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									                        Council Realignment Overview & FAQ

       Girl Scouts of the USA has brought together a leadership group of volunteers to work
on a Core Business Strategy that will help Girl Scouts to become the premier voice for girls.
Driven by new realities in the world at large, Girl Scouts has undergone an unprecedented
Movement-wide review in which all facets of our organization – from our structure to our
fund-raising – have come under assessment. We call it the Core Business Strategy, and it is
the vehicle that will help us align our operations with our vision of meeting the needs and
challenges of the girls of today and beyond.

        As part of this realignment effort, our council jurisdiction will change. The Palm
Glades Council and the Girl Scouts of Broward County began the realignment process in
April 2007. These changes will position the newly formed council as a high-capacity, high
performing council, with close to 288,000 girls ages 5-17. The new council will serve almost
20,000 girls in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River and Okeechobee
Counties when it begins operation on October 1, 2008.

Q: What is a high-capacity council?

  A: Drawn from the current research on high-capacity organizations around the world,
GSUSA developed a definition for a high-capacity council to help create a vision for every
new council that will be formed through realignment. A high-capacity council is one that:

   •   has leadership that inspires, prioritizes, makes decisions, provides directions, and
       innovates—all in an effort to achieve the organization’s aspirations;
   •   Is adaptive and exhibits a high degree of flexibility;
       Exhibits seamless integration and coordination of effort among departments,
       programs and services; and
   •     Has the ability to design and implement superior organizational functions that
       maximize services for its members and constituents.

Q: Why change council boundaries?

    A: In its research, GSUSA found that many councils were not meeting the criteria of a
truly effective council, including access to resources, the percentage of girls they were
serving, and the infrastructure to support changes in program development and delivery
systems. GSUSA developed a set of 10 criteria of high-capacity councils before deciding
whether and how council boundaries should be realigned. The most important criteria was
“Does the council have access to resources sufficient to deliver a consistent, outcome-based,
girl-centric Girl Scout program? Is there an adequate population base with at least 100,000
girls ages 5-17? Are local financial resources adequate, with household incomes totaling at
least $15 billion?” After determining that realignment was the most effective way to create
high-capacity councils, a task group was formed to recommend how councils should realign.
Before the realignment process began, there were more than 300 Girl Scout councils in the
United States. Under the current recommendation from the Mapping Task Group, there will
be 115 high-capacity councils.
Q: How will our aligning with the Palm Glades Council impact our ability to serve girls?

   A: Both Palm Glades and Broward County Councils are committed to ensuring that
providing quality leadership development opportunities for girls is our number one priority.
We know that by aligning our resources—our volunteers, our staff, our funding
opportunities—we will be even better equipped to support the needs of our newly-formed
high-capacity council.

Q: How do we get more information and ask questions?

    A: We will continue to use the "Bulletin" and "Girls On The Go" as a way to share
information and I encourage you to visit this realignment page on our website for the answers
to some of your other questions, including what happens during the merger process, how the
new board will be selected, how the CEO will be selected, what happens to the staff, what
about our property (Camp Telogia, Camp Nocatee & GSLEC) … and more.
    Another great source of information is the official Core Business Strategy website, which
is constantly being updated by GSUSA. You can find a link on our realignment page, or visit for more information.

Q. How can I be involved?

    A. Over the next 12-18 months, there will be tremendous opportunities to be involved in
the process. Specifically, a number of committees will be formed to help develop the
blueprint of what will be our new council. These committees will include volunteers, staff and
other outside experts. If you are interested in working on any of these committees, please
contact, Leslie Roth, Broward County CEO at 954-739-7660, ext, 222.

Sub-Committees will include:

   •   CEO Search Sub-Committee
   •   Communications Sub-Committee
   •   Finance Sub-Committee
   •   Governance/Corporate Structure Sub-Committee
   •   Human Resources Sub-Committee
   •   Property Sub-Committee
   •   Service Delivery/Operations Sub-Committee

Q: So what’s next?

    A: This is an exciting time! We will continue to send out periodic updates as new
information becomes available. We have also created this page on our website dedicated to
the latest realignment news. This realignment process will not only position us to serve more
girls, but will also reinforce our position as a premier voice for girls and a leading expert on
their growth and development.

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