Facts About Using Sealants in Fiber Glass Air Handling Systems by vmarcelo


									I N S U LAT I O N
FAC TS              Facts About Using
#                   Sealants in Fiber Glass
  36                Air Handling Systems
                       In this issue we address a number of concerns related to the use
                    of sanitizers and biocides for remediating damaged or contaminated
                    surfaces in HVAC systems. These include compatibility with the facing
                    materials and the need for correct application for effective coverage.

                    Introduction                           Sanitizers and Biocides

                             eating, Ventilation and       The U.S. Environmental
                             Air Conditioning sys-         Protection Agency (EPA) regu-
                             tems (HVAC) are often a       lates the use of sanitizers or
                    focal point in the investigation       biocides inside ducts that either
                    of buildings with Indoor Air           kill or inhibit microbial growth.
                    Quality problems. In such cases,       NAIMA recommends that build-
                    an assessment is made of the           ing owners or managers who
                    performance and conditions of          are considering the application
                    all HVAC system components             of sanitizers or biocides be
                    including the materials that           aware of a number of issues
                    are exposed to the airstream           related to their use in HVAC
                    surface.                               systems. Please refer to the
                        An assessment may find              EPAwebsite:www.epa.gov/iaq/
                    physical damage or excessive           pubs/airduct.html (Should you
                    contamination present on the           Have the Air Ducts in Your
                    airstream surface. If this is the      Home Cleaned?) for specific
                    case, then remediation is              information on this issue.
                        Keep in mind that duct liner or    Compatibility
                    duct board materials as supplied       If it has been determined that
                    by the manufacturer meet strict        the damage or contaminated
                    UL, NFPA, ASTM and ASHRAE              surface can be remediated by
                    62.1 standards. As a result there      the application of a sealant,
                    is no requirement for additional       care should be taken to assure
                    sealants or encapsulants to be         that the sealant is compatible
                    applied to the airstream surface       with the coating or facing mate-
                    by either fabricators or installers.   rials used by the insulation
                        A sealant should only be used      manufacturers to protect the
                    if the damage to the airstream         airstream surface of the duct
www.naima.org       surface is small and localized.        liner or duct board. Consult the
                                                           sealant manufacturer to assure
that the sealant is compatible      Summary
with the insulation material.       The use of a sealant is only rec-
   Also, the selected sealant       ommended for the remediation
needs to meet the building          of localized damage of the
codes, and be handled and           airstream surface of duct liners
installed following the applica-    or duct board materials. The use
tion and safety recommendation      of a sealant as a preventive mea-
provided by the manufacturer.       sure over the airstream surface
Other important information,        of these materials is unnecessary.
such as longevity and durability        For information on the
should be discussed with the        cleaning of insulated duct sys-
sealant manufacturer.               tems, please refer to the
                                    NAIMA publication AH 122,
Installation                        titled “Cleaning Fibrous Glass
and Application                     Insulated Air Duct Systems.”
For a sealant to be effective, it       Building owners and man-
is important that it be applied     agers who are considering the
correctly. The manufacturer         use of sanitizers or biocides in
of the sealant should be            the HVAC system should con-
consulted for their installation    sult the EPA.
recommendation. The infor-
mation should include the                                                ABOUT NAIMA
application steps required to                                            NAIMA is the association for North American
achieve the coverage needed                                              manufacturers of fiber glass, rock wool, and
                                                                         slag wool insulation products. Its role is to
for the sealant to be effective.                                         promote energy efficiency and environmental
Direct application of the sealant                                        preservation through the use of fiber glass,
                                                                         rock wool, and slag wool insulation, and to
to the damaged surface has                                               encourage the safe production and use of
been determined to be the                                                these materials.

only effective way to achieve                                            The Air Handling Committee of NAIMA
                                                                         provides information about indoor air
complete coverage of the
                                                                         quality as it pertains to its members' products.
damaged area. Spraying a                                                 For more information, contact:
sealant into the airstream will
not provide the needed cover-                                            44 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 310
                                                                         Alexandria, Virginia 22314
age to the damaged surface.                                              Tel: 703-684-0084
                                                                         Fax: 703-684-0427

                                                                         NAIMA AIR HANDLING COMMITTEE
                                                                         CertainTeed Corp.
                                                                         P.O. Box 860
                                                                         Valley Forge, PA 19482
                                                                         Johns Manville
                                                                         P.O. Box 5108
                                                                         Denver, CO 80217-5108
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