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                                                                                SOLAR WASHINGTON

                 Solar Energy seminar
Today’s solar technology offers many options for your home
or business. Not only is solar power good for the environ-
ment, but it will also be good for your bottom-line by creat-
ing billing credits through the PUD’s Net Metering program.
Don’t waste another sunny day in Snohomish County before
you check out all your solar options at this free event.

   Featuring Jeremy Smithson
      of Puget Sound Solar
Jeremy Smithson combined his 30+ years of construction
experience with his interest in solar energy to form Puget
                               Sound Solar five years ago. Since then, he has installed over 100 kilowatts of
                               photovoltaic systems and over 30 solar water heating systems. His current goals for
                               the company include the introduction of 10-kilowatt PV systems for businesses
                               that take maximum advantage of the incentives that are available today, as well as
                               improving installation methods to make solar energy more cost-effective.

      Friday, August 25, 2006 • 10 am to 12 pm (2 hours)
                     PUD Electric Building Headquarters • 2320 California Street • Everett
                     RSVP required: Terri Hooper, 425-783-8275 or

                                                  Solar Incentives
    There is a 30% tax credit for systems brought on-line in 2006 and 2007 with a cap of $2,000 for homes and no cap for
     businesses. Solar hot water systems are also eligible.
     Sales Tax Exemption
          By state law, the 8.8% sales tax is waived on purchase of the photovoltaic equipment and the installation of a PV system.
          This is in WA state and is applicable until 2011.
     Net Metering
          Net metering allows solar power producers to send excess solar energy to the utility grid as a method of storage for later
          use. Power sent back to the utility grid is credited at the retail rate. As of 2006, systems up to 100kW are allowed to
     Production Incentive Payments
          A bill was passed by the Washington State Legislature in 2005 that authorizes utilities to pay 15¢/kWh for every kWh a
          solar and/or wind system produces. This program is scheduled to begin on July 1, 2006. If you buy an inverter manufactured
          in Washington state, the 15¢ is boosted to 18¢/kWh.
Green Tags
     Earn 5¢/kWh for everything your PV system produces for the next five years by selling your system’s environmental attributes
     (bragging rights) as green tags.

                  For more information, contact Chris Fate at 425-783-8274 or

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