Plastic bottles and jugs #1-7 and lids by nur18009


									                                                   PLACE ALL ITEMS IN THE SAME BIN (NO SEPARATION
                                                   NECESSARY). Rinse out food packaging.

                                                                                                        Styrofoam packaging    Plastic food trays
      Plastic bottles and jugs #1-7 and lids             Wide-mouth             Metal food and                                      and cups
                                                      plastic containers      beverage containers

                                                                                                           Foam take-out      “Clam-shell” take-out
                                                                                                             containers            containers

     Aerosol cans         Glass bottles and jars             Rigid plastics       Bagged plastic film

                                                                                                            Paper plates            Ceramics
                                                                                                            and napkins

Gable-top milk and      Newspapers and             Phone books                Mixed paper
  juice cartons           all inserts                                                                       Light bulbs          Pots and pans

    Cardboard boxes                Paperboard                    All books          Aluminum foil         Glass other than          Batteries
      (unflattened)                                                                   and trays           bottles and jars

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