Sustainability Club Announces Earth Day Celebration

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       Fun For All At Maui Community College Earth Week Celebration

March 20, 2007, (Kahalui, HI)---In celebration of Earth Day, the University of Hawai`i, The
Hawai`i Institute for Human Rights, and Maui Community College’s Sustainability Club will
host “Sustainable Earth Week,” a three day festival featuring live entertainment, delicious
organic food, activities, and numerous speakers and panels aimed at having fun and learning
about the environment. The festivities will run from Monday April 16th though Wednesday April
18th on Maui Community College’s campus in Kahalui.

“Sustainable Earth Week” activities will begin daily at 9AM and highlights include a keynote
address by internationally renowned activist Jerry Mander; a “Sustainability Concert” featuring
Gail Swanson, a live DJ, and didgeridoo music; a peace labyrinth walk with Robert Burton; and
an open mic poetry slam. There will be activities for kids and people of all ages including
gardening workshops, a green car show, and live renewable energy demonstrations.

“Now is the time to recognize our impacts on this Earth and to learn how we can ensure a
positive future for our keiki. “Sustainable Earth Week” at Maui Community College provides the
opportunity for the community to come learn and have fun. Numerous community organizations,
musicians, and local businesses are supporting this event and will be on hand to answer questions
and demonstrate their earth friendly products," says Maui Community College Sustainability
Club President Chris Taylor.

All activities are free and open to the public. For a detailed schedule of events, go to or contact Sustainability Club President Chris Taylor at 808-298-3783 or ###

Keynote speaker Jerry Mander has written numerous books including Four Arguments for the
Elliminaiton of Television (1977). Mander worked in the advertising field for 15 years before
becoming an outspoken critic of the media and what he refers to as the “homogenization of
global consciousness” via technology. Jeyy Mander is currently the director of the International
Forum on Globalization as well as the program director for Mega Technology and Globalization
at the Foundation for Deep Ecology.
The UH-MCC Sustainability Club is made up of future thinking students and passionate
community members who have the drive to improve our school and island community. Currently
the main focus of the Sustainability Club is to educate and train people in easy and effective
means of reducing their negative ecological footprint. One important issue is energy efficiency
and the Club is working with the energy committee at UH-MCC to reduce the energy use.
Hawaii Institute for Human Rights focuses on educating and
empowering youth to take an active part in politics and global issues.

Event Highlight Details

Mon Apr 16, 2007
9:30am, Labyrinth Painting with Robert Burton
5:30pm, Biodiesel Plant Panel
7pm, Slam for the Environment

Tue Apr 17, 2007
9am, Garden Workshop
11am, Labyrinth Walk and Meditation with Robert Burton
3pm, Economics Discussion
6pm, Jerry Mander on Activism and the Green Movement

Wed Apr 18, 2007
11am, Green Car Show
12p, Australian Didgeridoo Music
1pm, Sustainable practices discussion with Jerry Mander
4pm, Sustainability Concert
6:45pm. “Whale Dreamers” movie premiere