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					                                    SQUEEZEPENNY SUSTAINABLE FARM
                               Squeezepenny CSA Charter Membership Form

                          HOW TO BECOME A CHARTER MEMBER…
                          Please fill-out this form and remit it to us along with your payment.

        I would like to become a supporting member of the farm’s Squeezepenny CSA program.

       I understand that each distribution of my Share(s) produce will be different and based upon seasonal availability
        (affected by: insects, weather, and other acts of God).

       I understand that I am committing to an annual membership fee of $60.00 that I will pay in advance in two equal payments of
        thirty dollars; one half due and payable upon joining and the remaining balance due on May 17, 2010. This semi-annual
        membership fee is NON-REFUNDABLE once I accept the first of six (6) bi-wkly. distributions in a 12-wk plan. A seasonal
        share will be managed, harvested and prepared for me bi-weekly when available.

       I understand that I am committing to a six month membership and in consideration of that thirty dollar fee I may then
        participate in one or two plan(s) along with my prepaid Share(s) seasonal plan fees of either $120.00, $180.00 or $240.00
        etc… that help to cover the costs of labor, fertilizer, seed, equipment, utilities, etc…

       I understand that I must notify Squeezepenny CSA at least 48 hours in advance of any changes, add-ons or cancellations to
        my scheduled and standing share produce distributions.

       I may cancel my membership at any time. I understand NO REFUNDS will be made. I may also transfer my remaining
        distributions to another person who can make arrangements for the same or another distribution site. However, I must allow
        7-10 business days for any remaining credit of my CSA plan funds to be transferred.





TELEPHONE NUMBER-HOME:                                                          CELL:


Please provide best email to contact you at so that we can send you any updates or FYI’s regarding your Share(s) distributions.

To become a supporting Squeezepenny CSA Charter member, you will need to include your first payment along
with this form and submit it via email with the payment confirmation number from PayPal to the email address
below or membership form & payment may be mailed directly to the address listed below.

Pay Pal Email: squeezepenny@ymail.com

Please make checks payable to: Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm

Mail to: 3723 County Road 412, McKinney, TX 75071

We will send you a confirmation of your membership within 48 hrs of receipt of your payment.

New members will be added to our CSA on a first come/first serve basis. Once we are full for the season, you
can have your place held for the first available opening by simply submitting the semi-annual membership fee
of $30.00.
**At this time we intend to offer our subscribing members a year round service with the exception of the approx. dates listed
here: A one (1) week break from Wed. Nov. 25, 2009 through Tues. Dec. 1, 2009 & a four (4) week break from Wed. Dec. 23,
2009 through Tues. January 19, 2010. We expect similar breaks next year.

CSA 12-wk Plan: One Share, One and a Half Shares, or Two Shares
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is for those committed members who prepay a Share’s subscription fee to
help support Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm in exchange for seasonal produce from our farm and our co-producers.
This helps cover just some of our own as well as our co-producers’ operation costs for seed, organic fertilizers, fuel,
equipment, labor, greenhouse supplies, etc… We plan and work throughout the year to provide our members with an
equal Share of produce on a bi-weekly basis in each of our 12-wk. plans. The Share’s distribution of produce is
available for pick-up every other week during the growing seasons. At this time, individual arrangements may be
made for a weekly service in some areas for the same six (6) distributions in the same dollar amount of $120.00.
There are some breaks during the summer and winter, but our goal is to provide approx. forty-five (45) weeks of
produce throughout the year.

WHAT WILL MEMBERS RECEIVE? Our 12 wk. plans include six (6) bi-wkly. pick-
up/distributions. Our winter 10 wk. plan contains only five (5). We hope to offer our members as much of an
individualized service as possible with modifications to our ordering process thru our website. We also hope to offer
at least 12 to 14 different produce items and ask that our members choose 10 to 12 of those that match their
preferences. We then will select, on average, 8 to 10 to include in each Share(s) distribution. We are happy to say
that on Saturday Aug. 1, 2009, for example, we were able to offer twenty-three (23) fresh produce items for our
subscribing members to select their preferences from.

*CURRENT SEASONAL PLAN HARVEST DATES:                                                  **SUBJECT TO CHANGE**

Spring 2010 (March 10, 2010 – June 1 , 2010) Expected crops of lettuce, blueberries, baby greens, radish,
beets, turnips, kale, chard, peas, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, potatoes, herbs, mustard greens, other greens, potatoes,
cucumbers, squash, herbs… and more. The list will continue to grow!

Summer 2010 (June 2, 2010 – Sept 8, 2010) Expected crops of assorted varieties of cucumbers, squash,
zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, melons, cantaloupes, pears, figs, watermelons, herbs…and more.
Fall 2010 (Sept. 9, 2010 – Dec 1, 2010) Expected crops of peppers, pears, cucumbers, eggplant, beans,
broccoli, squash, zucchini, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, kale, collard greens, mustard greens,
lettuce, baby salad mix, collards, herbs…and more.

Winter 2010/ 2011 (Dec. 2, 2010 - March 9, 2011) Expected crops of peppers, cucumbers, eggplant,
beans, squash, zucchini, green tomatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, kale, mustard greens, other greens, lettuce,
baby salad mix, collards, herbs…and more.

WHAT IS THE COST? Commitment in the amount of One Share is represented in the value of
spending approx. $20.00 every other week and is intended to supplement, not necessarily replace, your usual
grocery store purchases of fresh produce.

$120.00 for one (1) Share - Ideal for 1-2 people

$180.00 for one (1) and one half (1/2) Shares - Ideal for 2-3 people

$240.00 for two (2) Shares - Ideal for 3-4 people

WAITING LIST:               Each season is planned in advanced and there is limited space available. Membership is
available first come/first served until we are full. If farm CSA membership is full at the time you send your
Application & Membership Fee, we can return your check or hold it for the first available space. Normally, the
waiting list for a CSA may be for 6 to 12 months, or more, depending upon the season of the year. We however,
have committed to seeking new co-producers as the numbers of our members increase before even thinking about a
waiting list. I don’t know about ya’ll, but who in their right mind ever heard of waiting on a list for six months to
two years to only then figure out what you’ve been waiting for only takes, for example, 30, 45, or 60 to 100 days to
grow? Please understand that we all do realize there are exceptions to every rule in growing, raising or producing
agricultural products which from time to time may cause us all to have to wait just a while.

MEMBERSHIP EXTRAS:                        We work with other local co-producers to offer to supply our members
with a variety of quality natural products. One farm can only supply so much. That's why we network with other
family farms that are committed to the highest standards in producing their food and goods. We coordinate with
these farms offering our membership a larger selection of local food throughout the year. Our CSA members will
receive an email periodically updating them with a farm report, a list of what is being harvested, a list of what is
coming soon, recipes and cooking tips and other updates. *** ANY MEATS, HONEY, DAIRY PRODUCTS and
EGGS are an extra or add-on , therefore they are offered at an additional cost separate from the semi-annual
membership fee and the cost of the 12-wk plan Share(s) dollar amount.***

By signing electronically below, you are agreeing to the terms stated above and are fully aware that prepayment
of membership fee and Squeezepenny CSA 12-wk plan(s) Share(s) costs put you in line for the next available
harvest date of that plan.


Electronically Signed:

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