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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Frequently Asked Questions regarding by vmarcelo


                              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Frequently Asked Questions regarding MICIT

Question 1. What is Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd?

       A. Please       click     on       following      link       for      the       details
 In order to achieve the mission of MKCL, The IT
          Literacy program of MKCL is run through its Authorized Centers. MKCL gives
          authorizations to the organizations/educational institutes that are interested in
          achieving this mission. The approval is given when the applicant goes through
          certain defined process of MKCL. This process of granting authorizations to centers
          is called as New Center Registration Process. The authorization remains valid for
          one calendar year and needs to be renewed every year.

Question 2. What is Master Franchisee (MF)?

       A. MF/s means the Master Franchisee/s empanelled by MKCL for
             • Creation of the Authorised Learning Centres (ALC) as per norms of MKCL
             • Creation of their own ALC as a lead center.

Question 3. What is Applicant Organization (AO)?

       A. Applicant Organization is a company which applies through the Master Franchisee to
          MKCL in the prescribed form for being registered as an ALC for running the Courses
          under that respective Master Franchisee.

Question 4. What is Authorized Learning Center (ALC)?

       A. ALC is an Authorized Learning Center of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd
          who is given an authority to conduct various courses.

Question 5. What is the minimum number of computers required by an ALC?

       A. ALC requires minimum 6 Computers (5 Client Machines + 1 Server Machine in city
          area) (configuration as per MKCL Norms)

Question 6. Will MKCL give certificate affiliated to any University/organisation?

       A. No. MKCL will give its own certificate. MKCL by design has not taken any affiliation
          from any university/ council.

Question 7. Should Master Franchisee run its own center?

       A. Yes. MF must have its own ALC so as to understand and experience the core process
          of learning and facilitation. It should also establish as one of the best and ideal ALC of
          the state in terms of quality as well as quantity. The center run by a MF should have
          at least 10 + 1 computers

Question 8. What will be the period of the agreement for Master Franchisee?

       A. The Master Franchisee will sign the agreement for three year which can be renewed
          as per MKCL norms.
                              FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Question 9. What will Master Franchisee get from these operations?

       A. Master Franchisee will get Rs. 100/- per learner for MICIT.

Question 10. When will you launch the MICIT course?

       A. MICIT will be launched from July 1, 2008. The first batch will start from 21st July
          2008 in every ALC.

Question 11. How many Master Franchisees will be created in a given state?

       A. There will not be more than 8-10 Master Franchisees in a state. The number of Master
          Franchisees depends upon the population of the state, strong proposal of Applicant
          organization Master Franchisees and many other parameters.

Question 12. How many ALCs will be created in one state?

       A. We need to have presence in every district initially. MKCL can give as many ALCs
           depending upon the population and the population density as well as scenario of
           the educational Institutes. The decision will be taken in consultation with concerned
           MF and SLC. There is no restriction presently on the number of centers as well as
           geographical jurisdiction for granting any ALC. Sustenance of ALC will be given a
           though in first place.

Question 13. Can only MICIT operations sustain the business operation of any ALC?

       A. It depends on the number of Learners we enroll for MICIT. Sustainability depends on
            volume of business. ALC can continue with other allied business as well as other
            franchisee operations. Further to this ALC will get a lot of other courses.

Question 14. What is the minimum area required for starting an ALC?

       A. There should be comfortable space for the learner in the computer lab and
          classroom. The space requirement depends on number of machines and respective
          number of learners.

Question 15. Can ALC start two or more Centres once they become ALC?

       A. Authorization is given only to the applied location. In case any ALC wants to start
          another Centre then they will have to apply again for new location.

Question 16. Can ALC conduct other courses at the same location authorised by other

       A. Yes, provided they do not divert the admission. If any Learner approaches ALC for
          MKCL courses then they must convince him for taking admission to MKCL courses

Question 17. Will MKCL provide license software for all the machines?
                           FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
       A. MKCL will provide licensed software for the number of computers declared by the
          ALC in the application form. This resource is licensed for conducting courses
          provided by MKCL.

Question 18. What is the intake capacity for an ALC?

       A. For an Authorized Learning Center the minimum Intake capacity per MICIT batch is
          120 and changes depending on no. of client machines.

           o   The process of calculating this is based on the following initial conditions.
           o   The intake capacity of an ALC is dependent on the number of computers.
           o   The minimum number of computers (Client machines) required by an ALC is 5.
           o   The student to PC ratio is 2:1 i.e.1 PC is used for 1 hr by 2 learners.
           o   Each learner has 6 lab sessions and 6 classroom sessions in a week.
           o   There are 24 learners everyday on 1 PC as we can have 12 separate batches of 2
               hrs(1 hr theory and 1 hr practical) each every day. This is considering 12 hr of
               operations every day.
           o   For an Authorized Learning Center the minimum Intake capacity per MICIT
               batch is calculated as follows
           o   5*2*12=120.
           o   PC*learners per PC*no. of batches everyday*swap factor.

Question 19. Will there be different fee structure for rural and urban Learners?

       A. No. Since the operational cost of the ALC remains same in urban as well as rural area
          such differentiation cannot be imposed.

Question 20. Will there be any charges for starting net banking account?

       A. MKCL will provide net banking account to ALC at no extra cost.

Question 21. Who will bear the study material cost?

       A. MKCL will provide the study material. The cost of the same is included in the fees.
          The study material will be delivered to ALC at no extra cost. The ALC will not charge
          any additional amount to the learner for the study material

Question 22. Who will bear the Advertising cost?

       A. MKCL will publish advertisement on State and National Level in major mediums like
          Press, Radio and T V. Local level, individual or area centric advertising and
          promotions will be done by ALC and MF.

Question23. How much money an ALC needs to give?

    A. The ALC has to pay Rs. 18, 500/- .The break up of this is as follows:

       Annual Registration Cost=Rs. 3500/-
       Deposit for course material= Rs. 5000/-(refundable)
       MKCL ERA Software License cost= Rs.10,000/-

Question24. How much money AOMF needs to give?
                             FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

      A. The MF has to pay a refundable deposit of Rs. 1 lakh. Further to this the MF is
         required to pay Rs. 18, 500/- for running an ALC.

Question 25. What are the list of documents required by AO ALC?

      A. Please add here……………………………………………………………………………………………………

Question 26. What support will the MF provide to the ALC?

      A. Following is the role of MF with respect to ALC.
             a. Informing the offering of MKCL to AO ALCs
             b. Conducting seminars of AO ALCs
             c. Handholding AO ALC during the registration process of ALC
             d. Orientation of ALC staff from time to time
             e. Create Regional Center, District Center (One each) in respective regions for
                coordinating the activities
             f. Supporting ALCs for Promotion and Marketing
             g. Facilitating them for the conduct of the MKCL program
             h. Administrative support to MKCL & SLC for communication, coordination
                with ALCs
             i. Handholding ALC for transformation

Question 27. Does the MF charge any amount from the AO ALC?

      A. NO. MF will not charge any amount from AO ALC during the registration process for
         starting ALC.

Question 29. How can Learning Facilitator understand MICIT course?

      A. All the guidelines are given on MKCL website. ALC will receive Learning Facilitator
         Kit from MKCL when AO ALC is approved as ALC. MF will deliver this CD and will
         also train the LF on how to use it. LF will also to refer to Day-wise breakup and
         norms published on MKCL website.

Question 30. Is there any way I can come to know whether my Center will be able to
             generate profits out of this?

      A. Please refer to AO ALC registration process presentation. Before drawing the
         Demand draft for registration AO ALC has to download the excel sheet from the
         website. This excel sheet is designed to understand the feasibility of the ALC while
         conducting the MICIT course. AO ALC can change the figures as per their local
         conditions and financial situations. Then this excel sheet will give the profit figures.

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