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					                                            State of Alaska, HSS, OCS, FNP-WIC
                                                          Farmers’ Market
                                      What is the WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program?
                                             The WIC Farmers’ Market
                                             Nutrition Program (FMNP)
Inside this issue:                           was enacted July 2, 1992 as
                                             Public Law 102-314. The
What is the WIC Farmers’ 1                   Healthy Meals for Healthy
Market Nutrition Program?                    American Act of 1994
                                             amended Public Law 102-
Using WIC Farmers’             2             314. In 2001 the FMNP was
Market Warrants                              expanded to serve eligible
                                             Seniors sixty and older. The
Importance of Fruits and       3             FMNP is funded by federal
Vegetables                                   grants from USDA, Food &
                                             Nutrition Services to state
Healthy Recipes                4-7           agencies that administer the Program. The Alaska State Department of H&SS through the
                                             WIC Program manages the FMNP throughout Alaska.
FMNP Coloring Book             8-11
Section                                      The Alaska Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program will runs
                                             from June 1 through October 31. The WIC and Senior
Why Buy Alaskan Grown? 12                    Farmers' Market Nutrition Programs increase public
                                             awareness of Farmers’ Markets in Alaska. They also
                                             fulfill two important objectives: (1) providing fresh pro-
                                             duce to women, children and seniors, and (2) providing
                                             additional income for farmers that qualify and partici-
                                             pate in these programs.
                                             Each eligible WIC participant receives five $5.00 FMNP
                                             warrants, a total of $25. The warrants may be used to
                                             buy Alaska grown fruits and vegetables at any author-
                                             ized Farmers’ Market or farm stand. FMNP warrants
                                             cannot be used at retail grocery stores.
                                             In 2005, approximately 16,844 WIC participants re-
                                             ceived WIC warrants. A total of $200,369 worth of
                                             FMNP warrants were redeemed and deposited by 88
                                             authorized farmers at markets and farm stands
                                             throughout Alaska.
                                             Take advantage of this opportunity to visit your Farmers’ Market and learn more about fruits
                                             and vegetables grown in Alaska. Farmers will be glad to share information about storage
                                             and preparation of their produce, and may even be able to provide you with recipes.
                                             Make visiting the Farmers’ Market a fun, family outing. Help your children make the connec-
                                             tion between produce in the grocery store and the people that work to provide it.
                                             Your WIC clinic can provide information about Farmers’ Markets in your area and their
  Pictures on this page were taken at the
                                             dates and hours of operation. They may also have information about available transporta-
  Homers Farmers’ Market.                    tion to the market.
Page 2                         Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                                Revised Summer 2006

                                    Using WIC Farmers’ Market Warrants
                           FMNP warrants (or coupons) are easy to        safe place and take care of them; if lost, they
                           use. Just take them to the Farmers’ Mar-      cannot be replaced. If warrants are torn, folded
                           ket or authorized farm stand, look for the    or mutilated, they may not be accepted.
                           farmers displaying the FMNP sign, and
                                                                         The farmer must stamp his or her number on the
                           then select the produce you want to buy.
                                                                         front of each warrant and then they can be de-
                           Be sure to go to the market early to get
  Go to the Farmers’                                                     posited or cashed at their regular banks. Pay-
  Market early to get
                           the best selection and quality.
                                                                         ment will be made by the State of Alaska.
   the best selection      The farmers that are authorized to partici-
         and quality.
                                                                         A sample FMNP warrant is shown here:
                           pate in the WIC or Senior Farmers’ Mar-
                           ket Nutrition Program should have signs
                           at their stands, (see below). They will
                           make sure you get full value for your war-
                           rant(s) but they cannot give you change
                           or cash back. Unlike your regular WIC
                           warrants, you do NOT have to sign your
                           FMNP warrants. Keep your warrants in a

                                                         Look for the new 2006 FMNP decal (pictured
                                                         at left) to find farmers participating in the WIC
                                                         & Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program.
                                                         Authorized farmers are required to display
                                this decal on their FMNP sign.
                                If you need help with transportation to the market, ask your local WIC
                                staff if transportation assistance is available in your area.

      Farmers must display their FMNP sign with the current year’s decal at all times so WIC shoppers know they
      are authorized to accept their WIC warrants
      No change may be given in a WIC transaction
      Farmers are encouraged to deposit WIC FMNP warrants on a regular basis and must deposit them by Nov. 30
      It may be helpful if farmers bag some produce in $2.50 or $5.00 bags to make transactions easier for WIC
      Eligible foods means fresh, nutritious, unprepared, vegetables and herbs and may not be processed or pre-
      pared beyond their natural state except for the usual harvesting and cleaning processes.
   Farmers’ Market checks CANNOT be used to buy:
         Live plants, such as potted herbs or vegetables
         Processed foods, such as: honey, maple syrup, cider, nuts, seeds, eggs, meats, cheese, jams & jellies
         Fruits and vegetables NOT grown in Alaska
Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                        Revised Summer 2006                       Page 3

                     Importance of Fruits and Vegetables
                      ¤   Contain vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy
                      ¤   Are naturally low in fat and high in fiber
                      ¤   Low in calories
                      ¤   Reduce the risk of many cancers

                     Ways to Increase Fruits and Vegetables in
                     Your Diet
                      ¤   Keep a bowl of fresh fruit handy
                      ¤   Eat vegetables and fruits with meals and as snacks
                      ¤   Try crunchy vegetables, raw or lightly steamed or on the grill
                      ¤   Add fruit as a topping on ice milk or frozen yogurt
                      ¤   Add chopped or mashed fruit or berries to muffins, cakes, cookies
                          and pies
                      ¤   Dip your vegetables in a low-fat salad dressing
                      ¤   Make soup out of leftover vegetables
                      ¤   Experiment with new recipes that include vegetable and fruits
                      ¤   Add vegetables to casseroles, stews, rice dishes, or spaghetti sauces.
                      ¤   While shopping, allow children to pick a new vegetable or fruit to
                      ¤   Vary your fruit or vegetable choices to keep meals interesting
                      ¤   Make kabobs using fruit such as pineapple chunks, bananas,
                          grapes, and berries

                     In General
                      ¤ Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day
                      ¤ To get the most for your money, buy fresh fruits and vegetables in
                      ¤ Rinse fruits and vegetables before peeling and/or eating
                      ¤ Keep fruits and vegetables separate from raw meat,
                        poultry and seafood while shopping, preparing or storing
                      ¤ Use fresh fruits and vegetables first after shopping,
                        then use canned or frozen until the next shopping trip
Page 4                 Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                              Revised Summer 2006

                       Easter Bunny Smoothie
                       1 cup nonfat milk            Makes 2 - 1 cup servings.      6.5 g protein, 300 mg cal-
                       1 Tbsp honey                 126 calories, <1 g fat, 0      cium.
                       1/2 cup orange juice with    saturated fat, 2 mg choles- Be creative! Experiment with
                       calcium                      terol, 96 mg sodium, 25 g other combinations of juice
                       1/4 cup cooked carrots       carbohydrate, .5 g fiber,   and fruit to make great-
                       (can be frozen)                                          tasting breakfast smoothies
                       1/4 cup fat-free plain yo-                               to start your day off right!
                       6 ice cubes                                                 Try bananas, canta-
                                                                                   loupe, honeydew,
                       Put all ingredients in a                                    strawberries, blueber-
                       blender and whirl until
                                                                                   ries, other Alaska ber-
                                                                                   ries, or peaches!

                       Sensational Pasta & Veggies
                       8 oz. shell pasta, un-                                       cheese, if desired. Serve
                       cooked                       1 (15 oz.) can stewed to-       warm or chilled.
                                                    matoes, (no-salt added)         6 servings
                       1/2 cup fat-free red wine
                       vinegar dressing             Cook pasta according to         194 calories, 1 g fat (0 sat
                                                    package directions; add         fat), 0 cholesterol, 66 g
                       4 cups cut up vegetables     vegetables during last 5        carbohydrate, 11 g protein,
                       (example: broccoli flo-      minutes of cooking. Drain;      9 g fiber, 285 mg sodium
                       rets, cauliflower, onion,    toss with dressing and to-
                       zucchini, carrots, celery,   matoes. Sprinkle with
                       red bell pepper strips)      freshly grated Parmesan
    This warm salad
    contains soluble
 fiber, minerals and
  phytochemicals to
    keep your heart
                       Sauteed Fall Salad
             healthy   4 cups fresh spinach         basil                            Add the rest of the ingredi-
                       1 tsp olive oil              fresh cracked black pep-         ents and stir until heated
                       1 tsp minced garlic          per                              through, about 2 or 3 min-
                       1 cup sliced onion           Place spinach in a large         utes. Pour the heated
                       2 cups chopped cauli-        salad bowl and set aside.        beans and veggies over
                       flower                                                        the spinach and serve.
                                                     Place olive oil in nonstick
                       2 cups diced tomatoes
                                                    skillet and heat over me-        Serves 4. Each 2 cup serv-
                       2 cups cooked small red
                                                    dium-high heat. Add the          ing: 168 calories, 2 g fat,
                       beans, drained and
                                                    garlic and onion and saute       <1 g saturated fat, 0 mg
                                                    until golden, about 2 min-       cholesterol, 135 mg so-
                       2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
                                                    utes. Add the cauliflower        dium, 30 g carbohydrate,
                       1 Tbsp water
                                                    and saute for 2 minutes.         12 g fiber, 10 g protein.
                       1 Tbsp fresh minced
Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                              Revised Summer 2006                           Page 5

BBQ Summer Squash
Serve this dish over rice or   2 cloves garlic, crushed       nade as necessary. When
pasta for a summer treat       ground black pepper to         cooked, remove the
that keeps the heat out of     taste                          squash slices from the bar-
the kitchen.                   1/4 cup chopped green          becue and toss with any
1 zucchini, sliced into 1/2    onion                          remaining dressing. Sprin-
inch rounds                                                   kle with the chopped green
1 yellow summer squash,        Combine the ingredients        onion and serve immedi-
sliced into 1/2 inch           for the marinade in a large    ately.
rounds                         bowl and blend well. Add
1 medium eggplant,             the vegetables to the mari-    Serves 6. Each 3/4 cup
sliced into 1/2 inch           nade and mix together.         serving: 72 calories, 3.5 g
rounds                         Place on the barbecue          fat, .5 g saturated fat, 0
Marinade:                      turning regularly until        cholesterol, 6 mg sodium,
1 Tbsp olive oil               golden brown on each           9 g carbohydrate, 2 g fiber,
3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar        side. Brush with extra mari-   1.5 g protein.

Spinach Salad
1 cup nonfat vanilla-          1/2 sliced apple               hour before serving.            Spinach contains
flavored yogurt                1 orange, peeled and           Serves 4.                       lutein, which is a
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar        diced
                                                              Each 1 cup serving: 79          phytochemical
1 Tbsp honey                   Combine the first 4 ingredi-
                                                              calories, <1 g fat, 0 g satu-   that may help
1 tsp prepared mustard         ents in a large mixing bowl.
                                                              rated fat, 1 mg cholesterol,    protect your
6 cups fresh spinach,          Add the rest of the ingredi-
                                                              108 mg sodium, 16 g car-        vision.
washed and ready to serve      ents, toss and serve imme-
                                                              bohydrate, 5.5 g fiber, 4 g
1/4 cup sliced red onion       diately or chill up to one

Simple Pistou                      Pistou is the French version of Italian pesto,
                                   a thick paste made from fresh basil, garlic
2 small red potatoes,
                                   and parmesan cheese.
with skins
                               Optional garnishes:            utes. Add remaining vege-
1 large carrot, peeled
                               slices of toasted, crusty      tables and white beans.
                                                                                              Try pistou on toast,
1 small onion
                               bread                          Bring back to a boil. Re-       served with soup!
1 small zucchini, with
                               pesto                          duce to a simmer and cook
                               grated Parmesan cheese         an additional 10 minutes,
1 small yellow crookneck
                               for sprinkling
squash, with skin                                             uncovered. Season to taste
1 stalk celery, peeled         Cooking Instructions:          with salt and pepper.
1 large tomato, seeded         1. Have kids cut each
1/4 pound green beans                                         3. To serve, let kids gener-
                               vegetable into small (1/2-
8 cups chicken stock or                                       ously spread each toasted
                               inch) pieces and set aside.
canned broth                                                  bread slice with pesto.
1/3 cup canned or jarred       2. Bring chicken stock to a    Place one on bottom of
cooked white beans,            boil in a large stockpot.      each serving bowl. Ladle in
rinsed                         Add potatoes, carrot, and      hot soup and let kids sprin-
salt to taste                  onion. Return to a boil, re-   kle with Parmesan, for ex-
freshly ground black           duce to a simmer, and          tra richness.
pepper to taste                cook, uncovered, 15 min-
Page 6                  Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                             Revised Summer 2006

                         Asian Cabbage Salad
                        1 Tbsp vegetable oil           Combine first 5 ingredients   terol, 70 mg sodium, 10 g
                        1 tsp sesame oil               in medium sized mixing        carbohydrate, 2.5 g fiber, 2
                        3 Tbsp rice vinegar            bowl and mix well to make     g protein.
                        1 Tbsp sugar                   dressing. Add the rest of
                                                                                     For some extra crunchy
                        1 tsp soy sauce                the ingredients and mix
                                                                                     variations, try adding
                        pinch cayenne pepper           together well. Cover and
                        3 cups shredded cab-           refrigerate until ready to    one of the following:
                        bage                           serve, up to 24 hours.        Slivered almonds
                        1 cup shredded bok choy
                        1 cup cooked snow peas         Serves 4.                     Ramen noodles, un-
                        1/4 cup sliced green on-                                     cooked and broken up
                                                       Each 1 cup serving: 85
                        ion                            calories, 4.7 g fat, .5 g
                        1 carrot, sliced thin          saturated fat, 0 mg choles-

                        Baked French Fries
                        2 medium baking pota-          1/4” strips.
                        toes, scrubbed (leave          Pour melted butter or oil     While still warm, season
    Better than fast    peels on if you like)          into medium bowl. Add po-     with salt and pepper.
     food fries, this   2 tsp. melted butter or        tatoes and toss to coat
 homemade version       olive oil                      evenly.
                                                                                     Substitute sweet potatoes
   has lots of flavor   Salt and freshly ground        Spread on baking sheet.
                                                                                     for baking potatoes
 with a minimum of      black pepper                   Bake 20 minutes, then turn
                                                                                     Spicy fries: Stir 1/4 tsp each
                  fat   Preheat oven to 425˚ F.        and bake until crisp, about
                                                                                     cayenne pepper and chili
                        Using a sharp knife, cut       30 minutes.                   powder into oil before toss-
                        potatoes into 1/4 “ thick      Makes 4 servings.             ing with potatoes.
                        slices, then cut slices into

                        Creamy Carrot Soup
                        5 large carrots (1-1/2 lb)     3/4 c. canned small white     Working in batches, puree
                        peeled, cut into 1/2”          beans, drained                soup in blender until
                        pieces                                                       smooth, adding some of
                                                       1 c. milk
                        3-1/2 c. canned low so-                                      the beans with each batch.
                                                       Combine carrots, broth,
                        dium chicken broth                                           Return soup to same pot
                                                       onion, thyme, bay leaf and
                        1 large onion, peeled and      allspice in large pot and     and add milk. Stir over low
                        quartered                      bring to a boil. Reduce       heat until heated through.
                                                       heat, cover and simmer        Season with salt and pep-
                        1-1/4 tsp chopped fresh                                      per.
                        thyme (or 1/2 tsp dried)       until carrots are tender,
                                                       about 15 minutes. Re-         Makes 6—8 servings.
                        1 large bay leaf               move bay leaf.
                        1/4 tsp ground allspice
Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program                             Revised Summer 2006                                  Page 7

                                  Crispy Potato Tart
                                 4 Yukon gold or new pota-         the pan, layer half the po-  7. Remove skillet from
                                 toes                              tatoes in overlapping        oven and carefully
                                 4 teaspoons olive oil             slices around the pan.       loosen the edges of the
                                 salt to taste                     4. Sprinkle with the tarra-  potatoes and turn po-
                                 freshly ground black pep-         gon and garlic and season tato cake onto a plate
                                 per                               with salt and pepper. Add or platter.
                                 2 tablespoons chopped             remaining potato slices      8. Sprinkle the potatoes
                                 tarragon or chives                and press down with a        with the fresh parsley
Find more recipes on the         2 cloves garlic, thinly           large spoon or spatula to    and additional pepper.
Web! Sites to try:               4 tablespoons fresh pars-
                                                                   compress the potatoes.
                                                                   Season again with salt
                                                                                                Cut into 4 equal por-
                                 ley, finely chopped               and pepper and drizzle                                                                                 Serves 4
                                                                   with the remaining olive
                                 1. Preheat oven to 400°F.         oil.                         Each serving contains:
                                 2. Thoroughly coat an oven-       5. Cook potatoes over me- 145 calories; total fat 5              proof non-stick skillet with      dium high heat, shaking      gm, saturated fat 1 gm,
                                 cooking spray. Drizzle two        pan occasionally until po-   protein 4 gm, total car-
                                 teaspoons of the olive oil in     tatoes are crisp and brown bohydrate 27 gm, die-               the pan and swirl to coat the     on the bottom.               tary fiber 3 gm, sodium
                                 entire inside.                                                 149 mg
                                                                   6. Place skillet in oven and
                                 3. Peel the potatoes and cut      cook until potatoes are      Percent calories from
                                 them into very thin slices.                                    fat 25%, percent calo-             Beginning at the center of
                                                                   tender throughout, about
                                                                                                ries from protein 10%,
                                                                   15 minutes.
                                                                                                percent calories from

                              Apple Slaw                                                        carbohydrates 65%.

       Apples add a sweet     1 unpeeled red apple,           chopped                          bowl. Refrigerate until
       crunch to this slaw.   cored and chopped               1/2 cup fat-free, light va-      ready to serve.
                              4 cups shredded cab-            nilla yogurt                     Serves 4. Each serving (1
                              bage                            2 Tbsp orange juice              cup): 88 calories, <1 g fat,
                                                              pinch cinnamon                   0 g saturated fat, 2 mg
                              1/2 cup red onions,
                                                                                               cholesterol, 36 mg sodium,
                                                              Combine all ingredients in       19 g carbohydrate, 3 g fi-
                              1 green sweet pepper,
                                                              a medium-sized mixing            ber, 3 g protein.

                              Five Fruit Salad
                                                                                                 Experiment and create
                              1/2 cup orange juice            a glass bowl, garnished            your own combinations of
  This fruit salad is         1 cup blueberries               with a sprig of mint for           fruits, flavors and colors!
  easy, colorful and          1 cup watermelon                more color.
          delicious.          1 banana, peeled and
                              sliced                          Serves 4.
                              1 peach or nectarine, pit-
                                                              Each 1 cup serving: 83
                              ted and cubed
                                                              calories, .5 g fat, 0 satu-
                              Pour juice over fruits and      rated fat, 0 cholesterol, 3
                              refrigerate until cold, up to   mg sodium, 20 g carbohy-
                              24 hours. This colorful         drate, 2 g fiber, 1 g protein.
                              salad looks pretty served in
Page 8   Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program   Revised Summer 2006
Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program   Revised Summer 2006   Page 9
Page 10   Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program   Revised Summer 2006
Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program               Revised Summer 2006                                  Page 11

                                    Coloring section taken from the Farmers Market Coloring Book; Published
                                    by: United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Marketing Service
                                                                                   State of Alaska, HSS,
                                                                                   OCS, FNP-WIC

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