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                LOCAL GOVERNMENT (WATER POLLUTION) ACTS, 1977 & 1990

                  Application for a Licence / Licence Review to discharge
                         Trade Effluent or Sewage Effluent to Waters

        Notes on completion of the application:
1.      The application should be completed in accordance with the above mentioned Acts and

2.      Prior to the making of an application, for a licence (but not for a review) the applicant shall
        publish in a newspaper circulating in the Dublin area a notice of intention to make such an
        application. Such notice shall be headed “Discharge to Waters” and shall contain the
        following information:
        (a) Name of the applicant and the name of the local authority to which the application is
        being made.
        (b) General description of the effluent.
        (c) In the case of trade effluent, state the nature of the trade or industry.
        (d) Name and location of the premises from which the effluent is to be discharged.
        (e) The waters to which the effluent is to be discharged.

3.      A licence application must be lodged with Dublin City Council within two weeks of the
        publication in a newspaper of the notice referred to above and shall be accompanied by :
        (a) A copy of the newspaper notice.
        (b) A site location map, in duplicate, to a suitable scale showing premises, public
        roadways, location of all discharge points to waters, and the location of all discharge points
        to the public sewers.
        (c) A site drainage plan, in triplicate, to a scale of 1:100 (or other appropriate scale), and
        such other particulars as are necessary to describe the premises, works, apparatus or plant
        from which the effluent is to be discharged. The site drainage plan shall clearly indicate all
        drainage on site.
        (d) An application fee of €380.00 (three hundred and eighty euros).

4.      Completed applications should be sent to:
        Senior Engineer, Drainage Division, Dublin City Council,
        Block 1, Floor 2, Civic Offices, Fishamble Street, Dublin 8.

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1      Name and address of Applicant:

                                                                 Tel. No.

2      Name and address of the Premises :

3       Number of employees at premises:

4      Date of commencement of discharge:

5      Description of the process or activity :

6      Point of discharge to waters:

7      Size and type of discharge pipe:

8      Location of sampling point:

9      Average Volume                       m3/day.

10     Maximum Volume                       m3/day.

11     Maximum rate of discharge                          litres/sec.

12     Method of flow measurement:

13     Period or periods of discharge during day:

14     Number of days worked per annum

15     Particulars of effluent treatment:


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16 Characteristics of the Trade Effluent or Sewage Effluent

Complete for all applicable characteristics giving ranges where available. Concentrations to be
expressed in mg / litre.

 CHARACTERISTIC                              PRIOR TO TREATMENT            AS DISCHARGED
 Temperature ( oC )
 Colour ( degree Hazen )
 Suspended Solids
 Settleable Solids ( ml/litre)
 Dissolved Solids
 Ammonia ( as N )
 Nitrates ( as N )
 Phosphorous ( as P )
 Sulphates ( as SO4 )
 Chlorides ( as Cl )
 Phenols ( as C6H5OH )
 Detergents ( as Methylene Blue Active
 Substances )
 Oils, fats and grease
 Metals ( Specify each )
 Organohalogen compounds (specify)
 Organophosphorous compounds (specify)
 Organotin compounds ( specify )
 Mineral oils or Hydrocarbons of Petroleum
 Other toxic substances ( specify )

Other relevant characteristics

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