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									 PACE is a
Degree and

                                 What is PACE?
for working

                                   PACE is a Degree and Transfer program
                                   designed specifically for working adults

          “Program for Adult College Education”
                  Designed for Working Adults
                  Weekday Evening, Saturday and on-line classes
                  No fuss scheduling: classes are pre-selected for you!
                  Instructors teach toward adult learners
                  Take 1-3 classes per semester
                  Counseling support, including email newsletter
                  Includes General Education classes
                  Meets AA Degree Requirements
                  Meets CSU General Education Transfer Requirements
                   “College within a college” networking opportunities
                  Complete your AA Degree in Liberal Studies (Option I)
                   or Behavioral Sciences in 3 years or less

               …then Transfer to PACE Program at CSU East Bay
          PACE majors at CSU East Bay include:
                  Human Development Major
                       Combines sociology, psychology, anthropology
                       Leads to jobs in counseling, psychotherapy, education, social
                        work, business, public administration, law, medicine, theology,
                        gerontology, anthropology, working with special populations, etc.
                       Audio taping of some CSUH classes is available (attend classes “virtually”)
                  Leadership in Hospitality & Leisure Services
                       Become a manager in the tourism & leisure industry. Classes mostly online!
                  Liberal Studies Major
                       Provides rich education in a broad range of disciplines
                       Leads to K-8 Teaching Credential or jobs in business, government
                       Good preparation for graduate work, law school
                  Business Studies Option or Minor available
                  Other Majors available with additional classes

               Lots of other Transfer Opportunities are available, including accelerated degree-
               completion programs at USF, JFK, Menlo College, etc.

                                Visit www.chabotcollege.edu/PACE
                       for   For class schedule, application & registration procedures, FAQs
                              Contact PACE: PACE@chabotcollege.edu or 510/723-6619

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