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                                                    Shopping For Used Electric Guitar
                                                               By Lanny Hintz

    Music lovers get attracted to music instruments invariably, but guitar is most preferred by many
music lovers. Guitars are prominent from ancient times, and now with the addition of wonderful
instruments like electric guitars it has also become a fantasy learning it. A new instrument to any
fresher is not advisable as they lack awareness of handling it meticulously.

Used electric guitars are really beneficial to learners. Speaking of benefit, the used electric guitars
come in a more affordable price than the new ones. Students or people who begin learning may
discontinue due to various reasons like health, hobby, education, transfer or due to boredom of
learning and mastering it as it is time consuming to master it. Procuring a used one gives the learners
an opportunity to learn it without fear as they have not invested huge amount on an instrument that
they may discontinue on their accord.

Playing the electric guitar involves endurance, firm determination, constant rehearsals, training, and
performances. There are numerous brands and styles of electric guitars available in the music market.
One has to deftly choose an electric guitar. As a first instrument, learning and practicing is best done
on a used electric guitar.

Purchasing a new Electric guitar can be termed as luxurious and pricey.

Acquiring a new electric guitar sometimes turn to be a futile investment as suddenly few realize they
are not interested in it as they believed they were. During such circumstances the huge amount just
lies in a dump or in a closet accumulating dust.

Purchasing used electric guitars should be done keeping in mind few points like determining how much
they have been used. Soundboard is another important factor to be considered in purchasing a used
electric guitar. Soundboard that bears more scratches indicates frequent playing of the instrument and
a better investment. If a used electric guitar involves replacement of sound board, it is a pricey bargain.
Checking for indications of breaking or rupturing of the instrument is essential as it affects the balance
of the instrument, and this is one of the primary reasons for new guitars to become a used electric
guitar. Observing that the strings are at an equal distance to the entire length from the board is also
important as it speaks on the sound produced. Ensuring the tuners on the used electric guitars are
good enough to withhold the stress of the strings is necessary as a used electric guitar may weaken
over a span of time resulting in getting out of tune.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

Used electric guitars are available on the local music stores or pawn shops. Nowadays, websites like
eBay are encumbered with used instruments like the electric guitar. Buying a used electric guitar
serves as multipurpose as it saves money and assists learning. Though the music markets are flooded
with electric guitars it is difficult to find big difference between any used and new electric guitar but for
the price. Possessing a new one is advisable only when one is proficient in playing the electric guitar.

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                                                Tips On Buying An Electric Guitar
                                                               By Phil Morris

 The electric guitar is the cornerstone of an exhilarating musical experience. A good guitar will enhance
the musical experience. If you love all kinds of music then your electric guitar should be able to play all
the genres of music well. But if you want to play a specific type of music like jazz or rock, choose an
electric guitar that allows you to play only that type. If you are interested in purchasing an electric
guitar, here are some useful tips to make your purchasing easier. It will give you a good idea about the
things you should look for while buying the electric guitar.

Before purchasing the electric guitar, consider the following points:

· Decide on your budget: A good electric guitar can cost anywhere from $99 to more than $20,000.
Hence you need to fix your budget before you start visiting the shop or going online to buy the product.
Since the price range of the good electric guitar is high, once you fix your budget, it makes your task

· Choose the sound you want: One of the vital aspects of buying an electric guitar is choosing the right
sound you want. Some guitars are better capable of switching from blues to jazz to rock without
anyone noticing a change. Others are meant for one type of music, so you cannot change the sound
immediately. Before purchasing, listen to the guitar sounds of your choice. Consult a music expert to
determine the type of guitar used in the recording. He will be able to help you determine the type of
guitar that will help you achieve the same result as in the recording. Besides, you should be aware of
the type of music you want to play to help you in the selection process.

· Get the feel of the electric guitar: If the guitar doesn’t excite you when you hold it, it is not the right
choice for you. Look around in other shops both online as well as in the market before settling on the
perfect guitar for you.

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