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									                                              The Story of Archaeology
                                                                           Justin Pollard

    Title                       The Story of Archaeology
    Author                      Justin Pollard
    ISBN                        9781847241832
    Imprint                     Quercus
    Binding                     Hardcover with jacket
    Extent                      256 pages
    Dimensions                  276 x 216mm
    RRP                         $45.00
    Release Date                January 2008


The Story of Archaeology tells the thrilling and fascinating tale of modern archaeology from its
earliest beginnings to the present through 50 chronologically arranged profiles of iconic
excavations – from the Dead Sea Scrolls to the Death Pit of Ur, from Machu Picchu to the
Mary Rose, and from Angkor Wat to the people of Lake Mungo, who are believed to be the
first Australians.

Some of these are discoveries of the swashbuckling type, such as lost tombs filled with
precious artefacts, but others consist of bricks and pieces of flint and pottery which have, in
the story they tell, proved to be yet rarer and more valuable. Broken pots and test-tubes of
ancient pollen can, after all, be just as much ‘treasure’ as the mask of Tutankhamen, for they
all tell a part of the story that helps us to understand who we are and how we got here.

Sales Points

◦ An informative guide to 50 archaeological discoveries that have shaped our understanding of
both the ancient world and the more recent past

◦ 150 full-colour photographs offer a visual record of the extraordinary range of human
societies that have inhabited our planet

◦ Each site profile is accompanied by break-out boxes shedding light on the archaeological
techniques used then and now, describing the cultures that have been discovered and telling
the personal stories of the people who discovered them

◦ Helpful locator maps and informative timelines are included for every site

Author Profile

Justin Pollard is a Cambridge University Archaeology graduate and the author of Seven Ages
of Britain.

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