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									                                  REAL TIME NOSTRO GENERAL INFORMATION

What is a Nostro Account?

A Nostro Account is an account that a bank holds with a foreign bank. Nostro accounts are usually in
the currency of the foreign country. This allows for easy cash management because currency doesn't
need to be converted. Nostro is derived from the Latin term "ours".

What is Real Time Nostro?

Real Time Nostro gives you reconciliation capability for your Nostro accounts via the Internet.
Our Real Time Nostro offering provides:

o       Flexibility with individual access to accounts across multiple offices;
o       Access to both your New Zealand Dollar Accounts with Bank of New Zealand, and your Australian
        Dollar Accounts with our parent National Australia Bank on the one platform;
o       Access to transactional history for up to 90 days and intra-day balance updates.

How do I apply for Real Time Nostro?

For further details on how Real Time Nostro may benefit your bank, including details of pricing,
please contact your National Australia Bank or Bank of New Zealand Relationship Manager or email
us at nabmarkets@national.com.au with your details.

How do I add or delete a User?

Details for the addition of a new user or deletion of an existing user are to be submitted by an
existing user via the Contact Us form. Please include the following information:

o       New or deleted User’s Name
o       New or deleted User’s business title
o       New or deleted User’s email Address
o       Accounts to be accessed

NABmarkets Support will:

o       Confirm the application with a registered authority at your bank and your Account Relationship
o       Register the new user in our security system and issue a digital certificate or delete the user.
o       Respond with a registration advice detailing User ID and password (which is to be changed by
        the new user on receipt) or confirm the deletion.

Digital Certificate Security Access

To protect our customers, the National Australia Bank has elected to use Digital Certificate security
technology for this application. Digital Certificates can be copied to additional machines as you
require. For further information on Digital Certificates please go to About Us and look at the Site &
Security documentation.

Please remember to protect your access details at all times.

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Time Zone Information

Australia: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) = GMT + 10 hours
New Zealand: New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) = GMT + 12 hours

Daylight Savings

Australia (AESST):
Operates from the last weekend in October until the last weekend in March = GMT +11 hours
New Zealand (NZSST):
Operates from first week in October to third weekend in March = GMT + 13 hours

Transaction Processing Hours

Australia: RTGS payments - Between 9:00am and 4:30pm (AEST/AESST)
New Zealand: RTGS payments – Between 9:00am and 4:45pm (NZST/NZSST)

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