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									                                     Work to be Handed In

During the semester, you will hand in the following work on the indicated dates:

     Memo and computations for Prestige Telephone Company, 1/28.
     Memo and statistical analyses, Cenex and Burd and Fletcher, 2/4.
     Memo and computations, Hanson Manufacturing Company, 2/11
     Memo and computations, Waltham Motors Division, 3/4.
     Memo for HCC Industries, 3/29.

Written case analyses (five-page maximum):
       Memo and typed answers to assignment questions for Reichard Maschinen GmbH
               (five-page maximum not including exhibits), 2/18.
       Memo and typed answers to assignment questions for Hawthorne Plastics Co. (five-page
               maximum not including exhibits), 4/27.

Participation self-evaluation form, 3/2

Group work: Timetables and first draft agendas, 3/30
            Progress reports, proposed visual aids, and final agenda, 4/1.
            Final visual aids, 4/6
            Group recommendation memo and supporting arguments, Company A, 4/8, 6:00
            Group recommendation memo and supporting arguments, Company B, 4/13, 6:00
            Group solution to Brockway and Coates (memo and decision trees), 4/29

Each of the five homework assignments you will hand in is worth two percent of your grade.
Each set of homework computations must be accompanied by a one- or two-page memo
providing a recommendation concerning the decision to be made and a justification for the
recommendation (i.e., what does your analysis indicate the decision-maker should do and why?).
The write-up is worth half the value of the assignment.

The written portion of your homework assignments has two objectives. First, it will emphasize
the point that numbers with no accompanying analysis have little value. An explanation of the
nature of the results you are presenting and their usefulness and relevance to the issues at hand
will be necessary to give meaning to your computations. The second purpose is to provide
feedback from the Department's communications specialists on your writing skills before you
hand in your written case analyses.

Your one- or two-page memo should be produced on a word processor and printed out on a laser
printer (ink jet and dot matrix are also “ok” as long as the product is easily legible). Your work
should be double-spaced with one-inch margins all around. You should use at least a 12-point

Below, I provide specific advice about the format and content of your homework memos.

1/28 - Prestige Telephone Company. Write a memo in which you recommend a course of action
to Daniel Rowe. Discuss each of his options and the outcome you would predict from taking
that action. Estimate the change in contribution that would result from dropping Data Services.
You will need to make some assumption to proceed with your estimates, so explain the
assumptions you made and the reasons.

2/4 – Cenex & Burd and Fletcher. Write a one-page memo for each case. For Cenex prepare a
forecast of crude oil prices from the data in Exhibit 2. Examine several models, recommend a
model to Kevin Lindemer, and justify your selection. Should Lindemer be concerned that a
model based on national statistics might not reflect local conditions? If not, why not? If so,
what should Lindemer do to address this concern? For Burd and Fletcher, provide John Young
with an estimate of the cost of the job he wants to bid on. Explain you estimate and justify your
method of arriving at it. Advise John Young regarding the bid he should make on the job and
the financial and nonfinancial issues he should consider before submitting his bid.

2/11 - Hanson Manufacturing Company. Write a memo to Paul Hanson in which you
recommend whether he should drop product 103 or change the price of product 101. Help him
determine which of his products is most profitable and explain how you are measuring
profitability. Also, explain what appears to have caused a return to profitability in early 1974.

3/4 – Waltham Motors Division. Write a memo in which you evaluate the performance report in
Exhibit 1 and the accountant’s analysis of it. What clue does your breakeven computation give
you that something is awry in the performance of the Waltham Motors Division? Prepare your
own analysis and justify any changes you make. How would you evaluate division performance
based on your analysis? Is there anything to cheer about? Recommend any changes you would
make in reporting and management.

3/25 - HCC Industries. Write a memo telling Andy Goldfarb whether your believe the
problems he is encountering with his new evaluation system are due to an inappropriate
evaluation philosophy or a clumsy implementation of the new evaluation system. Explain your
conclusion. Also, inform Andy of any other problems you foresee with his new evaluation
system and explain why.

In addition to these short written homework assignments, you will be asked to hand in two
written case analyses. Descriptions of those assignments are included with the case assignment
questions on the homepage either through “Course Materials” or at the due date in “Schedule of

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