Last month, I began my newsletter with What a scorcher were by luckboy


Last month, I began my newsletter with What a scorcher were

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Edited by Vanessa Avery – Activity Co-Ordinator

Last month, I began my newsletter with "What a scorcher we're having". Maybe I spoke too soon as since then, we have had a lot of damp weather over the past few weeks which, strictly speaking, is lovely for the farmers but I don't know about you, but I'd rather it rained every night, and the sun shining during the day so we can sit in our lovely garden a bit more before the winter comes. What do you think? And talking of our garden, I wonder who has been 'talking' to the flowers whilst walking past them, as they are absolutely blooming, especially the sunflowers that our residents planted. Have you seen them against the wall? We have had a lot of people commenting on how beautiful they look. So, Prince Charles has been right all along, talk to your flowers and plants, and they will blossom! Our Fete/Strawberry Tea On Saturday August 8th, we will be celebrating St. Dominic's Day by inviting families and friends to our summer fete including strawberry tea! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the weather is going to keep fine for us. We have lots of stalls, including tombola, bric-a-brac, cakes, books, etc., and games such as roll a 10p, and why not try your skill at "splat the rat"! And, of course, our raffle! The prizes include a Chinese meal for two, £50 Marks and Spencer voucher, basket of fruit, travel cases, and lots, lots more!!! We need as many people coming as possible to support us, so don't forget to tell your friends and family to come along and enjoy the afternoon. I can hear some of you saying: "Who is this St. Dominic person?" Well, last year I did a bit of research and if you turn the pages of this newsletter, you can read all about St. Dominics' life. I found it very interesting and I hope you will too. Our residents’ Trips Despite all the bad weather that we have been having, some of our residents thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Frinton for a picnic last month. As we were travelling to Frinton, the rain was torrential and the windscreen wipers on the bus and Toms' car were going so fast I honestly thought they would fly off any minute, but when we arrived at Frinton, we could not believe that it was dry and we were able to sit on the grass and have our picnic. Soon the sun came out and it was very warm indeed. After the picnic, we had a lovely walk along the high street where there are lots of shop windows to look in, and finished the trip with a mouth-watering ice cream with a flake!! My thanks goes to our volunteer wheelchair pushers who were great fun, but I must give a gigantic big thank you to the lovely Carole in our kitchen, who made us up a lovely picnic basket of tuna and mayo rolls, cheese and ham sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, cakes, jam tarts and biscuits, and bottles of drink so we wouldn't go hungry or thirsty. Thank you Carole.

A week later, we went to Layer Marney Towers. Unfortunately, we weren't so lucky with the weather! It started raining when we unloaded off the bus and it turned out to be a bit miserable weather-wise. The gardens at Layer Marney were beautiful but it was not very wheelchair friendly and there was not much we could do there in the rain, so I shouted "LOAD UP AGAIN"!!! The horror on everybody's faces was a picture that I wished I took my camera with me! Ciel went along to nearby Tiptree Jam Factory to see if they could cater for 28 of us for a cream tea and they said yes, they could. Good old Tiptree Jam Factory always comes to the rescue!! May I thank all the residents for their good humour and patience on this wet and miserable day, and of course, our volunteer wheel-chair pushers, some of whom, have been on shift very early that morning. I like to thank our resident Ethel's son Roger who came to help us as well. Thank you all so much. Our next trip is Maldon for fish and chips lunch on Monday 3rd August. Fingers crossed that we will get better weather. Again, we need as many wheel-chair pushers as possible please. I have booked two buses again and the bus will hold 7 residents each. I am appealing for family members of the residents for help as wheelchair pushers (and car drivers!) because as I said above, some of our carers start very early shifts or work very late shifts, so if you can help, please let me know. Bouncing about!!! Most of our residents were greeted one morning last month with a very, very large bouncy balloon and a very bouncy man by the name of Henry Webster! He provided us with movement to music that we all knew well and sang along to, and he had us all stretching our arms and marching our legs and our resident Thelma was up in front also showing us how it was done!!! Ruby said to me later: "He wore me out, I was tired out, but he was very good". After he got us all 'tired out', he sang Moon River to us and we all felt relaxed again, and then he played the piano. He was very entertaining and lively. Henry used to be a West End actor, appearing in several musicals, and had cameo parts on the television. Henry will be returning this month for another session of movement to music so get yourselves ready to catch that gigantic balloon again!!!
Going live!!!

Like most people, the mention of the words "technology" or "computers" sends shivers up (and down) my spine, and I like to leave it to the experts, but I have witnessed something extraordinary which our home have been trying to bring to everybody's attention! Do you know what it was? It was the wonderful surprised look on our resident Bunny's face when he saw his wife and daughter talking to him on the laptop computer via our 'webcam'. Bunny was ecstatic! He couldn't believe that he was looking at his family on his lap and he almost started crying with happiness! (so did I !) I saw how wonderful and clear the person is on the computer screen who is talking to you (and waving!). St. Dominics aims to bring the same happiness to all of our residents whose families cannot come in to see them, such as those who have families living abroad, by encouraging the family to purchase a webcam and then downloading Skype, which is free. Believe me, once you have spoken to your loved one through the webcam, you will see how much pleasure it brings to them. Please speak to our home manager Jean, or Vanessa if you need any advice. It is so easy!!!

Let’s face the music and dance!!!!!!!!!!
It was wonderful to welcome back the fabulous Carole Laine who put on a one-woman show for us called "That's Entertainment". Wasn't she great!!! Carole sang songs from the MGM musicals such as Wizard of Oz, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Kiss Me Kate, Easter Parade, and many, many more! I saw many of our residents and families singing along with Carole, and thoroughly enjoying the show. They certainly don't make movies like these MGM musicals any more. Tell me, what was your favourite musical that you went to see in the cinema? I still think that the film "Wizard of Oz" is as good to watch today as it was 70 years ago when it was first made. What do you think? Carole brought her six week old baby in with her and he was absolutely adorable. She has named him Oscar and he had our residents and carers making a real fuss of him. Whilst Carole was performing, Oscar developed hiccups and started getting a bit restless. Thank goodness for our resident Georgina's niece Jan, who picked him up and danced with him whilst mum was singing to us! Our residents thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon of sing-along when our entertainer Valerie returned. We all sang to a variety of well-known songs from the 40's 50's and 60's, and afterwards, Valerie said to me that she loves coming to St. Dominics as our residents always makes her feel welcome. Isn't that lovely!!! Thank you I would like to thank a lovely lady named Penny Gilman, who is herself a wonderful singer with the Feering Singers. Penny comes in once a month with her mother Doris and together, they help bring laughter and joy to our poetry sessions. Penny has donated £20 towards buying a microphone that we could use during the poetry sessions, and our quizzes etc., so that some of our residents do not miss out. Thank you so much Penny, our microphone is on its way! Residents‘ meeting Last month, Margaret and I held our first monthly residents’ meeting and it was a huge turnout. We covered many topics such as the coming fete, menus, activities, outings etc. Many of our residents were very pleased about the present choice of meals, but would like to see more roast or chipped potatoes. The only problem that came about menus was that the carer comes round the day before to ask what the resident would like to have for lunch/tea the next day and the residents has forgotten what they have ordered. Margaret suggested that there should be a chart or note pad in the residents room and write down what has been ordered. The residents also asked when Tina’s clothing was going to be booked as they would like to order some new winter clothes! I will book this as soon as possible Coggeshall Flower Festival I have booked transport for the 2009 Coggeshall Flower Festival on Tuesday 1st September at 2.00. If you would like to come along, please let Vanessa or Margaret know as soon as possible.

As mentioned on the front of my newsletter, I hope you will enjoy reading about St. Dominic: ST. DOMINIC St. Dominic was born at Calaruega, Spain in 1170, His parents were Felix Guzman and Joan of Aza. He studied at the Univ. at Palencia, from the age of 14. He studied for ten years by which time he performed with such ardour and success that he was admired by fellow scholars. He actually sold his books while at University to feed the poor during a famine. St. Dominic was probably ordained there aged 24 while still pursuing his studies. After taking the religious habit he became acting Superior of the Canons of St. Augustine in Osma in 1199. In 1215 he founded the Order of Friars Preachers (known as the dominican order) and an order of nuns dedicated to the care of young girls. Like the Francisicans, this was an mendicant order and was supported entirely on donations by spreading the word of God. By now, Dominic had a headquarters in Rome but he travelled extensively in the interests of his brotherhood of monks. He was made Master of the Sacred Palace, who functions as the personal theologian to the popes. It has since been occupied by the Domincians Order. During this time, the tradition of the rosary came to us. Dominic received a vision from Our Lady who showed him a rose wreath and told him to say the rosary daily and teach it to all who would listen. Dominic is often credited with the invention of the rosary, but this predates him. Legend says that he had raised four people from the dead. Dominic spent the last years of this life organising the order, travelling all over Italy, Spain and France preaching and attracting new members and establishing new houses. The new order was phenomenally successful in conversion work as it applied Dominic's concept of harmonizing the intellectual life with popular needs. He assembled the first general council of the order at Bologna in 1220 and died there the following year on August 6, 1221, after being forced by illness to return from a preaching tour in Hungary. He was canonized in 1234. He became St. Dominic, Patron of Astronomers as it was said that at his baptism, his mother saw a star shining from his chest. Feast day is Aug. 8th. We will miss you! It always lifts my spirits when we have a resident stay at St. Dominics to recuperate, then return to their home looking and feeling like a new person! This is exactly what happened to our resident Jeannie who has gone back home to the Caribbean. Jeannie came in last year, unable to walk far, had two crutches and was in constant pain with her hips. Jeanie had a hip operation, then recuperated at St. Dominics, and within weeks, her crutches were gone and Jeannie was bouncing around and dancing nonstop!! Her dress sense was buoyant and she had a personality to match. Jeannie was a very funny lady and was always ready to have a laugh with our residents and staff. She was also a wonderful singer. One of our residents said to me the other day "Where is that 'clown' we had? she was amazing and was lovely to watch dancing all over the place!!" We will all miss her very much, and wish her the best for the future. Welcome to our Home We would like to welcome Mrs. Hilda Cass to our home. We hope that Hilda has settled in well and has made new friends amongst our staff and other residents.

Swine Flu As you are aware, swine flu is reaching pandemic. St. Dominics has a very strict infection control policy and our staff are fully trained to deal with this outbreak. However, as outlined in our recent relatives/residents meeting with home manager Jean Dolmor, may we please ask ALL relatives, friends, and staff, to refrain from coming into St. Dominics if they think they may have the flu symptoms. What coming up in August? We have a busy month coming up! Apart from our summer fete and outing to Maldon, we also have your very favourite entertainer Martyn Allen coming to entertain us. Here is the diary for this month. Please note that there is no Holy Communion this month due to holidays, this will return in September. Sara will be coming in to give us a religious service on Thursday 20th. If you have any favourite hymns or bible reading that you would like to hear, please speak to Vanessa or Margaret and we will let Sara know. Diary for August Monday 3rd August Saturday 8th August
Monday 10 August Friday 14th August Thursday 20th August Monday 24th August Thursday 27th August Friday 28th August

11.00 onwards 2.00 – 4.00
3.00 – 4.00 3.00 – 4.00 2.30 – 2.45 2.30 – 3.30 11.00 – 12.00 2.00 – 3.00

Residents Trip to Maldon for Fish and chips lunch SUMMER FETE
Exercises with Henry Webster Valerie Perkiss entertains Religious Service with Sara Residents Meeting with Margaret and Vanessa Poetry Session in quiet room Entertainment with Martyn Allen

Birthdays in August: Sunday 2nd Wednesday 5TH Monday 10th Tuesday 11th

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Here is your quiz for August: 1. Which British high street bank uses the eagle as its’ logo? 2. Border, Leicester & Corrie dale are all breeds of what? 3. Which bird is the international symbol of happiness? 4. Which living bird has the longest wingspan? Finally, I hope you like this joke: “Oh God”, sighed the wife one morning, “I’m convinced my mind is almost completely gone!” Her husband looked up from his newspaper and commented, “I’m not surprised. You’ve been giving me a piece of it every day for the last 30 years!!”

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