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                                                  Sustainability Conference
Sustainability Conference Committee Members
              Howard Apsan,
CUNY Environmental Health and Safety (Convenor)           Energy and
         Harry Gafney, Queens College             Environmental Sustainability:
          Todd Goldman, City College              Science, Engineering and Public Policy
      Steven G. Greenbaum, Hunter College

          Mumtaz Kassir, City College

          Robert Paaswell, City College

    Michael Seliger, Bronx Community College
                                                          Friday – December 8, 2006
         William Solecki, Hunter College

                                                            The Graduate Center
                                                             365 Fifth Avenue
                                                            New York NY 10016
Program:                                                     Alison Cichowski, Undergraduate Student, Brooklyn College;
                                                             Assistant Professor Vinit Parmar, Film, Brooklyn College;
9:00 am to 5:00 pm                                           Assistant Professor Elizabeth Sklar, CIS, Brooklyn College;
                                                             Professor Philip F. Gallagher, History, Brooklyn College; Dr.
9:00 – 9:30    Registration and Breakfast                    Mary Gallagher, Professor of History, Queens College
9:30 – 10:00   Call to Order
               Dr. Howard N. Apsan,
               University Director of                        11:15 – 12:15 Alternative Energy Sources:
               Environmental Health and Safety                             From Wishful Thinking to Reality
               The City University of New York               (Moderator: Professor Lynn C. Francesconi, Chemistry,
                                                             Hunter College)
               Welcome to the Graduate Center                Results and Lessons from CUNY’s Solar Energy Market
               Dr. William P. Kelly,                         and Policy Study:
               President                                     Tria Case, Esq., Executive Director, The Center for Sustainable
               The Graduate Center                           Energy, Bronx Community College; Lara Ettenson, Policy
                                                             Analyst, New York City Economic Development Corporation
               Opening Remarks
               Dr. Selma Botman
               Executive Vice Chancellor                     Energy Materials Research in the Physics Department at
               The City University of New York               Hunter College:
                                                             Dr. Steven G. Greenbaum, Professor of Physics,
10:00 – 11:00 Oil Dependency: How Much Longer?               Hunter College
              (Moderator: Dr. Harry Gafney,
              Professor of Chemistry, Queens College)
                                                             Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Energy Production
                                                             and Distribution:
Fossil Fuels: How Long Will They Last?                       Professor Dmitri V. Rutgauzer, Physics,
Professor Hari K. Pant, Environmental, Geographic and        New York City College of Technology (NYCCT);
Geological Sciences, Lehman College                          Erez Gati, Student, NYCCT; Professor Roman Y. Kezerashvilli,
                                                             Physics, New York City College of Technology (NYCCT)
A Gradual Switch to Alternative Energy
Dr. Francesco Citro, Research Assistant, The Clean Fuels
Institute, The City College of New York;                     12:15 – 1:00   Lunch and Poster Viewings
Dr. Reuel Shinnar, Professor, Chemical Engineering,
The City College of New York
                                                             1:00 – 1:45    Keynote Speaker
Toward Management of an Energy Feeding Transition                           Rohit T. Aggarwala,
Professor Micha Tomkiewicz, Director, Environmental                         Director of Long Term Planning and
Studies Program, Physics, Brooklyn College; Maxim Titley,                   Sustainability, Mayor’s Office of Operations,
Undergraduate Student, Brooklyn College; (con’t next page)                  The City of New York
2:00 – 3:15  Energy Management: Sustainability                   Posters
             and You
(Moderator: Don Carli, Professor, Advertising Design &
Graphic Arts, New York City College of Technology)               A Novel Technology For Producing Natural Gas
Real Costs: Inserting Environmental Impact Data into             from Gas Hydrates.
E-Commerce Applications:                                         Constantin Cranganu,
Michael Mandiberg, Assistant Professor, Media Culture,           Associate Professor, Brooklyn College
College of Staten Island
Advanced Building Automation Systems: Gearbox for
High Performance:
Michael Bobker, Manager, CUNY Building Performance Lab;          Photocatalyzed Conversion of Greenhouse Gas
Chris Andrichak, CUNY Institute for Urban Systems                Into Combustible Fuel.
                                                                 Dr. Harry D. Gafney
Building-Side AC/DC Paradigm for Optimization of
Load Management:
                                                                 Professor of Chemistry, Queens College
Dr. Samir Ahmed, Professor, Electrical Engineering, The City
College of New York
Usage Smoothing Through Resource Buffering:                      Self-Organized Systems for Solar Energy Conversion:
Matthew P. Johnson, Ph.D. Candidate, The Graduate Center         Dyes and Conducting Polymers.
(GC); Ted Brown, Executive Director, CUNY Institute for
Software Design & Development, GC; Amotz Bar-Noy,
                                                                 Charles Michael Drain, Professor, Chemistry &
Professor, Computer & Information Science, Brooklyn College;     Biochemistry, Hunter College, The Rockefeller University
Dr. Ib Olson, Chief Technical Officer, Gaia Power Technologies

3:30 – 4:00   Closing Remarks                                    Wind Resource Map – Northeastern United States.
              Allan H. Dobrin                                    Michael Adams
              Senior Vice Chancellor
              The City University of New York

                                                                 Toward Cleaner Petroleum-Derived Fuels:
              Dr. Robert Paaswell
                                                                 Hydrogenation of Aromatics by Nanostructured
              Distinguished Professor                            Ruthenium Catalysts on Functional Polymers.
              Civil Engineering                                  Robert A. Sanchez-Delgado, Professor, Chemistry,
              The City College of New York                       Brooklyn College; Nkechia Ng-a-qui, MARC
                                                                 Undergraduate Student, Nataliya Machalaba,
                                                                 Student, Edward R. Murrow HS
4:00 – 5:00   Poster Viewings
Infrared Studies of 2D-Layered Cobaltates:              The Role of Nanoscience in the Future of the
A New Class of Thermal Electric Materials.              Electric Car.
Dr. Jiufeng Tu, Assistant Professor of Physics,         Nicole Leifer, CUNY Doctoral Student, Physics,
The City College of New York (CCNY), Zhijun Xu,         Hunter College
CCNY; Weidong Si and Qiang Li, Brookhaven
National Laboratory
                                                        Application of Remote Sensing Tools for the
                                                        Assessment of Regional Air Quality Forecast Models
Impacts of the Aerosols on Climate, Urban Heat          and Indoor Air Quality.
Island, Cloud, and Participation.                       Professor Fred Moshary, Electrical Engineering, Director,
Dr. Shayesteh Mahani, Civil Engineering, The City       Earth System and Environmental Engineering/ Science,
College of New York (CCNY); Dr. Reza Khanbilvardi       The City College of New York (CCNY), Deputy Director,
Civil Engineering, CCNY; Heather Glickman, Graduate     NOAA CREST; Samir Ahmed, CCNY; Shuki Chaw,
Student, Earth & Environmental Science, Graduate        Leona Charles, Barry Gross, Undergraduate Students,
Center and NOAA-CREST Center                            CCNY; Jia-Yeong Ku, Chris Hogrefe, Gopal Sistla, New
                                                        York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Securing the Territory: Creating a High Performance
Workforce for NYC Buildings.                            Pollution Control of the Inner New York Harbor:
Michael Bobker, Manager, CUNY Building                  Lessons for Metro-Cebu, Phillippines.
Performance Lab                                         Professor Fredesvinda B. Dura, NIH-Bridges Program,
                                                        LaGuardia Community College; Professor Kimberly
                                                        S. Farah, Science, Lasell College; Professor Karl H.
Printing Technology as the Key to Sustainable Power,    Szekeilda, Geography and Environmental Studies,
Light & Human Communication.                            Hunter College
Don Carli, Professor, Advertising Design & Graphic
Arts, New York City College of Technology
                                                        Effect of Surfactant on Thermodynamic and Kinetics
                                                        of Methane Hydrates.
Incorporating People’s Health to Transportation         Dr. Jae W. Lee, Associate Professor, Chemical
Planning May Be Critical to Convert the Wider           Engineering, The City College of New York (CCNY);
Society to the Timeliness of Energy Sustainability.     Junshe Zhang, Chemical Engineering, CCNY; Sangyong
Alfredo Morabia, Professor, Center for the Biology of   Lee, Chemical and Natural Gas Engineering, Texas A&M
Natural Systems, Queens College                         University; Raxit Mehta, Chemical Engineering, CCNY


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