Mira Mesa Farmers Market

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					                              Mira Mesa Farmers Market
                            Every Tuesday from 3 pm – 7 pm
                      Proposed opening date- Tuesday April 21, 2009
                           Vendors as of Monday April 9, 2009

    Gaylon Farms- Veggies-artichokes, greens, asparagus, celery, strawberries
    Kawano Farms veggies- mushrooms, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes
    Atkins Nursery-Citrus and avocado
    Hidalgo Nursery- Cut flowers
    Organic Only Farm- organic vegetables and some citrus
    Maldonado Growers-Cut Flowers
    Carranza Citrus
    Leslie Farms- Assorted vegetables-MAYBE
    Smit Orchards- Apples, cherries, peaches nectarines
    Plants that Produce- Seeds and small nursery plants
    Rivera Nursery- Potted Plants and flowers
    Bernardo Farms Farms- veggies, citrus, melons
    Santiago Farms- All organic produce and citrus
    Hopkins Ag- Almonds
    Orchid source- Orchids

Specialty Foods
    World Famous- Smoked and fresh fish
    Gourmet Tamales and salsas
    Jackie’s Jams- Home-made jams
    Honey- Organic and raw honeys
    Petrou foods- Olives and olive oils
    Belen Bakery- Breads and rolls etc.
    Johanns Austrian Bakery-Austrian breads-Maybe
    French Chef- French desserts and pastries
    Peanut Dudes- Assorted nuts
    Carlsbad Gourmet- Mustards and sauces
    Papa Louie’s- marinades and olive oils
    Light Force-Imported Italian groceries
    Baba Foods- Hummus, pitas antipastos
    Rodolfo’s Chunky Salsa and Chili
    Tea Man Dan -Assorted TEAS
    Worms Way- Worm castings
    Bakery? Cupcakes
    Italian Ice
    Falcone- Salad dressings, sauces, olives
    Isabels-Gourmet Salsas
    Albertos- Cured Sausages
    Mama Houli & Sister T- Breakfast Breads and cookies
    Majestic Garlic- garlic pastes

     Cooked Foods
       Tacos, quesadillas-OUT
       Panini’s-OUT
       Café Espresso-Coffee Bar
       Chinese
       Egyptian
       Finest City Kettle Korn
       Holy Smoke Barbeque Ribs, Tri-tip Sandwiches and chicken
       California Currywurst
       Voila Crepes