What is a test of financial resources Do I have to have a �Means by homers


									The aim of the grant system is to provide         Applying the test
financial help for those who can least afford
                                                  Owner Occupiers/Tenants
to pay for works to their properties.
                                                  The test calculates average weekly income,
Therefore applicants will be subject to a test
                                                  taking account of any savings above a certain
of financial resources (means test).
                                                  limit set by Government (savings below this
                                                  are ignored as are certain state benefits). This
What is a test of financial                       is then set against an assessment of basic needs
resources?                                        which are recognised by a range of allowances.

A test of financial resources establishes what    If resources are less than this assessment, then
an applicant’s financial contribution towards     there will not normally be a need to contribute
the cost of grant works would be.                 to the cost of the works. Applicants on
                                                  income support or income-based jobseekers
                                                  allowance will not normally have to make a
Do I have to have a ‘Means Test’ to               contribution although this will not necessarily
obtain a grant?                                   be the case if anyone else is being assessed.

Yes, the Council has decided that all             If resources are more than the assessment, then
applicants for grants have to undergo a test of   a proportion of income will be used to
financial resources.                              calculate the amount of the financial
                                                  contribution. This contribution is then
                                                  deducted from the approved cost of the works
Who has to be included in the                     and grant can then be given to cover the
means test?                                       remaining costs, if any. Therefore, in practice
                                                  the amount of grant is equal to the cost of
All relevant persons with an interest in          works minus the applicants financial
the grant application, this includes:             contribution.
q   the applicant and if applicable their         Landlords
    partner.                                      Under the present scheme landlords do not
q   or in the case of Disabled Facilities Grant   have to undertake a test of resources. To
    the disabled occupant of the property, for    obtain further information please contact the
    whose benefit the works are to be carried     appropriate officer at the address overleaf.
    out or their parents if the applicant is
    under 18.
The information in this leaflet may alter

                                                          Information Series
subject to changes in the policies of the
Government or Braintree District
Grant approval is subject to availability
                                                Test of
of funds.
If you require any further information
or you would like to apply for a grant
you should contact a member of the
Public Health and Housing Team at the
offices below.

  Environmental Services Department,
  Braintree District Council,
  Causeway House,
  Bocking End,
  Essex, CM7 9HB.
  Telephone: 01376 551414 ext 2221
  Email: phandh@braintree.gov.uk

                                 JUNE 2003

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