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									Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology
Products for Technical Training
System Solutions for R&D Projects
Grades 5–10

                                    Auto chassis with solar          Reversible fuel cell with load     Hand generator with
                                    module                           measurement box                    reversible fuel cell

Dr FuelCell™ Model Car
                                        Model car with reversible fuel cell
    Dr FuelCell™ Model Car                                                         Areas of Application                  Curriculum Aspects
Pique your students’ interest in        Included in the package is a re-       The Dr FuelCell™ Model Car can be     Many different facets of physics
fuel cells with this fascinating car.   versible fuel cell, which works as     used for both demonstration pur-      and chemistry curricula can be
Increase your students’ awareness       both electrolyzer and fuel cell. As    poses and in practical instruction.   taught on the basis of the
for renewable energies through          an electrolyzer the cell uses the      The interest of your students is      Dr FuelCell™ Model Car:
curriculum-related experiments          energy supplied through a solar        promoted through demonstration
with an exciting new technology.        module or hand generator to            and close observation. Numerous
Powered by water and sunlight,          separate water into oxygen and         experiments enable your students        transfer
the model car represents an             hydrogen. In fuel cell operation       to practically apply the knowl-
interesting and simple gateway          the stored hydrogen is converted       edge and take part themselves.          evaluating
into solar hydrogen and fuel cell       into electrical energy and thus        In this way, curriculum-relevant
technology. Through practical           drives the electric motor of the       themes in physics and chemistry,        systems
experiments your students gain                                          -      such as electrolysis, solar energy,
hands-on experience in the rela-        dents to explore fuel cell technol-    fuel cells or energy conversion,        project-based work
tionships between energy conver-        ogy with the Dr FuelCell™ Model        generation, storage and consump-
sion, storage and consumption.          Car and give them a head-start in      tion can be taught in a fun filled         Languages available
Developed for daily use in the          this area of development.              manner. You will have fun teaching
classroom, the Dr FuelCell™                                                    and your students will have fun         German
Model Car is distinguished by its                                              learning!                               French
easy manageability and through                                                                                         Spanish
its flexible and robust construc-                                                                                       Turkish
tion and is suitable for both work-                                                                                    Arabic
ing in groups and individually.                                                                                        Japanese
Product Options        Dr FuelCell™ Model Car Complete

                                                                                              Dr FuelCell™ Model Car
                       Dr FuelCell™ Model Car Demo

   Experiments       (excerpt)

                      incident angle of the sun

                      friction, work, power, energy

                      with hydrogen technology

   Teacher’s Guide                                       Dr FuelCell™ Model Car Instruction
                                                         Material (see p. 10)
Grades 9–12


                                Solar module with               Solar module with load
                                electrolyzer                    measurement box                  load measurement box

Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit
                                      Solar Hydrogen Technology Science Kit
    Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit                                                   Areas of Application               Curriculum Aspects
Promote your students’ interest in    the fuel cell. A load measurement   The Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit        Many different facets of physics
renewable energies and future tech-   box offers the possibility of        is the perfect opportunity to       and chemistry curricula can be
nologies through independent ex-      measuring current and voltage       strengthen and demonstrate          taught on the basis of the
perimenting. With the Dr FuelCell™    with different loads. Also in-       theoretical knowledge through       Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit:
Science Kit your students can         cluded are 20 ready-made experi-    experimentation. Students are
practically experiment with what      ments, which demonstrate the        encouraged to think through
they were taught in theory – inde-    sustainable utility of fuel cells   independent experiments and
pendently or in small groups. The     and hydrogen in both chemistry      their curiosity for renewable
experimental reproduction of a        and physics lessons. In order to    energies is inspired. Ample
complete energy cycle provides        immerse even further into fuel      curriculum-oriented documenta-
your students with the opportu-       cell technology, an expansion of    tion and coordinated experiments     of characteristic curves
nity to grasp the overall concept     the Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit is     are appropriate for lessons in
of renewable energies as well as      possible with a methanol and a      both chemistry and physics,          tific experiments
closer investigation of individual    dismantlable fuel cell. Give your   through which students might, for
technologies. Included in the         students the opportunity to share   example, gain a better under-       The four books for solar hydrogen
package is a solar module, which      in the development of renewable     standing of the chemical-physical   technology provide a supporting
provides energy for the electro-      energies.                                                               function. Along with the numer-
lyzer in order to produce hydro-                                          students experiment!                ous experiments they contain ad-
gen. The hydrogen is temporarily                                                                              ditional background information
stored in measuring cylinders and                                                                             for this future technology.
converted into electrical energy in
Product Options        Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit Complete

                                                            Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit
                       Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit Basic

                       Supplement: Dismantlable fuel cell

                       Supplement: Methanol fuel cell

   Experiments       (excerpt)

                      solar cell

                      an electrolyzer, of a fuel cell


                      solar cells, fuel cells

   Teacher’s Guide
Grades 9–12

Dr FuelCell™ Professional
                                     Fuel Cell Demonstration and Practice Module

   Dr FuelCell™ Professional                                                   Areas of Application                    Curriculum Aspects
With the aid of the Dr FuelCell™     whereby electricity is generated.     Through the simple structure            Many different facets of the cur-
Professional, solar hydrogen         Both the electrical series and        and fast commissioning, the             ricula of physics, chemistry and
and fuel cell technology can be      parallel connection of the indi-      Dr FuelCell™ Professional is out-       technology can be presented on
presented and taught with out-       vidual cells can be demonstrated      standingly suited as a demonstra-       the basis of Dr FuelCell™ Profes-
                                     with the double fuel cell. The load   tion tool for teaching in order to      sional:
components and displays that are     module and the measuring unit         conduct experimental demonstra-
clear and easy to read are ideally   enable the acceptance of different     tions in front of large groups. It is
suited for presentations in front    current flows. You use a simple        also an experiment module that
of the class or larger groups.       system that does not require any      can be used by students during a
The different modules through         additional chemicals in order to      practicum. You can descriptively
which a complete energy circuit is   be able to experiment and present     convey basic knowledge of fuel
represented are found in a stable    in front of your students.            cells and solar hydrogen technol-        of characteristic curves
frame. The energy created by         The Dr FuelCell™ Science Kit makes    ogy in all scientific and technical
the solar module is used for the     the perfect supplement to this wall   fields in a clear and demonstrative      Independently of this, the main
electrolysis and water is sepa-      panel system in order to have your    manner!                                 emphasis of the instruction can be
rated into hydrogen and oxygen       students conduct purposeful                                                   shifted as needed. You can choose
in the electrolyzer. The gases are   experiments.                                                                  from 20 well-prepared basic
stored in measuring cylinders. If                                                                                  experiments – and modify them
electrical energy is required, the                                                                                 as needed or design your own
gases in the double fuel cell are                                                                                  individual experiments.
combined again to form water,
Product Options        Dr FuelCell™ Professional Complete

                                                            Dr FuelCell™ Professional
                       Dr FuelCell™ Professional Demo

                       Supplement: measuring unit

   Experiments       (excerpt)

                      solar cell

                      an electrolyzer, of a fuel cell


                      fuel cells

   Teacher’s Guide
Grades 11–12

              Take-Apart Fuel Cell Stack System
   TekStak™                                Areas of Application
Have your students dismantle            Thanks to the output range of 3 W
and rebuild fuel cells in order to      to 12 W, the TekStak™ family of
investigate the construction and        products is especially well suited
the function of a fuel cell. With the   for the application of basic and
TekStak™ family of products they        specialized knowledge of fuel
can apply the basic and special-        cells at a somewhat higher level.
ized knowledge in all natural           Applicable for all fields of natural
sciences and technical fields.           science, it is particularly well-suit-
Different fuel cell types also offer      ed for technical-oriented courses
the possibility of investigating        for dismantling the different fuel
the differences in output of the         cell types or even the completion
different cells. With an output          student projects in which their
range of 3 W to 12 W, these fuel        own small applications are real-
cells are especially well-suited for    ized.
projects. Create your own small
applications like fuel cell model
cars in order to teach beyond the
fundamentals and stimulate your
students’ desire for research!
Product Options               TekStak™ HA – Hydrogen Air

            5-cell model
                           Item No. 231

           10-cell model
                           Item No. 232

                              TekStak™ HP – High Performance


            5-cell model
                           Item No. 234

           10-cell model
                           Item No. 235

                              Recommended for Item No. 231-234:
                           Electrolyzer for hydrogen generation

                           Item No. 373
                Instruction material                                                            Instructor
                                                                                                (Notebook not included in package)

              50 W Fuel Cell Teaching and Experimenting System
    Description of Product                                                       Equipment
                                       The learning curve therefore rises    The product has a modular de-              Instructor Manual
often results in total failure. This   continuously, with no leaps. This
also applies especially to the         facilitates the introduction to the   are available. For available ver-       practicum experiments, including
teaching of technical subjects, in     technology, allowing you to hold                                              data recording and experimenting
which students often lose inter-       the attention of your audience        data sheet or contact us directly.      software.
est when they have only put an         with the increasing complexity        We will be glad to assist you.
apparatus into operation. That is      of the subject matter and to offer                                                 CD-ROM Learning Module
why the Instructor has a modular       new, exciting and more complex            Fuel Cell Module FC 50              CD with background information
                                  -    experiments from the world of         Includes a 50 W fuel cell stack         on fuel cells (in German only)
tion and training module was           fuel cell technology even after       with a fuel cell controller, hydro-
designed especially for universi-      extended use of the Instructor.                                                  Textbook
ties and vocational schools.                                                 displays for all essential system
                                       You can use the Instructor both       parameters (current, voltage, tem-      Classic textbook on fuel cell tech-
The system was designed so that        for experimental demonstrations,      perature, fuel and air supply).
it can easily be used by inexperi-     e.g., during lectures, and for
enced persons.                         experimenting in practicums. Our          Electronic Load Module EL 200           Frame
On the one hand, it includes a         product includes an extensive ex-     For manual or computer-assisted         For holding experiment panels
complete, complex 50 Watt fuel         periment manual and a software        adjustment of constant rated cur-       and cable set with all connecting
                                       package for recording data.           rents for the fuel cell for recording   cables.
On the other hand, students and        The Instructor teaches the basic      characteristic curves.
trainees can put the components        principles and the application
into operation step by step, so        knowledge on the subject of fuel         Connecting Set for Com-
that they can explore in more de-      cells: structure and functioning      pressed Gas Cylinders
tail how a fuel cell system works      principle of a fuel cell, thermody-
as their knowledge increases.          namics, characteristic curves and     hose for standard compressed gas
                                       efficiencies, systems and power         cylinders.
                             Do you want to integrate the 50 W system in a real application?
                               Constructor system solution,

„The documentation and the operation of the modules is very transparent
and logical. The students quickly understand the system and can work
with it independently. We are very satisfied with the Instructor.”

                                  Instructor – the Software

                                     Data recording                      Characteristic curves

                                             Areas of Application / Subject Areas:                 Scope of Experiments
   Optional: DC Converter VC 100         The Instructor is excellent for
                                         teaching basic knowledge and                            cell system
autonomous power supply with             system competence for technical
simultaneous supply of 12 V              subjects and occupations, e.g.
                                                                                                 of the fuel cell

   Optional:                                                                                     and temperature
Traffic Light Circuit TL 10
                                                                                                 of the fuel cell
                                         The product is also an excellent
    Optional: Metal Hydride Stor-        module for use in any “Alternative
age Canister with Refilling Kit                                                                   power supply with a fuel cell
Innovative metal hydride storage
canisters, also on an experi-
ment panel, enable convenient                                                                    power supply: How long can a fuel cell
operation for an entire practicum                                                                supply an autonomous consumer?
day without a lab gas cylinder.
Includes charging set for refilling
                                                                                                 Determination of the fuel consumption
from standard compressed gas
                                                                                                 based on the load profile.

    Optional: Hydrogen Generator
with Metal Hydride Storage
The most convenient method for
supplying the Instructor with
hydrogen. An electrolyzer is used
instead of the lab gas cylinder for
filling the metal hydride storage
canisters.                                    Teacher’s Guide
 Nexa® Training System
             1.2 kW Fuel Cell Training System
    Description of Product                                                                                           Equipment
                                      The experiments provide valu-         In order to properly supervise       The product comprises of
is based on an industrial fuel        able practical knowledge on the       the experiments conducted with
                                      design of the hydrogen storage                                             (included) and is available
                                      canister, optimum efficiency and        teaching concept for the fuel cell
                                      power, the design of the power                                        -    For available versions, please
cell module by converting it into     electronics and the size of the       ments of modern universities and
a learning product to make the        batteries needed for hybrid fuel      vocational schools.                  or contact us directly. We will be
processes fully transparent and       cell/battery powered systems.                                              glad to assist you.
to illustrate the functions of a                                            Having cooperated with universi-
real fuel cell system.                A highlight is the special applica-   ties for many years, Heliocentris       19” Fuel Cell Module
                                      tions that can be developed. In       knows what instructors need to
The high output of this hydro-        hands-on training, for example,       make their instruction as efficient
gen-operated fuel cell system         students can parameterize and         as the fuel cell itself. Detailed
motivates students to learn           simulate engine test stations         documentation, easy set-up and       reducer enables connection to
more about the safe handling of       or emergency power supplies –         operation and high safety stan-      standard compressed gas cylin-
hydrogen. All electrical and gas                                            dards are therefore standard, as     ders.
engineering connections can be        Module makes more efficient use         with all Heliocentris products.
made clearly and safely on the        of the fuel than any combustion                                                19” Power Management
front panels.                         engine.                                                                    Module
                                                                                                                 Includes the complete power
The system was developed              The LabView-based software                                                 management management com-
especially for use at universities,   included in the scope of delivery                                          ponents of the fuel cell system,
technical colleges and vocational     allows not only parameterization                                           including On/Off switch and
schools, to enable advanced ex-       of the electronic load, but also a                                         emergency shut-off, DC converter,
periments, e.g., on characteristic    transparent display of all current,                                        battery charger and inverter.
curves, efficiencies, load profiles      voltage, power, fuel consumption
and design criteria for fuel cell     and efficiency data.
                            Do you want to integrate the 1.2 kW system in a real application?
                              Nexa® System Solution,

                      Nexa® Training System – the Software

                                                               Time curve for measured values     Flow diagram

                                         Areas of Application / Subject Areas:                      Scope of Experiments
   19“ PC Module with Data
Recording                            especially suitable for lab experi-                        can conduct numerous lab experiments.
The computer and the measuring       ments with the goal of teaching
technology are also mounted in       application-related knowledge of
                                     hydrogen and fuel cells. It can be                                                                     -
side-mounted on a convenient         used in university practicums and                          tions will be sent to all customers who
swivel arm.                          in vocational schools. The main                            have already purchased the system.
                                     emphasis is on                                             The learning system is ideal for the fol-
    Documentation and Software                                                                  lowing experiments:
ing and experiment instructions,
in addition to LabView-based                                                                     teristic curves
data measuring and visualization
                                                                                                 individual components
    Optional: 19” Metal Hydride
Storage Module                                                                                   consumption of the fuel cell system
The convenient and mobile ver-
sion for hydrogen supply. One
filling is sufficient for approx. 1–2                                                               of battery capacity and type
days of operation in practicums.

compressed gas cylinders.

  Optional: 19” Electronic Load

                                                                                                Nexa and Ballard are registered
in constant current, power or
resistance mode.                                                                                Inc. and are used under license by
HP 600
             600 W Fuel Cell Learning System with Water Cooling
    Description of Product
If you want to understand the                                           -     In addition to the fuel cell sys-
overall efficiency of a fuel cell sys-                                                                                compete with a large system that
                                       already a full-blown fuel cell sys-    converter with a battery charger      fills an entire room. Your students
Because this learning system does      tem. Yet it is still a manageable      and a battery, in addition to an      will see such systems in good
not dissipate its waste heat out of    system. All of the components are      inverter, for a complete fuel cell    time. That was not our goal. We
the fuel cell via a fan; instead, it   clearly arranged on a wall panel.      hybrid system.                        wanted to create a portable learn-
has its own water cooling system,      This makes experimenting more                                                ing system that is reliable and
which makes it possible, via the       fun – and achieves very fast learn-    Is that still not enough for you?     easy to set up. Convince yourself.
adjustable operating temperature,      ing results.                           Not for us, either. That is why the   You can roll the stable transport
to analyze not only the power                                                                                       box wherever you need it.
generation, but also the thermal       In addition to the basic principles
output of the fuel cell.               of fuel cell technology, this robust   record the complex experimental
                                       system also demonstrates the           set-ups and which students can
                                       special relationships between          analyze at home.
                                       the generation of power and
                                       waste heat. The learning system
                                       allows students to examine the
                                       parameters affecting a fuel cell as
                                       used in combined heat and power
    Equipment                                                                 Areas of Application / Subject Areas:
The product is available with or          Power Electronics Unit                                             -
without an electronic load mod-       DC converter and battery charger    ments with the goal of teaching
ule. For available versions, please   including start and back-up bat-    application-related knowledge of
                                      tery for supply of 12 V consumers   hydrogen and fuel cells. Optimal-
or contact us directly. We will be    and DC/AC inverter for supply of    ly, for university practicums in the
glad to assist you.                   110V/220V AC consumers.             subjects of energy engineering,
                                                                          process engineering or electrical
   Fuel Cell System Unit                  Documentation and Software      engineering; and as a starting
                                      Detailed instruction manual         point for more in-depth examina-
cooling circuit and water/air heat    and data recording software for     tions of fuel cells.
exchanger. The hydrogen flow is        visualization of numerous system
controlled by a flow meter and is      parameters such as temperatures,
recycled through the fuel cell. The   volume flows, current, voltage
system is controlled and param-       and output.
eterized via a microcontroller.
                                         Optional: DC Electronic Load
   Hydrogen Connection Set

gas cylinders and hydrogen            in constant current, voltage or
sensor and set for leak detection     resistance mode. Integration in
to ensure safe operation of the       the software.
                                                                              The flexible modular design of this
                                                                              robust, modular fuel cell system
                                                                              solution with a fuel cell output of
                                                                              50 W facilitates integration in your
                                                                              application with a high degree of
                                                                              flexibility in the overall system

                                                                              The system solution consists of
                                                                              the fuel cell system itself (fuel cell
                                                                              stack and controller board), a hy-
                                                                              bridization module (DC converter
                                                                              with battery charger and battery),
                                                                              a pressure reducer for connection
                                                                              to metal hydride storage canisters
                                                                              (page 22) and a hydrogen flow

Constructor Fuel Cell System Solution
              50 W system – ideal for model building and portable applications

    Areas of Application                Benefits      50 W Fuel Cell System
The Constructor system solution is                The 50 W fuel cell system consists   The controller board ensures reli-
ideal for projects at universities,   system      of a stack assembly and a control-   able operation and protects the
institutes and vocational schools,                ler board. In addition to the fuel   system from overloads and short
both for individual lab setups and                cell stack, the stack assembly                                        -
for application projects. Applica-                also includes a fan for the oxygen   terface enables visualization and
tions are primarily in the field of                supply and cooling, solenoid         processing of important operat-
small power supplies (e.g., elec-                 valves for the hydrogen input and    ing parameters via the included
tronic devices, battery chargers)     standards   output, a temperature sensor and     software.
and model construction (e.g.,                     taps for cell voltage monitoring.
boats, model cars).                                                                    For operation of the system, you
                                                  The control and power connec-        need hydrogen and an external
                                                  tions to the controller board        12 V power supply or the
                                                  are established by means of a        hybridization module.
                                                  multiple connector.
The Integration Accessories       Hybridization Module                   The Hydrogen Flow Meter              Pressure Reducer for Metal
                              Adapted to the Constructor fuel        The hydrogen flow meter enables       Hydride Storage Canisters
                              cell systems, this supplementary       the exact measurement of the         The pressure reducer for metal
                              set enables the construction of        current hydrogen consumption.        hydride storage canisters securely
                              a fuel cell hybrid system. The         The data connection is established   connects the metal hydride stor-
                              DC converter with an integrated        via the controller board and the     age canisters (page 22) to the
                              battery charger delivers a rated       measured values are displayed        Constructor fuel cell system. The
                              voltage of 12 V and is specially de-   via the software included with       storage pressure, which is depen-
                              signed for the voltage and output      the fuel cell system.                dent on the state of charge and
                              level of the fuel cell system.                                              the temperature, is reduced to the

                              The connection of 12 V consumers
                              is therefore fast and easy.
                                                                                                               ule, you only need a hydrogen
                                                                          of the most widely sold fuel cell    supply and an additional external
                                                                          systems in this power class. The     power supply (AC adapter or
                                                                          reliable operation, good price-      battery) for startup and shutdown
                                                                          performance ratio and extensive      of the system. A DC converter
                                                                          accessories enable easy integra-     and an inverter are provided for
                                                                          tion and safe operation of the       conditioning the electric output
                                                                          system.                              power. The electronic load and
                                                                                                               the resistance load allow you to
                                                                                                               test your own system set-up under
                                                                                                               defined load conditions.

Nexa® Fuel Cell System Solution
               1.2 kW Power for your Applications
    Areas of Application                Benefits                               The Nexa® Fuel Cell System
The Nexa® system solution is                                              When hydrogen is supplied, the       The software provides you with
ideal for projects at universities    cell system                         1200 W fuel cell system delivers     more than 20 relevant data sets
and institutes, both for individual                                       uncontrolled DC voltage.             on the operating behavior of the
lab setups and for application                                                                                 fuel cell system and offers the
projects. Industrial enterprises                                    -     The fans, pumps, valves, control     option of data recording.
who wish to set up initial product    tion program for integration into   and monitoring electronics are in-
samples can also use the Nexa®        applications                        tegrated components of the Nexa®     The starter kit includes additional
                                                                                                               components to facilitate start-up
reference system.                     standards                                                                of the system: hydrogen supply
                                                                          The included software, the starter   line, lab basin, load relay, inter-
                                                                          kit and the documentation make
field of drive systems (e.g., boats,                                       the system a complete test and       connecting cables.
                                  -                                       integration platform.
                                                                                                               The documentation provides an
autonomous power supplies).                                                                                    introduction to the subjects of
                                                                                                               hydrogen generation, hydrogen
                                                                                                               storage, hydrogen safety and, of
                                                                                                               course, fuel cell technology.
   The Integration Accessories                   DC Converter                           NEW in 2008 – Drive Set
The integration accessories can be           with Battery Charger                    The drive set allows you to ex-
used to implement diverse system             With the DC converter and the           pand the fuel cell hybrid system,
combinations.                                included battery set, a fuel cell
                                             hybrid system can be set up very        Module and a DC converter, into a
our product data sheet or contact                                                    drive system.
us directly. We will be glad to
assist you in putting together an            The DC converter converts the           The drive set consists of a robust
optimum system.                              unregulated voltage of the fuel cell    motor controller with pulse width
                                             into a regulated rated voltage of       modulation, an efficient, low-
                                                                                     maintenance DC disk rotor motor,
                                             charged via the charging function       an accelerator pedal and a revers-
                                             of the DC converter.                    ing contactor, in addition to the

                                             The included software provides          The components are optimized so
                                             information on the battery charg-       that they can easily be assembled
                                             ing cycles and allows adjustment        to form an integrated drive
                                             of battery charging parameters.         system.
                                             The DC converter and the Nexa®
                                                                                         Electronic Load
                                             on and off via an external control       For setting constant current,
                                             panel, which also displays operat-      resistance and power values.
                                             ing parameters for both compo-
                                             nents. The fuel cell system starts      computer-assisted recording of
                                             the automatic charging function         characteristic curves.
                                             for recharging the batteries when
                                             the charge drops below a configu-           Resistance Load
                                             rable voltage level.                                                  -
                                                                                     tion of electric consumers and for
                                                                                     recording characteristic curves.

                                                                                     The DC/AC inverter converts

                                                                                     DC converter into the voltage of
                                                                                     al consumers.

                                                                                         AC Adapter
                                                                                     If you do not use a battery,
                                                                                     the AC adapter provides the
                                                                                     power necessary for startup and


                                                                                         Protective Diode
                                                                                     The protective diode protects the
                                                                                     fuel cell from any load-specific
                                                                                     reverse currents.

                                                                                         Connecting Set for Com-
                                                                                     pressed Gas Cylinders
                                                                                     1-stage cylinder pressure reducer
                                                                                     for connection of standard com-
                                                                                     pressed hydrogen cylinders to

                                     Nexa and Ballard are registered trademarks of

                                     license by Heliocentris.
        With the system program, based          … optimum support from one            Areas of Application
                                                 source on your way from the
                                           -     laboratory to the series produc-       prototypes
        mally adapt the system output to         tion solution
                                                We provide appropriate evalua-

                                                                                      Example Applications
        closed cathode.                         and reliably. Thus, you receive a
                                                flexible and compact fuel cell sy-       lightweight vehicles, special
                                                                                  -     vehicles)
                                                well as the design of prototypes        bined heat and power systems,
                                                significantly easier for you. We                                    -
                                                are also pleased to provide other       plies).
                                                integration accessories such as
                                                humidifiers, filters and hydrogen
                                                                                        motor homes, special vehicles)
                                                connection sets.
                                                Do you want to go one step fur-
                                                ther and plan the production line
                                                use of this technology platform?
                                                We are pleased to jointly develop
                                                a customized system for your se-
                                                ries production product with you.

    360-1440 W Fuel Cell System Solution FC-42
               The Flexible Integration Package for Your Application

                                                   FC-42 –                                                                   Your Benefits
                                               The Modular Fuel Cell Series           Due to its modularity and com-
Single stack                                                                          pactness, this fuel cell platform    current due to corresponding
                                                                                      is suitable for a wide range of      interconnection of up to four
                                                                                      applications. Innovative materials
                                                                                      and special production technology
                                               possible the bundling of indi-         are suitable for large volume pro-   design of the cooling system and
                                                                                                                           simple extraction of useful heat
Double stack                                                                          benefits possible for low volume      possible
                                               connection. In addition to the         production.
                                                                                      Technical Data for Base Module
                                                                                                                           operation at increased ambient
                                                                                      (single stack)
                                                                                                                           temperatures possible
                                                                                      Rated output:
Triple stack                                   and efficiently.                         Fuel:
                                                                                                                           the use of conventional cooling
                                                                                      Cooling medium:                      media possible
                                                                                      Operating temperature:
                                                                                                                           are exchangeable
                                                                                                                           duction costs and increased ease
Quadruple stack
                                                                                                                           of maintenance due to tested
                                                                                                                           standard modules
                                                                                                The control module can be

included in the delivery.                                              to the most important functions and parame-

     FC-42 Evaluation Kit –                                   Your Benefits
 The Modular System Platform for                                                            -
 the FC-42 Stack Series               two versions:        ably and gently
                                                      -                                  -
 forms a modular system periphery                          nal measurement technology or
                                                           technical process components in
 you receive everything you need                           the lines between media module

 operation easily and reliably, for
 testing and to operate in con-
                                                           tion immediately and thus save
 nection with your application as
                                                           development time
 electricity source.
 You can operate the modules

 however also integrate into                               and test facility
 prototypes.                                                                                    -

                                                           for creating application-oriented

                                                          The information presented here about
                                       Hydrogen Generation                   Hydrogen Generators HG15 /
                                       through Electrolysis               30 / 60
                                                                          The hydrogen generators of the
                                    The electrolyzer used depends on
                                    the output of the fuel cell system
                                                                          are suitable for generating the
                                    to be supplied and especially
                                                                          hydrogen needed for diverse fuel
                                    on the ratio of operating time to
                                                                          cell applications. The integrated
                                    standby time. In addition to the
                                                                          gas treatment enables both the
                                    HG series, we also offer custom-
                                                                          direct supply of fuel cell systems
                                    ized electrolysis systems for your
                                                                          and filling of metal hydride storage
                                                                          canisters. An optional interface
                                                                          card allows cascading of up to 10

                                       Hydrogen Storage                      Metal Hydride Storage Canisters
                                                                          These metal hydride storage
                                    Due to the high volumetric energy
                                                                          canisters can be used in compact
                                    density and the low storage pres-
                                                                          mobile systems with limited stor-
                                    sure, metal hydride storage can-
                                                                          age space or in efficient stationary
                                    isters are suitable for the efficient
                                                                          systems. The canisters are avail-
                                    intermediate storage of hydrogen.
                                    High pressure storage tanks, on
                                    the other hand, feature higher
                                                                          cascaded depending on the stor-
                                    gravimetric energy density and
                                    fast filling and emptying. In addi-
                                                                          can be filled using a hydrogen
                                    tion to the metal hydride storage
                                                                          generator of the HG series or the
                                    canisters, we also offer individual
                                                                          charging set for metal hydride can-
                                    hydrogen storage solutions.
                                                                          isters (in this case, an additional
                                                                          special compressed gas cylinder is

                                       Hydrogen Accessories and               Charging Set for Metal Hydride
                                       Safety                             Storage Canisters
                                                                          The charging set is used for refill-
                                                                          ing metal hydride storage canis-
                                                                          ters from standard compressed
                                                                          gas cylinders. The set consists of

Solutions for Hydrogen Generation                                         a single-stage cylinder pressure
                                                                          reducer and a connecting hose

and Storage                                                                   Pressure Reducer and Connect-
We offer diverse solutions for                                             ing Elements
hydrogen generation and storage,    of the hydrogen is necessary. We      For connecting a hydrogen canister
as well as the supply of hydrogen   offer metal hydride storage can-       to a fuel cell system, you need
for your application. Hydrogen      isters with various capacities for    special connecting elements and
generators of various power                                               a pressure reducer. We offer pres-
classes and special compressed      the hydrogen supply to your fuel      sure reducers with connecting
gas cylinders are available.        cell system we have ready-made        elements for the various canisters
                                    standard components or custom-        and fuel cell systems.
                                    ized special solutions.
                                                                             Hydrogen Safety Package
                                                                          The safety package consists of a
                                                                          uid. The sensor is used for flexible
                                                                          room monitoring and for leak test-
                                                                          ing; it has different warning levels
                                                                          and a display for determining the

                                                                          allows you to visualize leaks.
                                            Ofrecemos asesoramiento personalizado a sus necesidades.

                                       VENTUS Ciencia Experimental junto con Heliocentris están especializados en el equipamiento
                                       de toda la tecnología relacionada con el hidrógeno y las pilas de combustible.
                                       Un sistema óptimo de hidrógeno y pila de combustible que cumplan con las expectativas
                                       deseadas no siempre es posible simplemente adquiriendo componentes sueltos. En muchos
                                       casos requiere una adecuación individual a las necesidades del cliente. Le invitamos a
                                       consultarnos sin ningún compromiso

                                            Suministramos todos los componentes necesarios para su proyecto.

                                       Realizamos instalaciones completas, tanto para docencia como para investigación. Desde la
                                       generación de hidrógeno, su almacenamiento y la generación de energía eléctrica a partir de
                                       sistemas de pila de combustible.
                                       Disponemos generadores de hidrógeno, depósitos de hidruro metálico, pilas de combustible a
                                       partir de 50W, cargas electrónicas, convertidores, inversores, detectores de seguridad de

                                            Realizamos la instalación, puesta en marcha y formación en sus instalaciones

                                       Ofrecemos la posibilidad de realizar la puesta en marcha del material adquirido en las
                                       instalaciones del cliente, así como formación sobre el funcionamiento de cada uno de los
                                       elementos suministrados.
                                       Junto con Heliocentris ofrecemos un servicio postventa de repuestos así como reparaciones.

                                                                                                   Los siguientes clientes han
                                                                                                   confiado en VENTUS:

                                                                                                     Universidad de Vigo
                                                                                                     Universidad del País Vasco
                                                                                                     Universidad Pontificia de Comillas
                                                                                                     Universidad de Huelva
                                                                                                     Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
                                                                                                     Universidad Politécnica Valencia
                                  PROYECTO HIDROSOLAR                                                Unversidad Politécnica de Madrid
     Equipos usados: Nexa Training System - Generador de hidrógeno - Hidruros metálicos              Universidad de Oviedo
                                                                                                     Unversidad Castilla-La Mancha
                                                                                                     Universidad de Burgos
                                                                                                     Instituto Tecnología Eléctrica
                                                                                                     Fundación Hidrógeno de Aragón
                                                                                                     Instituto Tecnológico de Canarias
                                                                                                     Ins. Energía Renovables Albacete
                            LABORATORIO DE PILAS DE COMBUSTIBLE
Equipos usados: Profesional, Instructor, Módulo Nexa, Generador de hidrógeno, Hidruros metálicos
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