Abingdon Farmers Market has a special treat in store by xbz20178


									Back by popular demand is the Vinny Ringrose band at the Abingdon Farmers Market this Saturday morning from
9:00 am until noon. The market always has a great time with this band and is requested to book them throughout the
year. The 2008 market season is nearing an end (November 22nd) so this will be the last time to get your Vinny
Ringrose band fix in before 2009! Bring your chair and stay awhile at the AFM while you tap your feet to some great
music this weekend!

The Abingdon Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 7:00 am to 12:00 noon and Tuesday from 4:00 to 7:00
pm. For the absolute best in fresh produce, go to the source, our local farmers.

You can visit us on the web at www.abingdonfarmersmarket.net, or email us at abingdon.farmers.market@gmail.com
with any questions or comments.

The Abingdon Farmers Market – "Always Fresh, Always Local."

Henry Smart. Fresh produce.
Currently available: Blue Lake green beans; tomatoes; potatoes; spinach; and yellow squash.

Charlie Foster. Fresh produce.
Currently available: Tomatoes; Roma tomatoes; beets; several varieties of beans; apples; peppers (hot, sweet, and
mild); bell peppers; eggplant; yellow squash; butternut squash; okra; potatoes; new potatoes; and sweet potatoes.
New this week: Radishes; turnips; collard greens; and kushaws.

Scratch Brick Oven Foodworks. Delectable breads, desserts, a variety of smoked meats; gourmet half-baked pizzas;
Cuban style sandwiches; and other treats baked in a brick oven and made with whole grains and no preservatives!

Rich Valley Grazers. FRESH-STOCKED beef; pork; and sausage. All of Rich Valley Grazer's meat is grass-
finished, and free of both antibiotics and steroids.
Special this week: Ribs are on sale for ½ off! Stop by and see Will this weekend and he’ll give you a recipe to take
home with your ribs.

McCracken Farms – Mark McCracken. Produce and meats.
Currently available: Various cuts of beef, pork, and lamb; eggplant; butternut squash; gourds; beets; cabbage;
potatoes; sweet potatoes; okra; bell peppers; tomatoes; and honey.
New this week: Pumpkins.

Sweet Grass Farms – Ben & Shanna Berry. Grass finished beef.
Currently available: A variety of cuts including filets; steaks; London broils; ground beef; roasts; stew meats; and pet
bones. All meats are raised without antibiotics and added hormones.

Diva Triva's. Soy candles and soaps.
Currently Available: A wide variety of scented soy candles, moisturizing soaps, and bath salts. You better get here
early though; the popular scents sell out QUICK!

Silver Threads Country Catering – Janice and Joe Blevins. Baked Goods.
Currently available: Whole cakes; cakes by the slice; flavored sweet and breakfast rolls; potato yeast rolls; fat-free
corn muffins; biscuits; coffee cakes; strawberry cake; several varieties of casseroles; refrigerated chicken salad and
cheese cake; caramel corn; zucchini bread; and sugar free desserts for those on a special diet. Many of these have 0
trans fat as well!

Jack of All Trades. Jewelry and home accessories.
Currently Available: Locally homemade jewelry; birdhouses; trellises for the garden; fresh and dried herbs; hand-
painted market bags; recipe boxes; hand made scarves; beaded keychains, bookmarks, and eyeglass leashes; recycled
birdhouses and recycled light bulb ornaments; and framed and unframed art prints. Ask about commissioned
paintings of family, landscapes, still life, etc!

Timber Designs. Hand crafted Planters and flowers.
Currently available: handmade stone type pots filled with a variety of beautiful flowers! You'll be the only one in the
neighborhood with one of these because you don't find this kind of quality and hand crafted precision in the big box

Luke & Sarah's Fresh Eggs. Farm fresh eggs.
Currently Available: Fresh farm raised eggs of all sizes and beautiful hand-crocheted cotton dishcloths, tote bags;
drawstring purses; and baby booties.

Roffey Cattle Company – Dwayne McIntyre. Grass-fed and pastured meats and eggs.
Currently available: many various cuts of grass-fed beef and pastured pork; eggs; fatback; and dog bones.
Look for Moyer Foods back at the market closer to Thanksgiving to be taking turkey orders!
New this week: Sliced meat ready to be made into jerky.
Special this week: Ground beef in on special for a cool evening cookout as well as hot Italian sausage.

Gamma's Grab bag. Unique sewn goods.
Currently available: Home-made purses; tote bags; and wine bags to use in gift giving or just to show off your own

Joan's Daily Bread. Baked goods.
Currently available: Fresh-baked multigrain breads; sourdough bread; pumpernickel loaves; rye loaves; buttermilk
loaves; half-loaves; croutons; biscuits; scones; zucchini bread; chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies; banana nut bread;
rolls; jams; fresh made, while-you-wait waffles.
Joan's Daily Bread is also at market every TUESDAY EVENING and is selling soups and breads for dinner.

Cooper Coffee Company – Logan Cooper. Locally roasted, direct-trade, and organic coffee.
Currently Available: Whole bean and ground coffee sold in large and small bags.
Coffee-by-the-cup is now available as well.

Blaithin Blair Fresh Flowers – Rebekah McCune. Fresh flowers and herbs.
Currently available: Made-to-order bouquets; pre-made bouquets or make-your-own bouquets. Special orders for
summer parties and events are available. Look for Blaithin Blair at the Tuesday evening markets as well!
New this week: New dried flower wreaths and arrangements every week!

Grandview Farm – John, Barbara, and Jennifer Kling. Lamb and wool products; fresh produce.
Currently available: Elephant garlic; music garlic; German white garlic; stone-ground flour & grits from Whites Mill;
garlic horseradish; garlic relish; garlic jelly; lamb dog biscuits; hormone free and pastured raised lamb meat; roving
for spinning; and 100% colored wool yarn and sheepskins from their own farm!

Kelli Mehl's Bakery – David and Kelli Mehl. Canned goods; bagels; and local cheeses.
Currently available: bagels; peasant bread, many varieties of breads made with local ingredients; local cheeses; fresh
home-made croutons; homemade peanut butter (plain-unsalted, honey flax, and cinnamon raisin flavored); other
fresh-baked goods and a huge assortment of homemade canned goods. Have friends or family coming to visit?
Know of any birthdays or anniversaries coming up? Stop by Kelli Mehl's and put together a gift box of home-made
goodies! The Mehls will be sampling different items every week!
New this week: Pumpkin nut bread and pear bread.

AlexanderArtLands.com – David and Debbi Alexander. Watercolor art and hand-made greeting cards.
David paints landscapes, florals, and old barns and will be selling original pieces of his work at the farmers market
this season! David has framed and unframed watercolor works for sell. He will also paint on commission—talk to
David about painting something meaningful to you! David's wife, Debbi, is offering beautiful and unique hand-made
greeting cards, baby blankets, and adjustable aprons.

Land of Sweet Simplicity. Folk art home accessories.
Betsey is selling framed folk art paintings, replicas of 20th century folk cat toys, and fabric creations this year at the
market. Also available are Abingdon Farmers Market t-shirts and tote bags.

5 Star Coffee and Treats – Elmore and Boltwood families. Locally roasted coffee and treats.
Currently available: Locally roasted coffee beans will be for sale in one pound bags as well as brewed and sold by the
cup. In addition to Zazzy's coffee, 5 Star is also offering Dark Hollow Guatemalan coffee as well! All coffee is
organic, fair-trade certified, and locally roasted.
Also available this week: Muffins; iced coffee; and delicious mint-lemon iced tea!

River Valley Farm – David King. Organic produce.
Currently available: butternut squash; tomatoes; green, red, yellow, and orange peppers; hot peppers; salad mix;
different kinds and sizes of ornamental corn; ornamental gourds; sweet potatoes; acorn squash; watercress; a variety
of herbs (cilantro, dill, mint, basil, oregano, & sage); oatmeal cookies and jam; and fresh floral bouquets.

Harvest Gardens – Robert and Maudie Campbell. Fresh produce, baked goods, and eggs.
Currently available: Peppers; fresh eggs; rhubarb; grapes; green onions; red onions; potatoes; Snake gourds;
bouquets; hot coffee; handmade bird feeders (as Reverend Campbell has time to make them).
New this week: Mustard greens and okra.

Pa-Nett's Gravy Biscuits and More. Breakfast biscuits and breakfast goodies.
Currently available: Sausage gravy and biscuits, country ham biscuits, pork tenderloin biscuits; muffins, brownies;
pies by-the-slice; sausage biscuits; and other various breakfast goodies.
Pa-Nett's is also at market on Tuesday evenings with ready-to-take home goodies!
New this week: Brunswick stew sold by the cup.

Custom Chainsaw Creations – Dana Hollifield. Wood carvings and sculptures.
Currently available: A huge variety of artistic creations using nothing more than a log, a chainsaw, and on some
pieces, some paint! Want something carved in particular or from some wood on your own land? Come by and see
Dana at the farmers market! He also does commission work!

Ralph Vanover. Fresh Produce
Currently available: Rusty Coat, Johhn Gold; Cortland, and Mountain Boomer apples.
New this week: Fresh apple cider by the gallon.

Hannah's Handiwork – Hannah Stam. Hand crafted greeting cards.
Hannah is our youngest full-time entrepreneur. At just 17 years old, Hannah is making her own line of greeting cards
for all occasions! She sells them separately or four-to-the-pack! You can also pre-order packages—The holidays are
coming up soon! How wonderful would it be to send out home-made cards?!

Watson Greenhouses – Louis Watson. Fresh-picked produce and garden plants.
Currently available: Squash; Butternut squash; spaghetti squash; acorn squash; watermelon; eggplant; zucchini;
rhubarb; green onions; potatoes; tomatoes; cabbage; okra; bell peppers; Blue Lake beans; Half-runner beans; peppers;
apples; pumpkins; fresh sausage; fresh brown eggs!
New this week: carrots and gourds.

L & B Produce – Lionel Osborne and Brenda Thompson. Local, fresh produce, fresh baked goods, and crafts.
Currently available: Sweet banana peppers; hot banana peppers; bell peppers; cabbage; butternut squash; Blue Lake
beans; potatoes; tomatoes; Tommy Toe tomatoes; Roma tomatoes; Rome, Red Delicious, Wine-Sap apples; cooking
apples; pears; fresh-made sausage biscuits; old-fashioned cookies; home-made cakes; brownies; cinnamon rolls;
pecan tarts; homemade pillows and aprons; eggs; and homemade, personalized walking/hiking sticks—made to
YOUR specifications! Brenda also takes special orders for cakes and baked goods!
L & B Produce is now open on TUESDAY EVENINGS! They will be selling HOT beans and cornbread ready for
you to take home and have for supper! One "dinner" consists of fresh, hot pinto beans, out-of-the-oven cornbread,
and lemonade!

Frosted Hawk Farm – Steve Vencill. Certified naturally grown produce and value-added products.
Currently available: Assorted greens; tomatoes; potatoes; watermelon; eggs; wild cherry jelly; gumbo file powder;
peach, apple, and blueberry jelly; dried tomatoes; and local honey.
Frosted Hawk Farm is at the market every TUESDAY EVENING with the same products available!
New this week: Cut flowers.

Haynes Farm -- Jason Haynes. Produce, potted plants, and hanging plants.
Currently available: Autumn mums.

River Bluff Farm – Richard, Sherrie, Jeff, and Jenny Jones. Local, fresh produce.
Currently available: Tommy toes; cucumbers; eggplant; hot peppers; banana peppers; bell peppers; red peppers;
lettuce; baby spinach; Half-runner, Logan Grant, and Mountain Climber beans; and strawberries.
New this week: Jalapeno and Habanera peppers.

At the Berry Patch. Plants, flowers, and berries.
Currently available: Five different varieties of grapes.

Cassel Farms –Alvin Cassel. Local produce.
Currently available: White eggplant; purple eggplant; bell peppers; sweet corn; cauliflower; potatoes; onions;
tomatoes; and broccoli.

Saint Michael's. Baked goods and crafts.
Currently available: custom knitted items; hand-made aprons; apple butter; cookies; oatmeal-cranberry cookies;
cookie and soup jar mixes that serve as great gifts; greeting cards; and artwork. All proceeds go to St. Michael's
Angelican Church.
New this week: Peanut-butter cookies.

Linda Brown. Abingdon merchandise, jewelry, and artwork.
Currently available: Abingdon bags and shirts; greeting cards; earrings; soaps; home crafted hair combs; original
watercolor and acrylic art works.

Jonathan Davis. Original and print art.
Currently available: Original artwork; poster size prints; framed original and prints; and canvases.

South Fork Greenhouses – Tom and Joyce Hawthorne. Potted flowers; herbs; and kitchen herb gardens.
Currently available: Fall mums; astors; kitchen herb gardens; herb plants; and perennials.

Large Hollow Nurseries. Fresh produce and eggs.
Currently available: Fresh eggs; Blue Lake beans; eggplant; cabbage; beets; green onions; bell peppers; banana
peppers; tomatoes; okra; potatoes; and jewelry made with stones found locally.

Tilson Farms. Grass-fed and pastured meats.
Currently available: Pork tenderloin, roast, chops, sausage, ribs, and bacon; beef roast and hamburger meat; and pre-
order quartered and cut pasture raised chickens.
The Tilsons are now at market on Tuesday evenings also!
Wilber and Jessica will be offering samples of their breakfast meats for customers to try prior to purchasing.
New this week: Fresh hamburger will be available this week.
Camille. Handmade jewelry and home-made oatmeal scented soaps.
Currently available: home-made soaps in wonderful scents for your home.

L&N Farms. Pumpkins and gourds.
Currently available: The best selection of pumpkins, mini-pumpkins, and decorative gourds you'll find in Abingdon!

Big Hill Farm. Chemical-free produce and crafts.
Currently available: Butternut squash; tomatoes; peppers; Kentucky Wonder beans; October beans; pumpkins;
Handmade dolls; and watermelons.

Sunnybrooke Farm. Various Lamb cuts.
Currently available: Various cuts of lamb including sausage, leg of lamb, stew cuts, roasts, chops, liver, and steaks.
Special this week: Lamb leg steaks will on sale this Saturday.

Boyer Milk Company. Dairy products.
Currently available: Pasteurized, homogenized milk in whole and 2%; chocolate milk; butter; curd cheese; and a
variety of block cheese.

Green Grillin’. Natural hardwood charcoal.
Currently available: Natural hardwood charcoal that is made locally from Appalachian hardwoods and promotes
sustainable forest management.

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