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Creative Collage & Mixed Media as Self Expression


									Creative Collage & Mixed Media as Self Expression
Untitled Collage by Laurie Tanner.

Proposal of Instruction by Laurie Tanner: The idea of this class is to manipulate the creative technique of collage as a tool for self expression. The class will begin with a very brief history of collage and the knowledge of different forms of collage as well as examples of collage including previous work created by the instructor. Varying themes will be offered as creative inspiration but the students are encouraged to follow their own thoughts of self expression. This first session will then include reviewing sources of collage material which the students will be required to bring to class. Images will then be selected from these sources by each student individually to begin the creative process. The 2nd session will continue with the creative process of selecting images and creating the collage by adding mixed media elements such as pastel and ink. The third & fourth sessions of this class will finalize the creative process and introduce the framing process to form a completed and framed collage. Duration: The class will be held in 4 separate sessions for four consecutive weeks. Each session will be 60 minutes in length. Brief definition: A collage (From the French: coller, to glue) is a work of formal art, primarily in the visual arts, made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole. Use of this technique made its dramatic appearance among oil paintings in the early 20th century as an art form of groundbreaking novelty. An artistic collage work may include newspaper clippings, ribbons, bits of colored or hand-made papers, portions of other artwork, photographs, and such, glued to a piece of paper or canvas. The term collage derives from the French "coller" meaning "glue". This term was coined by both Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso in the beginning of the 20th century when collage became a distinctive part of modern art. Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed. Mixed media tends to refer to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media. For example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink, and collage could properly be called a "mixed media" of work.

Many interesting effects can be achieved by using mixed media. Often, found objects are used in conjunction with traditional artist media, such as paints and graphite, to express a meaning in the everyday life. In this manner, many different elements of art become more flexible than with traditional artist media. Self Expression: Expression of one's own personality, feelings, or ideas, as through speech or art: “Self-expression must pass into communication for its fulfillment”.

Section of “Peace Collage” created by Laurie Tanner. Collage consists of mixed media elements of ink and pastel with glued images and handcrafted papers. The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself. –Anais Nin

Materials Needed:     Resource materials of particular interest, examples: magazines, newspapers, art papers, fabrics and post cards. Set of colored pastels or colored pencils (or student’s preference). One pencil. One marker or pen.

Materials Provided:      One glue stick. One bottle of rubber cement. One ruler. Paper or board for collage to be anchored. *One black frame with white mat board approximately 8”x10”. (This must be purchased separately at a cost of $13. Students may prefer to use or purchase a particular frame on their own.)

Students are encouraged to bring additional artistic materials to class such as set of markers and pens. Instructor will provide information as to where students can gather more resources and materials if necessary. Instructor will also provide additional resource materials when possible.

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