STRATEGY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE                                                           ITEM 05
27 JUNE 2006


Report of the:                               Head of Policy & Partnerships
Contact:                                     Andrew Eperson
Urgent Decision?(yes/no)                     No
If yes, reason urgent decision required:     N/A
Annexes/Appendices (attached):               Annexe 1: Sustainability Policy Statement
                                             Annexe 2: Draft Sustainability Policy Action Plan
Other available papers (not attached):       Report on Best Value Review of Sustainability

This report asks the Committee to adopt a revised Sustainability Policy Statement and
an Action Plan in order to implement it.

That the Committee adopts a revised Sustainability Policy
Statement as set out in Annexe 1 and the Action Plan set out in
Annexe 2 to this report.

1   Implications for Community Strategy and Council’s Key Priorities

    1.1    The Council has the power to contribute to the social, economic and
           environmental well-being of the Borough. The Community Strategy is the means
           by which the Council, in conjunction with partners, contributes to Sustainable
           Development. The Council’s Key Priorities support the achievement of
           sustainable development principles.

2   Implications for Committee’s Key Service Priorities

    2.1    All of the Council's policy committees, Strategy & Resources, Social,
           Environment and Leisure, have Key Service Priorities that include targets relating
           to sustainable development.

3   Introduction

    3.1    At its meeting in July 2005, the Committee agreed a Sustainability Policy
           Statement, the adoption of which had been one of the recommendations from the
           Best Value Review of Sustainability.

    3.2    The purpose of the Policy Statement is threefold, namely:

           3.2.1 To establish the basis for the Council to meet its legal obligations

           3.2.2 To affirm its commitment and contribution to promoting the issues relating
                 to sustainability in its decision making and the allocation of resources

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STRATEGY & RESOURCES COMMITTEE                                                       ITEM 05
27 JUNE 2006

          3.2.3 To demonstrate its intention to work with partners and the public to further
                the objectives linked to sustainability within the Borough

    3.3   The Committee requested that Officers report back with a proposed timetable for
          implementing the Policy Statement.

    3.4   An Action Plan has been prepared (Annexe 2) setting out the principal ways in
          which the Statement will be delivered in practice, together with an indication of
          the activity currently taking place under each heading. It also incorporates the
          actions that were agreed following the Best Value Review of Sustainability. The
          intention is to merge these two for future reporting and action planning purposes,
          for simplicity.

    3.5   The work on the Action Plan has shown that some of the wording of the original
          Statement could be usefully amended to ensure that it can be translated into
          realistic actions. A revised Policy Statement is therefore attached at Annexe 1.

4   Financial and Manpower Implications

    4.1   Any resource implications linked to the Action Plan can be contained within
          existing budgets.

5   Human Rights and Other Legal Implications

    5.1   The Local Government Act 2000 required Councils to prepare Community
          Strategies for promoting and improving the economic, social and environmental
          well-being of their area and contributing to the achievement of sustainable
          development in the United Kingdom.

    5.2   The Sustainability Policy Statement and Action Plan establish the basis by which
          the Council will meet this responsibility.

6   Social, Economic and Environmental Well-being

    6.1   Sustainable development (Sustainability) is a process that integrates social,
          economic and environmental considerations. This Action Plan sets out the ways
          in which the Council will demonstrate its commitment to the principles of
          sustainable development.

7   Risk Assessment and Conclusions

    7.1   The Government’s Strategy ‘Securing the Future’ states that the Comprehensive
          Performance Assessment process from 2005 will seek to recognise and reward
          good performance on sustainable development.

    7.2   The implementation of the Sustainability Policy Action Plan will contribute to an
          increased awareness and the incorporation of sustainability in the Council’s
          activities, in line with Central Government expectations.

    7.3   Failure to put arrangements in place to co-ordinate and monitor sustainability
          activity will hinder progress in this area.

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27 JUNE 2006


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