Widening the Circle Project/Campaign FAQ�s by bigbro22


									                                                                                                                                         Widening the Circle

Project/Campaign FAQ’s
                                                                  Q Do we need to get into the “sport s” business/need to         Q When does all this happen – the campaign and then the
                                                                    build a gym?                                                    con s truction?
                                                                  A While the Family Li fe Center wi ll provi de much needed      A Plans call to have church approval of the project design
                                                                    recreation opportunities for all ages, it serves many other     and capital campaign in April 2008 with the fundraising
Cen tral United Methodist Church                                    needs. It is designed to meet the dining and meeting            campaign initiating in 2008 and completing in early 2009.
Frequently Asked Questions                                          requ i rements of our congregation as well as housing our       Tentatively, we hope to ‘break ground’ in early 2009.
about the                                                           Saturday contemporary worship servi ce.
Proposed Fa m i ly Life Cen ter and                                                                                               CAPITAL CAMPAIGN
the Capital Campaign                                              Q What is CUMC’s relationship with Bank of America?             Q What is the purpose of the capital campaign ?
                                                                  A The Family Life Cen ter wi ll be built on property donated    A To raise mon ey for the constru ction of new Family Life
                                                                    to Central by BOA. In return, Central provides parking          Center and related improvements to our current church
                                                                    for BOA customers and employees on a long-term basis.           s a n ctu a ry and rel a ted structures.

                                                                  Q Why are we building a parking deck?                           Q Who wants to do this? Do our church leaders su pport
                                                                  A Cen tral must provide adequate parking for our church           this campaign ?
OVERVIEW                                                            members as well as parking space for Bank of America          A The campaign comes out of nu m erous town halls and lis-
• Fa m i ly Life Cen ter Upgrade the existing facility wi t h       employees during the week. The logical solution is a            tening sessions, wh i ch identified a cri tical need for the
  secure, invi ting open spaces for gathering                       p a rking deck that can meet our obligation to BOA for          Family Life Center to support the continuing growth and
• Improve accessibi l i ty including handicapped access, from
                         ,                                          their gen erous gift of land, and to meet the parking           vi t a l i ty of the Church. Our Administra tive Board and
  both Church and Buncombe Streets and within all four              requ i rements of our church. The 62 spaces wi ll be well       other church leaders as well as our cl ergy have all
  l evels of the campus                                             lighted, making safety a pri ori ty.                            en dorsed this expansion plan.
• Con s truct multilevel parking decks
                                                                  Q What about the Swannanoa Cleaners and Haywood                 Q Who wi ll lead the capital campaign? How many church
FAMILY LIFE CENTER                                                  Street Properties?                                              mem bers wi ll be involved in the campaign?
Q Why are we building a Family Life Center? Who wi ll             A Du ring con s truction of the Family Life Center, the         A We are blessed that many members of Central have
  use it?                                                           Swannanoa Cleaners property wi ll provi de parking for          already accepted volunteer roles in the campaign , which is
A The new Family Life Cen ter wi ll be an inviting multi-level      Bank of America employees. A task force appointed by            spearheaded by Dianna Goodman and Steve Sloan, Co-
  space that wi ll be used by all church ministries and activi-     the Building Committee is performing due diligen ce on          Ch a i rs of our campaign efforts.
  ties. The new de s i gnwi ll have a wel coming and easily         long-term utilization of the Swannanoa Cleaners proper-
  accessible entrance area that wi ll invi te more people into      ty. The Haywood Street Campus is being used for wor-          Q How does the campaign su pport the mission and vision
  the ministries of Central.                                        ship, commu n i ty events and office/classroom space for        of our church?
                                                                    other local non-profits.                                      A The campaign is based upon the mission of the church
Q How were the pri ori ties determined?                                                                                             and the strategic initiatives devel oped by the Board.
A The Administration Board has been leading the discern-          Q Why should we undertake this now?
  ment phase. The Building Committee has worked closely           A With no major fac i l i ty improvem ents for over a dec ade   Q What policies wi ll guide handling of c a m p a i gnfunds?
  with the architects who conducted numerous planning               and with increasing ministries and membership, Centra l       A All campaign funds received wi ll be handled with the
  and de s i gn sessions to gather input from church mem-           has simply out grown its current facilities and is con-         utmost care, using accepted stewardship practices. Funds
  bers and staff.                                                   strained by lack of an activi ty cen ter.                       wi ll be re s tricted to the purpose for which they were
                                                                                                                                    given. All donors wi ll be appropriately acknowledged
  and financial updates wi ll be sent to the church thro u gh-       avoid weakening our church’s financial position and to       ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS
  out the campaign life cycle.                                       continue to be good stewards of our resources.               Q What is the current mem bership profile?
                                                                                                                                  A Central’s membership profile consists of a wi de age range
Q Will there be naming opportunities available in the              Q What is the church’s current financial status?                 from youth to older adults. Each age category is well rep-
  Family Life Center?                                              A Cen tral en ters the capital campaign on solid financial       resented . Like many traditional mainline den ominations,
A As in our church history with other naming opportuni-              ground. For the past 14 years, opera ting revenues have        we have a strong showing of middle-aged adults to late
 ties, the Board has aut h ori zed gift-naming opportunities         exceeded ex penses, and we have $800,000 in unrestri cted      retirees. However, uncommon is the strong presence of
 where appropriate. A list of opportunities wi ll be provi d-        savings.                                                       young families; we’ve consistently had at least 45-50 chil-
 ed in the campaign materials.                                       Debt assoc i a ted with the purchase of the Swannanoa          dren under the age of 1 year old baptized each year.
                                                                     Cleaners property and due to initial building project
Q May gifts to the campaign be pledged over a period of              ex penses is approximately $1,000,000. This debt is not      Q Who runs the church? What is our current lea dership
  years?                                                             inclu ded in the 14.5 million dollar capital campaign. The     format?
A Yes, gifts may be pled ged over a peri od of up to five years      Swannanoa Laundry Task Force wi ll make recommenda-          A The most important decisions of the building project are
  as determined by discussion with the donor. Donors are             tions on retirement of this debt .                             m ade at Church Conferen ces – meetings wh ere every
  encoura ged to el ect a schedule of annual pled ge pay-            Ex penses to up fit and opera te Haywood Street Campus         Central member is invited and may vote. Decisions are
  ments to com p l ete their pled ge.                                are paid for by Haywood Street savings and lease rev-          determined by a majori ty of the members present and
                                                                     enues. We project lease revenues to offs et opera ting         voting.
Q What policies guide bequest gifts?                                 ex penses in 2009.                                             The Building Committee and Capital Campaign
A Unre s tri cted funds may be directed to the campaign proj-                                                                       Committee were approved at a Church Conferen ce to
  ects or to endowm ent funds as directed by the Board.            Q What is our church’s current endowm ent?                       overs ee the building project .
                                                                   A Our en dowm ent (Foundation Fund) balance is $3.2 mil-         Other bodies within the church that make ‘ big picture’
FINANCIAL FAQ’S                                                      lion and genera tes approximately $150,000 each year for       decisions include: the Administra tive Board, the Council
Q What is the cost of the project?                                   church needs. Traditionally the bulk of the spendable          On Mi n i s tries and the Board of Trustees/Board of
A The Board is in constant contact with the architects and           income is applied toward church building ren ovations.         Di rectors.
  the builders to make every effort to determine and con-
  trol costs. Cu rrent cost estimates are approximately $14.5      Q How wi ll a capital campaign affect our Stewardship          Q What is happening in the area of eva n gelism and
  million for the entire building project . This cost, while         Campaign?                                                      chu rch mem bership? What is the growth rate of our
  significant, is within the standard square foo t a ge costs      A Most churches of similar size show little slow down in         con grega ti on ?
  associated with building projects of this size and scope.          annual tithing during capital campaigns.                     A Scripturally speaking, each member is to be an evangelist,
                                                                                                                                    s h a ring the love of Ch rist and the good news we have in
Q How will we raise the money?                                     Q Will this campaign affect the church’s giving to other         God with those around them. Our evangelical team is
A The church is em b a rking on a major capital campaign to          areas (i.e. missions)?                                         constantly looking for new ways of reaching out to others
  raise monies among the church members . All mem-                 A We do not anticipate reductions in opera ting budget giv-      and inviting them to “come and see” what’s happening at
  bers—current and past—wi ll be asked to contri bute.               ing. Along with several years of growth in opera ting rev-     Central. We continue to wi den our embrace as we seek to
                                                                     enues, the Finance Committee and Board budgeted zero           help people get connected in this body of Christ. The
Q What wi ll happen if we don’t raise the needed funds?              growth in the opera ting budget in three of the last four      growth ra te continues to track around 100-110 new
A The final project cost wi ll be determined by the final            years.                                                         people each year.
  campaign goal, by careful use of restri cted accounts for
  building purposes, and by the church’s abi l i ty to finance a
  portion of this proj ect. Every effort is being taken to

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