Where can I go for help with the by vmarcelo


									                              Who Should I Talk to for Help
                              with the Application Process?

Health Professions
• Lori Provost, Health Professions Advisor

• Kellie Provost-Brown, Director, Career Center and Pre-Law Advisor
• Dr. Alton Slane, Political Science and Pre-Law Avisor
• Career Center staff

   Pre-Law Advising Group:
   Dr. Amy T. Hark, Biology                   Dr. David N. Rosenwasser, English
   Dr. Mary Lawlor, English                   Dr. Christine T. Sistare, Philosophy
   Dr. Tammy L. Lewis,                        Dr. David I. Tafler, Media &
   Sociology/Anthropology                     Communication
   Dr. James N. Marshall II,                  Dr. William J. Tighe, History
   Accounting/Business/Economics              Dr. Alan C. Tjeltveit, Psychology

• Faculty in ABE Department
• Career Center staff

Other graduate programs
• Faculty
• Career Center staff

Faculty in your department can be excellent sources of information on specific
graduate programs, and on strategies for the application process for your field.
The Career Center is here to answer your questions on the nuts and bolts of the
application process. If we don’t know the answer, we can at least help point you in
the right direction. Take advantage of all the resources on campus to make
yourself competitive in this process. And don’t forget – start early!


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