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Stormwater Management
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    Stormwater from urban runoff is one of the leading causes of pollution in creeks, rivers and lakes. Conventional stormwater
   retention/detention systems, such as ponds and concrete structures, are historically accepted methods of controlling stormwater quantity
  and quality. While these methods are effective treatments to non-point resource discharge, they occupy valuable commercial land and act
 as open liabilities. terrafix® offers an innovative approach to stormwater challenges. Our offerings include complete solutions to
stormwater problems, including products as well as services.

                   terrafix® subsurface stormwater retention / detention system consists of:

                    INLET / OUTLET                                                                     WATER QUALITY
                    - Catchbasin (by others)                                                           - Aqua-Swirl™
                    - Inflow/outflow pipes                                                               Oil/Grit Separator
                                                                                                       - HDPE Sediment Trap

                                                                                                       RETENTION / DETENTION
                    - 200mm – 300mm dia. PVC
                      connector pipe (by others)                                                       - HDPE storm chambers
                    -HDPE Storm Chambers                                                               - 37mm – 50mm clear,
                    -37mm - 50mm clear, angular                                                          angular stone (by others)
                      stone (by others)

                                                                       EROSION / SEDIMENT CONTROL
                                                                       - Non-woven geotextile (270R)
                                                                       - Heavyduty / light weight stabilization nettings

Oil / Grit Separator
           The Aqua-Swirl™ utilizes hydrodynamic and gravitational
           forces with quiescent settling to remove gross pollutants.
           Dynamic settling occurs during each storm event, while
           quiescent settling takes place between successive storms.

           Each Aqua-Swirl™ is constructed of lightweight and durable
           HDPE (high density polyethylene), except for our largest model
           which is fibre glass. This eliminates the need for heavy lifting
           equipment during installation.

           The Aqua-Swirl™ with a conveyance flow diversion system,
           provides full treatment for the most contaminated “first flush”,
           while the cleaner peak storm flow is diverted and channeled
           through the main conveyance pipe.

           The hydrodynamic separation is based on swirl (or vortex) technology
           which is a proven mode of treatment utilized in the stormwater
           industry to accelerate gravitational separation.

           As stormwater enters the Aqua-Swirl™ through a tangential inlet
           pipe, a vortex flow pattern is created. This allows contaminants to
           drop out of the flow and migrate to the centre of the chamber where
           velocities are the lowest, as demonstrated from extensive modeling
           and full-scale physical testing by independent third parties. The
           volume of water retained in the Aqua-Swirl™ promotes the
           quiescent settling of fine settleable solids.

           The treated flow exits underneath the arched outer baffle. To
           eliminate the possibility of the floatable pollutants to escape the
           system, the baffle is enclosed at the top. As well, a siphon is
           provided to expose the system to atmospheric conditions.

           - Achieves a TSS (Total Suspended Solids) removal of
             91% calculated on a net annual basis
           - Constructed of durable, lightweight, and corrosion
              resistant high density polyethylene (HDPE)
           - Quick and Simple Installation
           - Easy Inspection & Maintenance
           - H-20 Loading Capabilities
                                  Oil/ Grit Separator
                                          Aqua-Swirl™ Sizing Chart3
                                  Swirl                Maximum                 Water Quality   Oil / Debris   Sediment
                                Chamber              Stub-Out Pipe              Treatment       Storage        Storage
                                Diameter             Outer Diameter               Flow2         Capacity      Capacity

                                   (mm.)                    (mm.)                      (L/s)       (L)          (m3)
                                                  on/o ine          CFD1
            AS-2                    762                            305                  31        140           0.28
            AS-3                    991             254            406                  51        416           0.57

            AS-4                   1295             305            457                  91        719           0.91
            AS-5                   1524             305            610                 125        1022          1.27

            AS-6                   1829             356            762                 178        1476          1.84

            AS-7                   2134             406            914                 243        2044          2.55

            AS-8                   2438             457           1067                 317        2687          3.26
            AS-9                   2743             508           1219                 402        3444          4.11

            AS-10                  3048             559           1372                 495        4277          5.10
            AS-12                  3658             610           1219                 713        6427          7.65

            AS-XX                Custom               --             --                >713         --           --
      *Higher water quality treatment ow rates can be designed with multiple swirls.

      1) The Aqua-Swirl™ Conveyance Flow Diversion (CFD) provides full treatment of the “first flush,” while the peak design
         storm is diverted and channeled through the main conveyance pipe. Please call for more information.

      2) Many regulatory agencies are establishing “water quality treatment flow rates” for their areas based on the initial
         movement of pollutants into the storm drainage system. The treatment flow rate of the Aqua-Swirl™ system is
         engineered to meet or exceed the local water quality treatment criteria. This “water quality treatment flow rate”
         typically represents approximately 90% to 95% of the total annual runoff volume.

      3) Project Design Assistant (PDA) is an online system designed for engineers so that project details can be specified
         based on the required treatment flow. To sign up for a free account, please visit

 The Aqua-Swirl™ can be inspected and maintained completely from the surface, eliminating the need for confined entry
  space. In most cases, it is recommended that the Aqua-Swirl™ is inspected quarterly during the first year of operation to
   develop an appropriate schedule of maintenance.

    Typically, the inspection schedule is reduced to semi-annually depending on the site-specific conditions encountered.

       Cleanout of the Aqua-Swirl™ is simple. Free-floating oil and floatable debris can be observed and removed directly through
        the 762mm dia. service access provided. A vacuum truck can be used to remove the accumulated sediment and debris.
Terrafix® Subsurface Stormwater
  Retention/ Detention System
                 The design of the terrafix® Subsurface Stormwater
                 Retention/Detention   System       utilizes   arch-shaped,
                 corrugated, open-bottom HDPE (high density polyethylene)
                 storm chambers with perforations on the sidewalls.

                 It is a low cost, low impact solution for retention/detention of
                 stormwater runoff and functions in both permeable and
                 non-permeable soils.

                 It recharges ground water drinking supplies, rather than storing
                 above-ground, while concurrently helping to maintain base flow to
                 streams, wetlands, lakes, and ponds.

                 Used for residential, commercial and industrial applications, they
                 are typically installed beneath parking lots to maximize the use of
                 space, but can also be installed in grassed areas.

                 Stormwater is stored within the chambers and within the voids of
                 the clear angular stone surrounding them (please see cross-section
                 on next page for details).

                 STORMWATER SYSTEMS
                   • Larger size
                   • 40% fewer chambers
                   • less time to install
                   • less excavation
                   • less stone required
                   • less backfill, compaction, grading, filter fabric required
                   • less storage space needed

                 - Side portals allow direct connection eliminating
                   need for expensive header pipe manifold
                   systems and associated extra costs to excavation
                   and supply & install additional manhole and stone.
                 - Exceeds AASHTO H-20 load rating.
                 - Integrated end walls are included; no extra cost
                   for end plates.
                 - Cleanout / inspection wells are also provided as an
                   extra treatment of pre-treated stormwater.
terrafix® Subsurface Stormwater
 Retention / Detention System



Additional Stormwater Management Products and Solutions
                                       Weholite® pipe is large diameter, profile
                                       wall pipe made from high-density
                                       polyethylene (HDPE) resin. Weholite® is
                                       designed for gravity and low-pressure
                                       applications, it’s raw material properties have
                                       been combined with patented structural wall
                                       technology to create a lightweight engineered
                                       pipe with superior loading capacity. It is used to
                                       convey liquid or air, underground or aboveground,
                                       in low pressure applications. Weholite® is:

                                          • Lightweight
                                          • Impact Resistant
                                          • Corrosion Resistant
                                          • Chemical Resistant

                                       Bentofix® GCLs are produced by distributing a
                                       uniform layer of the sodiumbentonite between two
                                       geotextiles. Fibers from the non-woven geotextiles
                                       are then needle punched from through the layer of
                                       bentonite and incorporated into the other
                                       geotextile (either a woven or non-woven). This
                                       process results in a strong mechanical bond
                                       between the fabrics.

                                       A proprietary heat treating process - Thermal Lock
                                       process - is then used to modify and more
                                       permanently lock the needle punched fibers into
                                       place. Properties include increased internal
                                       shear resistance and long term creep

                                       The growing interest in these products stems
                                       from the unique properties and advantages
                                       they offer. They are very effective as a
                                       hydraulic barrier even under high gradient
                                       conditions; they are easy to install; more
                                       robust against installation stresses and
                                       can withstand elongation as well as
                                       settlement stresses without significant
                                       impact on hydraulic performance.
  Canada’s leader of complete stormwater solutions

Canada’s leader of complete geosynthetic solutions
Since 1973, terrafix® has been dedicated to offering owners, engineers and contractors the
correct choice of geosynthetic products and innovative technology.

Long recognized as an innovator in the industry, terrafix® now offers services which include
design assistance, factory fabrication and installation of a wide range of geosynthetic solutions.
terrafix®’s professional staff of experienced engineers and project managers are available to assist
clients in maximizing the benefits that our products provide. As with all terrafix® programs, our
stormwater management solutions are exceptionally easy to use. As part of our services,
terrafix® provides:

• Onsite installation support and training to ensure efficient and technically correct installation.
• Detailed design assistance including construction drawings and details for each installation

Our product line allows a very high degree of flexibility in terms of configuration, stormwater
volume handling and sediment management.

If you are interested in a Lunch and Learn presentation at your office, please contact
us at (416) 674-0363, ext 241.

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