What is Comfortable by guym13


									What is Comfortable
  by josh hersh

why can't getting out of our comfort zone be easier?
why can't the risks of life be a little less risky?
ambition doesn't fit into a normal life.
a normal life isn't conducive to dramatic change.
some are realists. others idealists. and still others dreamers.
the realists merely look at the current state of things.
idealists branch out and seek for that "more"
dreamers lay it on the line and shatter the mold.

chatting with one of my suitemates (who is an architecture student) we came to the
conclusion that our society seems to sacrifice creativity for practicality. we favor what is
practical. what is easy. what is rational. what is convenient. we favor these over other
things that may be a little outside of the box. where are the creative minds of our time?
granted many didn't realize the genius or uniqueness of the great minds in history until
they had reached the end of their life or posthumously. practicality seems to lead to
contentness, but ultimately a dull landscape. a simplistic view on life where everything is
compartmentalized into their own categories. i don't know. i just know there is something
more. but that something is harder to make reality than we can imagine. i guess it takes
perseverance and risk. but are we willing to risk what's practical in our lives for what's
grand, different, out of the norm? i don't know. i can't answer that ▪

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