size”
                     pieces. If we were to properly care for our planet, and to take ownership of it, we needed to figure out a
                     new organizational plan. Most countries and even most states are too big to really get a handle on the
       Spring 2008

                     landscape and its inhabitants, its culture and its history. And most political boundaries have little to do
                     with natural characteristics or with cultural affinities. So this group put lines on maps that correspond to
                     watersheds and geologic provinces. These have become the Bioregions of Planet Earth.

                       The Cumberland-Green Bioregion takes its name from the Cumberland River in Tennessee and the
                       Green River in Kentucky. It encompasses the Nashville Basin and the Highland Rim that surrounds it and
                       runs from southern Kentucky into northern Alabama. Within its boundaries is a land filled with an
                       abundance of plant and animal life and a rich cultural history. The climate of our Bioregion is temperate
                       with an average rainfall of 45 inches, giving rise to an oak/hickory forest cover and grasslands. We are
         Volume 3

                       blessed with a maze of springs, streams, lakes, and rivers that have carved out the landscape and given
                       rise to our “hills and hollers”, our broad fertile valleys, waterfalls, steep cliffs, and many caves. Unlike our
                                                 US, we    water        
           cousins in the Southwest       find      virtuallyeverywhere, and this makes it possible to support a
                       huge range of plant and animal life.
riters              Native Americans first came to the Bioregion some 12,000 years ago towards the end of the last Ice Age
                    when they followed mammoth and other big game into the spruce and fir forests of the area. These
              Jason Deptula is the Site Man- camped in caves and rock overhangs and left behind distinctive arrow heads and
                    Paleo-Indian hunters             
              ager at the Ecovillage Training climate warmed and the forest changed to deciduous, deer and elk became
                    spear points. As the             
              Center and Project Manager of
                    prevalent. Somewhere between 3,000 and 900 BC the Archaic Indians began to plant squash and
              the Biofuels Research Project.         • June 7-10 Herbology
     supplying a year-round food supply and allowing for permanent settlements. The Woodland
                    gourds, thus
                                                     • June 8-10 AD, Building
                    period, which lasted until about 900 Naturalsaw the introduction of pottery, burial mounds, and more
                    Michael, a Board of Director
             Frank organized societies of towns with governments. During the Woodland period, which lasted until the
                                                     • June 15-24 Permaculture
             for Global Village Institute oper-
                    coming of the Europeans in• the 16th Ecovillage Design
             ates Mushroom People                      July 13-22
                                                                  Century, farming became more sophisticated, the population
                    increased, towns grew larger, labor became specialized, and trade with other areas spread.
                                                     • July 13– Aug 12 Apprenticeship
             Eric Lewis is the Administrator ofsocieties may be found throughout the Bioregion, from the great mound complexes
                   Evidence of all these             • July 27-29 Natural Building
             the Cumberland Green Biore-
                   along the rivers to the arrow heads that rise to the surface after a rain, to the petroglyphs found in caves
             gional Council                          • July 29-31 Volunteer Days
                   on cliff faces. The richness of our bioregion’s archeological history can also be found in more recent times
                     • Aug 10-12 Biofuels Conversion
                     in the early European settlements, the furnaces and forges of the Iron Age, and the many battle sites of
                    Bates is author Because
             Albert the Civil War.of Climate of theAug 10-17 Advance Permaculture Order ad and the abundance of 1
                                                    • plentiful rainfall, the good soil, 3/6/08 4:28 PM Page wildlife, the
             in Crisis and Post Petroleum Sur-
                    Cumberland Green Bioregion has spawned human habitation for thousands of years and the evidence
             vival Guide and Cookbook and           • Sept 1-18 Permaculture
                         behind is a Institute
                    left Global Villagetreasure for us to find.
             founder of                             • Oct 11-14 Solar Course
                                                                                  Eric is the Administrator of the Cumberland Green Bioregional Council
             Peter Schweitzer is a Board Chair      • Oct 16-19 Alternative Energy

                                                                                              vegan/raw foods
             and Executive Director of Plenty
                 Buffalo River
                                                    • Oct 19-21 Biofuels

                   Advertisement - Coffee ShopAdvanced Permaculture
                                               • Oct 12-21

                   Use printed West        Coffee Company
         Andrew Couch founded thebusiness• card but9 add
                                                  Oct 14-Nov Apprenticeship
                                                                                               Advertisement - Mail Order
        Tennessee Clean Cities Coalition
                                  102 West Main St. • Hohenwald, TN 38462
        andrew@wtccc.comphone number: Nov 2-4 Permaculture Intro
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                                                                                         check out jpg sent to you Friday
                                                (931) 796-3887
                                               • cups 100%
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                                                         vegan foods, sprout seeds, cookbooks,
                   compostable made AllTea, Mexicanimmediate biore-
                                               from corn
                     Coffee and Espresso, Chai residents of our Cocoa                    & more! hundreds of half-price vegan
nk you for your contribution!                  gion get 10-40% off courses!! Contact
             Fruit Smoothies, Sweets and Treats,the ownerFair Trade Coffee
                                                 Organic and                             & alternative health books
                   (if you need to erase for details
                             ompostable p lastiCware made
                      100% Cor move them left ok) from Corn
ike to submit featuring greenware Cups 100% Compostable made from Corn
              an article for the next edition.
                                                                                           free catalog   1-800-695-2241
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                                                                                                Climate Action Now
                            From last edition page 16 (same)
                                                                                                  1-888-878-4874
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                                                                         We offer tips for homes and
                                                               businesses to cut back their
                                                                                                    carbon emissions.
 The Food Security Partners of
      Middle Tennessee -
  “Cultivating an Agenda for
 Change” in Middle Tennessee
         Report by Jennifer R. Hagan-Dier

Although you will not find the term “food security” in the
dictionary, there is growing attention both locally and
nationally to the idea of “community food security” and
the dramatic impact the matter of food security has on
a host of issues—from the increasing rate of obesity
and the safety of our food supply, to organic and
sustainable agriculture, climate change and the                 Top Picture: Mayor Karl Dean, Mekia Morrow, Hershell Warren,
                                                                Brenda Morrow
strength of our local economy. In recognition of the
many issues of food security affecting our community,           The second half of the day focused on learning from
Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee (FSPMT)              three national experts who came to share their
brings people together to create and sustain a secure           individual experiences of leading food systems change
and healthy food system for their region, from farm to          in very different parts of the country from California to
fork. The vision of FSPMT is a Middle Tennessee in              inner-city Chicago to the Appalachian Mountains.
which all residents obtain a safe, culturally acceptable,       Through individual breakout sessions with these
nutritionally adequate diet through a sustainable food          experts, Summit attendees were provided with an
system that maximizes community self-reliance and               opportunity to focus on and consider how these
social justice. Made up of over 100 partners and                successful ideas, actions and experiences might be
members who are committed to sharing information                used or adopted to spark change in the Middle
and resources, FSPMT is working to fulfill its vision by        Tennessee food system.
generating a comprehensive strategy to address many
of the ills affecting our society and environment due to        The Summit culminated with all attendees joining
an unsustainable and unjust food system.                        together for the “Cultivating an Agenda for Change”
                                                                session where attendees broke into small groups to
On Saturday, February 16, 2008, FSPMT took its first            discuss their thoughts about what they had learned
step in developing its strategy and realizing its vision        during the Summit and what their biggest issues were
by hosting the first Food Security Summit: “Cultivating         related to food security in Middle Tennessee. Even with
an Agenda for Change.” This free, public event held in          250 very different people participating in small groups,
Nashville, Tennessee brought together over 250 people           the consensus was clear—our community must first
from across Middle Tennessee and all levels of the              address food security issues through public education
food system from government officials to farmers and            and increased access and availability of locally grown
eaters to discuss the key issues of food security and           foods. Working together, Summit attendees began to
explore the connections between food, farming, health,          identify and connect shared priorities for creating a
economic development and the environment.                       more healthy, just, and sustainable food system for
Attendees of the Summit spent the first part of the day         Middle Tennessee. But, this is just the beginning.
participating in a series of panel discussions focused          FSPMT is now compiling and analyzing the information
on “Exploring Our Food System,” with topics ranging             and ideas generated at the Summit for what will become
from “Health Impacts of Our Food System” and                    the “Agenda for Change” report, which will be released
“Barriers to Food Access in Middle Tennessee” to                this spring. Stay tuned.
“Environmental Impacts of Our Food System” to “The
Power of Policy and the Reality of Food.”

                                                Picture Left:
                                                Mayor Karl
                                                Dean, King
                                                Hollands and
                                                Dell Kessen

                                                Near Right:
                                                Matthew and
                                                Allison Neal

              Slip Form Stone House
              by Doug Kalmer
              In 1982 my wife and I bought 34 acres in Tennessee
Spring 2008

              and started to build our dream home, with passive
              solar space and water heating, earth sheltered, post
              and beam framed, slipformed stone, and cedar
              cordwood infilled south wall. We had some money
              from selling a house I remodeled, but funds were
              tight, so we did all the work we could ourselves. We
              hired a track loader to excavate a 25' by 65' recess
              into a south facing hillside, and then hand dug footer
              trenches, poured 15 yards of concrete in them, and
  Volume 3

              started slipforming stone walls. We placed locally
              gathered stone into the forms and mixed concrete
              with a gas mixer to fill around the stone. Once set
              up, the form could be moved, using the same forms
              over and over again to move down the walls.

              I then felled and ripped posts and beams from oak           These appropriately shaded windows allow direct
              trees on our property. I also cut Eastern Red Cedar         sunlight to reach the back of the building in winter,
              (Juniper) into 16" lengths to stack for drying. After       but allow no direct sunlight inside in summer. The
              framing and decking the original shed roof, we              light which does enter strikes the textured, brown
              poured another 15 yards of concrete with the help of        concrete floor, slip-formed stone walls, and large
              friends and neighbors for a slab. We floated the slab       stone fireplace, gently warming these surfaces
              surface for texture, and stained it a dark brown to         which absorb and store heat, moderating
              improve solar absorption. After 15 months of drying         temperature fluctuations. Having insulation on the
              time, we could wait no longer for the cedar to dry          exterior of the building allows these thermal masses
              further, so we started building with it. First I built a    to remain at or near room temperature, absorbing
              shaving horse and using a drawknife, I had to peel          heat during sunny days and radiating warmth at
              all of the bark from the cedar. I later learned that if I   night. This makes interior temperatures very stable,
              had cut the cedar in the spring when the sap is up, it      naturally staying warm in the winter and cool in the
              would have peeled more easily.                              summer. Because the floor and walls are doing
                                                                          double duty as thermal flywheels, temperatures also
              Laying two strips of sawdust-rich mortar along the          remain very even throughout the house.
              inside and outside of the wall, I laid the 16" cedar
              lengths onto them, filling the inner space with             This simple system is effective enough to require
              insulation. This way there is no continuous mortar          backup heat only after cloudy days in December,
              bond through the wall to transfer heat. The cedar           January, and February. My only backup heat is a
              cordwood wall was labor intensive, but cost little          large stone fireplace, modeled after the high thermal
              cash to build. Everyone likes the way it looks and          mass Russian and European designs. Mine also
              smells. However, soon after moving in we noticed            provides domestic hot water. My space and water
              drafts where the wood meets mortar— air infiltration.       heating bills are near zero. The cost to build our
              When the wind blew rain through the wall, I knew I          original design was about $8 a square foot, with lots
              had to cover the outside of the cedar. I first used 6       of our own labor.
              mil plastic, covered with hand split oak shakes. It
              helped with the infiltration, but insects found the         Sometimes there are minor problems with having
              shakes a good home, and several types of wasps,             sunlight entering your home. At times I find a certain
              even a bat moved in. I finally removed the shakes           chair too brightly lit for comfort, but I just move to
              and plastic, tacked 5/8" closed cell Styrofoam board        another. This is the advantage of spreading the
              over the cedar, and stuccoed over the entire outside        windows out along the southern wall; you have
              wall. This stopped the insects and infiltration. I now      some solid wall in between windows to minimize
              do not recommend cordwood walls for dwellings, as           glare and provide some shaded areas. I suppose
              the rate of expansion/contraction with humidity             the sunlight also helps fabrics fade, although I
              changes is very different for mortar and wood, and          haven't noticed this occurring. People in more
              infiltration is inevitable unless you tightly cover the     populated areas may have some privacy concerns
              outside wall.                                               with a lot of large windows facing their neighbors,
                                                                          but this can be designed around, possibly
              For the past 18 years, we have been living in a solar       going to a Trome wall, or indirect gain system.
              collector—otherwise known as a direct gain passive
              solar home. It is naturally well lit, thanks to many        An attached solar greenhouse, or sunspace, can
              large, evenly spaced windows on the south wall.             provide heat, food, beauty, and additional room.
              Plants thrive in them. My 8' x 18' attached solar          about heating. Many solar design considerations
              greenhouse cost $250 to build, and my wife enjoyed         also help with summer cooling. Thermal mass
              it and what it can do for plants so much that we now       resists overheating, direct earth contact through
Spring 2008

              have a 22' x 48' freestanding greenhouse for her           slab-on-grade, and earth sheltering all contribute to
              plant business. Properly placed vegetation is also         cooling in hot weather. The most efficient shape of
              important, even for houses with no solar aspect.           building for maximum winter solar gain is elongated
              Deciduous trees, shrubs or vines on the east, west,        along the east-west axis, giving a large south facing
              or south sides will lose their leaves in winter to allow   wall and smaller east and west facing walls. This
              sunlight in, while providing cooling shade in the          design also minimizes unwanted summer heat gain
              summer. Evergreen foliage on the north side will           on the hot east and west sides.
              buffer winter winds.
                                                                         Radiant barrier placed in the attic or roof system can
  Volume 3

              Solar hot water                                            reflect 97% of radiant heat, keeping the excess solar
              Solar hot water can be added to existing structures,       gain in summer from the living spaces. Light colored
              as I did to my house ten years ago. I am now past          roofing also helps. Vegetation is usually the best
              the point where the money I invested in the solar          shade, because it is later arriving in the spring, when
              water heater equals the money I would have spent           we need more solar gain, and usually gives shade
              on electricity to heat water. Consider the fact that in    into fall, as well as providing its own evaporative
              the next five to eight years you are going to pay the      cooling effect.
              cost of a solar water heater, whether you buy one or
              not.                                                       As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, our energy
                                                                         costs will also continue to rise. Getting heat from
              It's your choice. You can invest in solar now,             sunlight is economical, ecological, dependable,
              demonstrating your support for sustainable energy,         readily available, time tested, powerful and
              and getting free hot water after your payback period,      empowering. This free and equally distributed
              or continue to pay ever-increasing energy bills,           energy source arrives at our homes almost daily.
              which indicates your support for maintaining the           Let's all try to make better use of it, for our own well-
              status quo. Cooling Passive solar design is not just       being as well as the planet's.

                             KIDS TO THE COUNTRY                                        Calendar of Events
                                        22 Years
                    Advertisement - KTC Years
                              Providing Inner-City Children with
                    From last edition page 18                               March 22 Hike to Julian Falls on the Big
                                    a Country Experience
                    (change 21 years to 22 years)                                     Swan, hosted by Swan Trust
                                MARY ELLEN BOWEN, Director
                                                                            March 29 Free Bamboo Course, Hohenwald
                                (931) 964-4391
                                The Farm         Summertown TN              March 30-April 5 Midwifery Workshop,
                                                    38483                             The Farm
                                 For Conflict Resolution Training            April 1-5 Lipscomb’s Green Business Expo
                                       call (931) 209-8119                  April 5 Hike to Dry Branch, Lewis County
                                                                            April 3-4 Lipscomb’s Green Business Summit
                                                                            April 10-13 Intro to Birthing From Within
                 Solar Springs Nursery                                                Doula Workshop on the Farm
                    and Research Farm                                       April 18-20 Farm Experience Weekend
                                                                            April 19 Earth Day Nashville, Centennial
                         931-796-4874                                                 Park
                                                                            April 22 Journey Through the Secret Life of
                                                                                      Plants, Belmont Theater Nashville
                                                                            April 25 Outdoor Classroom Symposium
               Specializing in Bamboo, Tree Crops                                     Ellington Agricultural Center
                    and Edible Landscapes                                   May 4-10 Midwifery Assistant Workshop
                                                                            June 6-8 Bioregional Gathering, the Farm
                                                                            June 7 Sonnenschein Festival, Hohenwald
                                                                            June 8 Tour of Alternative Homes
                   A PEACEFUL MIND IS OUR                                   June 8 Cheek’s Bend Trail at Duck River
                   MOST PRECIOUS CAPITAL                                    June 23 Nashville Jazz and Blues Festival
                                                                             you can contact the journal at
                          - SWAMI SIVANANDA                                            for further details on these events

              2007 Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee
              Report by Chris Ford and John McFadden

              NASHVILLE – More than two hundred citizens                      development of denser, more walkable,
Spring 2008

              representing at least eighty Tennessee communities,             transit-oriented communities
              organizations and agencies gathered at Lipscomb
              University in Nashville on November 15, 16, and 17,         • promoting healthier, more locally-sourced food
              2007 to begin a multi-phase, year-long process of               systems throughout the state
              crafting the state’s first sustainability agenda.
              Assembled under the banner “Many Voices. A                  • working to promote energy efficiency and
              Common Vision”, the participants spent three days in            renewable energy sources as the core
              working meetings outlining key issues and goals,                components of the states energy plan
              and discussing strategies and tactics for sharing
  Volume 3

              resources and information. The meeting, titled “The         • purchasing and preserving up to a million acres
              Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee “, was                       of greenspace across the state, beginning
              organized by the Tennessee Environmental Council                with land along the state’s Mississippi corridor
              (TEC) and Tennessee Conservation Voters (TCV)
              with help from dozens of volunteers from several         TEC Executive Director John McFadden spoke for
              local and statewide organizations.                       both organizations when he said “TEC and TCV wish
                                                                       to thank and congratulate the eighty-plus
              The goal of the Summit and the ongoing visioning         organizations and agencies who participated in the
              process is to develop a working plan for raising         first annual Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee. It
              Tennessee’s overall quality of life by making the        was an historic gathering that set the stage for a
              state more sustainable. Two closely related, over-       level of statewide cooperation and collaboration that
              arching themes emerged from the Summit: the need         is unprecedented in Tennessee history. The Summit
              to raise public awareness about the urgency of           is all about the opportunity of change.”
              responding quickly and boldly to growing
              environmental threats to the state’s climate, water,     A top-level leadership committee made up of officers
              air, wildlife and natural landscape and the              from more than twenty Tennessee organizations
              overwhelming economic benefits in store for the          agreed at the Summit that TEC staff would take the
              thousands of Tennessee households, communities           lead in planning and promoting subsequent events
              and companies that are shifting to more sustainable      and Regional Opportunity Forums. The University of
              products, policies and practices.                        Tennessee Knoxville was named the site of the first
                                                                       regional event, which was held Thursday, January
              During the Summit for a Sustainable Tennessee,           24, 2008.
              scores of scientists, engineers, ecologists,
              executives, farmers, educators, activists, organizers,   The TEC/TCV plans to distribute a detailed summary
              students and other interested citizens examined          of the ideas and key strategies generated from both
              issues and opportunities related to clean energy,        Summits, as a way for attendees to stay involved
              natural infrastructure, healthy communities, quality     and other interested citizens to join the process of
              growth and sustainable design and development. A         creating and carrying out a common vision for a
              wide range of creative approaches were proposed at       sustainable Tennessee. TEC and TCV are currently
              the Summit focusing around the idea of                   working toward a conservation lobbying day on the
              “sustainability” as a source for economic opportunity    hill. We will be asking folks to take a day off of work
              and community vitality.                                  and bring 10 friends (or as many as you can) to
                                                                       lobby on behalf of the environment and public health
              Among the most popular strategies and tactics:           – its time we had a rally on the legislative plaza like
                                                                       never before! The conservation lobby day is
                 • providing creative market incentives for private    scheduled for April 2nd - e-mail –
                     business and consumers making more                to register – For Summit summary information and
                     sustainable choices                               news about upcoming Opportunity Forums, visit:
                 • developing a major statewide public information
                     campaign directed at business, consumers
                     and students emphasizing the many practical            Look for the 2nd Summit for
                     benefits of greener lifestyles and practices
                                                                            a Sustainable Tennessee in
                 • providing incentives and public-private                   Nashville during the early
                     partnerships to encourage investment in and                  Autumn of 2008

              Bag Lady                   By Gwynelle Dismukes                                     on the lighter side
              Becoming a bag lady was harder than I thought it          where I shop in an effort to bring about a more just
              would be.                                                 and responsive socioeconomic system, one that
                                                                        depends on the mindful and responsible behavior of
Spring 2008

              It started about four months ago when a bag lady I        each one of us. It’s a step toward a more
              knew passed away. As she was slowly declining             sustainable lifestyle that goes along with buying
              from Huntington’s disease and could no longer             from locally-owned businesses, reducing excess
              drive, I’d taken her shopping many times. She             and waste, and satisfying our considered need
              always carried her supply of large canvas bags—it         rather than our thoughtless greed.
              was an invariable part of the strict weekly routine
              that sustained her existence throughout the last year     To me, being a bag lady is a practical and satisfying
              or so of her life. When she passed, I thought I would     way to respond to global warming, economic
              start using canvas bags as a testament to her             instability, and societal uncertainty. It’s something
  Volume 3

              strength of character, and as a small way of helping      that I as an individual can do to work for change and
              the environment.                                          to offset the careless overconsumption that plagues
                                                                        our society. As more of us begin paying attention to
              It took me a couple of weeks to round up all the tote     our practices around material things, we may find
              bags I’ve acquired through the years. Unlike my           that solutions to many environmental and economic
              friend, who was quite strong and had a collection of      problems are “in the bag.”
              sturdy uniform bags in which she carried heavy            Gwynelle Dismukes is the author of “Black 2 the Future” and
              melons and such, I assembled a variety of thin cloth      “Practicing Kwanzaa Year Round.” Through workshops and
              bags which I thought appropriate for my small             presentations of “A Sustainable Kwanzaa,” she presents
              frame, light weight, and meager purchases.                traditional African-based practices and ideas for 21st century
                                                                        sustainability. She has lived in a rural, vegetarian, nonviolent
                                                                        community for the past 10 years.
              At first I left the bags at home. A couple more weeks
              and I got them into the car. Then if I used them and
                                                                        Some Facts about plastic bags:
              brought them into the house, I had to remember to
                                                                        “500 billion to a trillion bags are produced annually
              take them back out to the car again. For several
                                                                        worldwide. Made with fossil fuel-based polymers,
              weeks the cashier would be putting my things into
                                                                        the bags are virtually indestructible, taking years to
              plastic bags when I would think about the cloth bags
                                                                        break down and commonly ending up in landfills.”
              I’d forgotten once again on the front seat.
                                                                        “Wholefoods, by April will eliminate all plastic bags
                                                                        from its 270 stores in US, Canada & Britain!”
              It finally occurred to me to put “canvas bags” at the
                                                                        “China banned free plastic shopping bags and
              top of my shopping list, and now I seem to be
                                                                        encouraged people to use cloth ones.”
              breaking through—I’ve made a few trips where I’ve
                                                                        Walmart & Kroger’s will take your plastic grocery
              taken my bags in with me and proudly used them to
                                                                        bags back. Some stories will even give you a
              bag up my stuff. It’s been an interesting experiment
                                                                        discount for using your bags.
              in mindfulness to make this small change toward a
              more sustainable lifestyle, and it’s allowed me to        from Bans turning paper or plastic into a debate.
              come up with some thoughts about “canvassing for
              the environment.”

              On the plus side, using cloth bags decreases the
              use of harmful plastic, which takes years to break
              down and has stretched landfills to capacity. But
              besides that, I’ve noticed that I pay more attention to
              what I buy when I’m thinking about putting it in my
              own cloth containers. It’s made me a more
              conscious—and perhaps more frugal—shopper than
              I was before.

              It’s true that it takes more effort—there’s
              remembering to bring the bags and transfer them
              back to the car, not to mention keeping them clean.
              For the most part, I’ve gotten favorable responses
              from store clerks, but some of them might not like
              dealing with the bags, so shopping at “bag-friendly”
              stores may become more of a consideration.

              If nothing else, this slight shift in behavior has
              allowed me to pay attention to how, when, and
                                                                                         Trees for Tennessee
                                                                                    Organize a Tree Planting Project
                                                                               Here’s how it works:
                                                                               1. You organize a carbon offset event in your
                                                                               2. Participants at the event calculate their carbon
  Building Community Through Cool                                              footprints using the carbon calculator we provide for
  Congregations, continued from page 9                                         your use.
                                                                               3. Participants donate funds to purchase trees in order
 The primary difference between the First and now the                          to offset some or all of their carbon footprints and help
 Second Environmental Movement is that we need                                 you fundraise for the tree planting.
 everyone to participate, not just the traditional tree-                       5. We deliver your trees with detailed information on
 huggers and snail-dart lovers. We need everyone to                            how to plant them and some tips on land restoration
 sign on to sustainability, to reduce, recycle, and reuse,                     and basic tree care.
 and to find and use alternative energy sources. This                          6. You organize the tree planting day.
 new movement must be a transformation in values and                           7. Upon receiving photos from your event, we send
 culture if we are to survive.                                                 you a certificate with the amount of carbon you
                                                                               sequestered from the atmosphere through your tree
                                                                               planting project.
  We need to go beyond changing light bulbs
   to changing lives and habits. What better                                   Our tree selections are hardy, so as to better withstand climatic
                                                                               changes predicted for our area. Our tree planting program is a
  place to talk about transformation – being                                   unique, three-tiered system of fundraising to benefit you, our
                                                                               Solar Springs Nursery, and the environment.
    “born again” to a new way of life — than
            among people of faith?
 I believe that people of faith have a compelling call to
 take care of the gift of the earth which has been given
 by a generous creator. I believe that once folks know
 the problem and see themselves not only as part of the
 problem but as part of the solution, they have the
 opportunity to transform their lives and their faith so
 that both become more sustainable. For people of faith,
 this new environmental movement is really about
 acting on the basic values of caring, sharing, justice,
 and loving our neighbors as ourselves.

 Reverend Jim Deming is the Executive Director of
          Interfaith Power      
 Tennessee               and Light.                                              

                                     Swan Conservation Trust
                                      Swan To protect and restore
                  Advertisement -Mission: To protect and restore
                               Our Mission: Trust
                                native hardwood forests and scenic
                               native hardwood forests and scenic
                                natural areas, biodiversity, wildlife
                  From last edition page 13
                                natural areas, biodiversity, wildlife
                                habitat and water quality on the
                                  mission water quality
                  (center justifyhabitat and statement) on the
                                     Western Highland Rim of Tennes-
                                           Western Highland Rim
                                     of Tennessee. web site web site
                                     see. Check ourCheck ourfor hikes
                                     and events.
                                           for hikes and events. 931-964-2590                          
  Thousands Gather for Climate Action Report by Jennifer D. English
  April 14, 2007 was the National Day of Climate Change Action. More than 1400 gatherings were held nationwide with
                                                                                                     Power Source
                                                                                                      Plus Electric
Spring 2008

                      Advertisement- Earth Day will send as                                               Co., Plus
                                                                                       Advertisement- Power SourceInc.
                      jpg on Friday                                                   from last edition back page • Brighton, TN 38011
                                                                                                           469 McQuiston Road
                                                                                      (shift to fit this size and if possible make
                                                                                   Sharp certified in advanced solar design and solar installation
                                                                                      sun larger)
                                                                                                 Fronius Inverters certified installer
                                                                                               Certified Schuco solar thermal installer
  Volume 3

                                                                                               Solar InStallatIonS • thermal Solar
                                                                                                  Back Up Generator SyStemS
                                                                                              Agriculture - Commercial - Residential
                           Centennial Park                                                      State Licensed, Bonded & Insured
                  Saturday, April 19, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
               FREE    Youth Activities    Live Music     Bike Parking Available           Cut your energy bill by installing solar panels
                  Environmental exhibits and workshops include clean air, water,                      and/or thermal solar
                   food and farming, cooking demonstrations with local chefs,
                               organic gardening and much more.
                                                                                                 Keep your power on during an outage
                                                                                                by installing a back up generator system
                                                                                             Electrical contractor - No job is too small
                                                                                                   Terry L. Schaf
                                                                                          901-219-7462 • 901-837-2653 Fax


                  PO Box 451 Hohenwald, TN 38462