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									                       THE e-zwich SMARTCARD
                        (Individual Users)

1)   What is e-zwich?

     e-zwich is the brand name for the common platform (the National Switch)
     that links the payment systems of all banks, savings and loans and rural
     banks in Ghana.

2)   What is the e-zwich smartcard?

     The e-zwich smartcard is a new very secure way of paying for goods and
     services throughout the country based on biometric (finger print) identification.
     e-zwich allows smartcard holders to and merchants to perform funds load,
     spend and settle various transactions online and offline

3)   What can I use the e-zwich smartcard for?

     You can perform various banking and retail functions using your card.
     These include cash withdrawals, payments for goods and services, money
     transfers and bills payment from any e-zwich Point of Sale (POS) or ATM
     across the country.

4)   What is the difference between the e-zwich smartcard and other
     bank issued cards currently available?

     The e-zwich smartcard is more versatile than traditional bank issued debit
     cards. It can be used for a wider range of transactions, uses more secure
     finger print identification to authenticate transactions but also has a
     magnetic stripe like the existing bank cards. When used on an e-zwich
     compatible ATM or Point of Sale, the e-zwich card holder can access
     cash or pay for goods and services offline and online. Most bank issued
     cards only work online, requiring an active connection to the bank to
     complete a transaction.
5)    Can I use my e-zwich card on other Banks’ ATMs and POS?

      Yes. Because e-zwich links the payments platforms of all banks, savings
      and loans and rural banks, your e-zwich smartcard (regardless of the
      issuing bank, savings and loan company or rural bank) can be used in
      other bank’s ATMs (when the ATM integration process is completed later
      this year) and Points of Sale (POS) in branches of rural banks and savings
      and loans companies and retail merchants for payment and cash

6)    Do I need a bank account to have an e-zwich card?

      No. You can just walk into any bank, rural bank and Savings and Loans
      company and get your card without having to open an account. Your card
      will act as your bank account.

7)    What will be required to get an e-zwich smartcard?

      You will need a photo ID (Voters ID card, Drivers License or Passport).

8)    How long does it take to get an e-zwich card?

      The process should take between 5 and 10 minutes

9)    How do I get money onto my card?

      You can load your card with funds by depositing cash at any bank, rural
      bank and Savings and Loans company branch, instruct your employer to
      pay your wages and salary to you card’s unique serial number or receive
      transfer of funds from other card holders irrespective of which Financial
      institutions issued their cards.

10)   How do I check the balance on my e-zwich smartcard?

      You can perform a balance enquiry at any e-zwich POS or ATM anywhere
      in the country.

11)   How do I authenticate a transaction?

      All client e-zwich transactions will be authenticated through one of their
      finger prints on the e-zwich ATM or POS.

12)   What do I do if my finger print is not recognised?

      During registration and enrolment, all 10 finger prints are taken. You will
      be able to use another finger if one is not recognised.

13)   What happens when I lose my card?

      Firstly your e-zwich card cannot be used by another person because of
      the finger print authentication requirement. When you report to your
      bank, you will be re-issued with a new card by and your balance on the
      card restored by a maximum of 48 hours. E-zwich will reject any attempt
      to utilize your old card even by yourself.

14)   Can I withdraw money from my bank account using my e-zwich

      Yes, if you choose to link your traditional bank account to your card. Once
      linked, you have the convenience to perform an online transaction to load
      or unload money from and to your traditional bank account from any e-
      zwich POS and ATM across the country.

15)   Can I put money on my e-zwich smartcard at a retail merchant?

      Yes if the merchant has been authorized by a financial institution to do so.
      You can also deposit money into your traditional bank account at any
      deposit taking financial institution such as banks and rural banks or
      savings and loans companies or their authorized agents.

16)   Where can I get an e-zwich card? Can I have more than one

      You can get an e-zwich smartcard from any bank, rural bank or Savings
      and Loans company. You can also have as many cards as possible but not
      from the same bank.

17)   Will I be able to use my card in remote areas without electricity
      and reliable telecommunications network?

      Yes. You can use the e-zwich smartcard wherever there is an ezwich POS.
      This is because the e-zwich POS devices also work offline on battery
      power for long hours.

18)   What type of bank accounts can I have on my e-zwich

      The e-zwich smartcard allows you to have a current account and a savings

19)   Will I receive interest payment for money on my e-zwich card?

      Yes if you keep funds in the savings account. Funds kept in the savings
      account will attract interest using the rates set by the bank that issued
      your card.

20)   Can I pay my utility and other bills using my e-zwich smartcard?

      Yes. This can be done in through the POS or ATM or through registered
      merchants. A few payees like the Electricity and Water companies will be
      automatically set up on the system for your convenience but you can also
      designate specific third-party payees if you have their relevant bank

21)   How can funds on the e-zwich card for a person who is deceased
      be recovered?

      In this case the card is treated as part of the estate of the deceased and
      funds can be recovered through the established procedures.

22)   Will I be charged for the use of my card?

      Purchases or payments made by individuals using the e-zwich smartcard
      will not attract any fees. However, you’ll be charged a small fee for money
      transfers, cash withdrawals and some other transactions.


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