Sustainability at Bishops

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					Sustainability at Bishops

A Report Back from the Next Wave
   and What Needs to be Done

• Sustainability Mini-summit
• Teacher Buy in
• Ideas and the future
    • Energy
    • Water
    • Recycling
              The Next Wave

•   The Next Wave conference was a huge
    success in telling us about what the Bishops
    community thought of sustainability
•   We hope to use the positive feedback to
    take the next step for Sustainability
•   The mini summit proved an excellent source
    of information and creative ideas to help
    create this positive future at Bishops
                   The Outcome

•    By 2015, Bishops is a leading example in Africa of a school
     which inspires and implements sustainability through
1.   a Council driven policy on sustainability that is implemented
     and integrated at all levels of the Bishops family.
2.   a dedicated budget for sustainability
3.   making sustainability the fourth pillar of the school
4.   integrating sustainable practices into the broader curriculum
5.   sharing knowledge, our experiences and
     best practices by involvement with the
     wider community.
                    The Strategy

A. Develop a procurement strategy that embeds sustainability.
B. Incorporate sustainability throughout the entire school
C. Promote awareness and responsible practice in the Bishops
   family and the wider community.
D. Determine use of water, energy, transport and waste
   management by conducting an audit.
E. Reduce use of water, energy, transport and waste by
   measurable targets within stated time frames.
F. Manage the Bishops campus to promote biodiversity
Why We need Your Support

• It was determined that for a student there are three
areas of influence: Parents, Teachers and fellow Pupils
• One of the major issues decided at the mini summit
was that awareness and education are the first steps
for change and that this needs to start in the classroom
• Your actions are reflected on the pupils and simple
things such as using the hand in folder or asking
students to turn off the lights when they leave the
room help to create and environment where
sustainability is a custom
       Energy Reduction

• Geysers
     • Timers
     • Solar
• Solar panels
• Habitation sensors
• Integration of Green policy (i.e. Solar Laptop
• Vampire electricity
•Webpage to offset carbon footprint
• Reduced paper usage due to use of online syllabus
and electronic work
• We hope to institute a car pooling system for
parents using a GPS system to map routes
       Water Consumption
• Most of the water pipes are old, costly to
• Wasteful habits
• General disinterest from many people
• Budgetary constraints
• A mindset change by the people involved
  within the school (students, teachers, service
  staff, etc.)
Water Consumption for 2007
       Bishops Municipal Source Water Consumption (Kl per
• 8 houses on campus – 3 boarding, 5 dayboy
• Installation of low-flow showerheads in
  house facilities
• Low-flow showerheads operate by aerating
  the flow of water out of the showerhead
Recycling at Bishops

• White paper recycling
• Bishops receives R1 a kilogram
for pure white paper (Mixed
paper 16c a kilogram)
• Recycling bins for white paper
are in the process of being put
into the classrooms
                    The Can

   Idea
   Continuous system
   Putting the idea into action
   Introducing it into the school
               Idea
Worm Farm
               Education
               Setting up the farms
               Maintaining and
            Vegetables, soil,

Worm Farm    dried leaves,
            newspaper and
             plant matter

                   Tap for
Worm Tea          Worm Tea
       •    Budget
       •    Buy in
  We know we can do great
things, now we just need to act