Managing Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies by hcj


									Managing Disasters and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
Boston University School of Public Health
LOCATION: DATE: TIME: COURSE DIRECTOR: CREDITS: TUITION & FEES (GRADUATE): TUITION & FEES (UNDERGRADUATE): O n t he w eb at htt p: // si i h Cert if i cat e Descri ption The incidence and severity of public health emergencies due to violent armed conflict and natural disasters continue to affect large numbers of people and even larger amounts of property. Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs) now affect most regions of the world, and the violent and chaotic nature of CHEs has produced an enormous burden on relief efforts due to population displacement, morbidity and mortality. This certificate program, offered by the Department of International Health at Boston University, prepares participants to function effectively in emergency relief situations. Topics covered include causes and consequences of disasters, initial responses, and meeting basic needs such as food, water, healthcare, and shelter. Specific attention will be paid to potential public health problems and interventions. This program also emphasizes critical field management, coordination, logistical skills, project design, and monitoring and evaluation. Methods to phase out emergency relief efforts and manage the transition to longer-term sustainable development are also explored. Certificate Director Monica Onyango, RN, MPH, MS, trained in general nursing and midwifery at the Kenya Medical Training College, received a Diploma in Advanced Nursing at the University of Nairobi, an MPH (International Health) at Boston University, and an MS from School of Nursing, Boston College. She is also a state registered nurse in Massachusetts. Monica is currently completing her PhD (Nursing) at Boston College. Her experiences include working in Kenyan hospitals in nursing management positions and teaching at the school of nursing in Nairobi. Her most recent work includes relief and development with international nongovernmental organizations in South Sudan, Angola, and a refugee camp in Kenya. Who Should Apply? This course attracts a diverse group of MPH candidates and working professionals. It is designed to impart the skills and knowledge required in disaster relief work and is suitable for participants from a variety of backgrounds and different levels of experience. How Do I Apply? The application for the Summer Institute is available online at Contact: Kasey Oliver Phone: +1-617-638-5887 Email: Web: Boston University School of Public Health July 21 – August 15, 2008 M-F 9:00am - 4:30pm Monica Onyango 8 Credits $9,136 $5,640

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