Putting Sustainability into Action Sustainability assessments by xbz20178


									 Putting Sustainability into Action: Sustainability assessments
           that help you set priorities and make measurable progress
                               8:00-Noon on May 9, 2006
                                     OMSI’s Auditorium
                          Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
                                 1945 SE Water Avenue
                                Portland, OR 97214-3354
    A collaboration of the Oregon Natural Step Network and the Zero Waste Alliance

Talking about sustainability is easier than putting it into action. How does an
organization get started? A recycling program and energy efficient light bulbs are a good
start, but where do you go from there? A sustainability assessment can help you set
priorities, and can be used as a tool to measure improvement. In this half-day workshop,
presenters will share sustainability assessment tools and local resources that can help
your organization take action.

Agenda and Speakers                                           Registration
Program: 8:00am – 12:00pm                                     ORTNS members
The Value of System-wide assessments (Mary Steckel, City of   $99 early registration
Corvallis)                                                    (by April 7)
Organizational practices assessment: SCORE (Darcy             $125 late registration
Hitchcock, AXIS Performance Advisors/Zero Waste Alliance)
                                                              ORTNS non-members
A Quick overview of the Natural Step (Regina Hauser, Oregon
                                                              $115 early registration
Natural Step Network)
                                                              $140 late registration
Greenhouse gas audits and energy audits (TBD and Kim
Hughes, Zero Waste Alliance)
Chemical inventories and management systems (Pamela           For More
Brody-Heine and Dorothy Atwood, Zero Waste Alliance)          Information
Natural Resource Audits (Megan Stein, City of Portland,       To register or to get more
Office of Sustainability)                                     information, contact
Measuring Social Impacts (TBA)                                Barbara Koneval at 503 241-
                                                              1140 or events@ortns.org
                                                              or go to www.ortns.org.
12:00-1:00 No host lunch with the presenters (optional)

   Generously sponsored by Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

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