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					Who Are Emergent
Emergent is a generative friendship among missional Christian leaders around the world headed by Brian McLaren, pastor, church planter and author (" A New Kind of Christian" etc.). His church info can be found on line at http://www.crcc.org/about/staff.htm . Emergent is a cross-denominational resourcing and training network for emerging churches and missional communities.

Leadership: emergent is led by Senior Fellows: 12 people, who are church practitioners (pastors) from several denominations, engaging with theology, and creative arts, who act as "Hosts" to invite others into a relationship and discussion with "Emergent", to further the missional Christian life.

Jason Clark is a church planter, and a senior fellow, with responsibility for overseeing Emergent's development in the UK, and the international development for Emergent. His church info and bio can be found on line at www.vineyardchurch.org and http://jason.clark.name .

Upcoming Events in 2003
1. Theological symposium and discussion, early 2003. 2. Refresh: Early summer 2003, a Learning Party: contents to include: Exploring and practicing various spiritual disciplines developed and cherished through church history, including lectio divina, Ignatian reading, walking a labyrinth, Bible study/quiet time, journaling, and contemplative and other types of prayer— some practiced privately and others together. Also classes on life, faith and mission on postmodern culture, and visits to art galleries and museums led by Christian artists. 3. National conference, Autumn 2003 for pastors and leaders on missional church. Further Info: International - www.emergentvillage.com UK - jason@emergent-uk.org UK Office: 020 8661 6373 Emergent-uk, Vineyard House, 4 Greenford Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5NB.