What is an orthopedic impairment by vmarcelo


									         What is an orthopedic impairment?

•   An orthopedic impairment refers to a severe impairment that
    adversely affects the child’s educational performance to the degree
    that they can not be educated in the regular environment without
    special services. This can refer to neuromotor impairments,
    degenerative diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, or a skeletal
    deformity; additional disabilities may be present such as VI, HI,
    and SI.
    Qualifying for orthopedically impaired services.

Students who have a medical diagnosis from a doctor as well as perform
in the mildly intellectual range or above mildly intellectually disability
range that need modifications and adaptations in the regular education
classroom can qualify for OI services.
    Services provided by the teacher of orthopedically

The OI teacher specializes in meeting the unique needs of students with
physical health disabilities. Some services include expertise in: adapting
instruction and instructional material to accommodate students’
limitations in physical movement; knowing the educational implications
of physical impairments; training in physical health care procedures;
selecting and implementing assistive devices; promoting communication
through the use of augmentative and alternative communication; using
feeding, positioning, and handling techniques; and teaching academic
and non academic skills.

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