Stormwater Best Management Practices Manual by xjy16440


									                                                              Stormwater Best Management
                                                                          Practices Manual
                Client                                                                                    After culling informa-
        Metropolitan Council,                                                                         tion on stormwater best
              St. Paul                                                                                management practices
                                                                                                      (BMPs) from government
              Services                                                                                agencies, research institu-
  Compilation of extensive national                                                                   tions and municipalities
         BMP bibliography
                                                                                                      around the country, Barr
 Research on 40 stormwater BMPs
                                                                                                      staff wrote and designed
   Coordination with 13-member
   management and review team
                                                                                                      the 380-page Minnesota
                                          This design for an infiltration basin is one of hundreds    Urban Small Sites BMP
Report writing, design and production     of examples included in the BMP manual.
  for both print and web versions                                                                     Manual. The fully illus-
                                          trated publication provides detailed guidance to municipalities and develop-
                                          ers of sites 5 acres or smaller. It includes:
                                          • Detailed information on 40 stormwater BMPs, encompassing both
                                            runoff pollution prevention and stormwater treatment techniques. Each
                                            BMP section includes a concise description of the practice, a list of
                                            advantages and limitations, and requirements for design, construction
                                            and maintenance.
                                          • Chapters on factors influencing BMP selection (including hydrology,
                                            pollutants and climate) and
                                            step-by-step methods for
                                            selecting appropriate BMPs.
                                          • Discussion of local and
                                            national water management
                                          • A list of local examples of
The manual, funded by the Metropolitan      BMPs and sources for model
Council along with five Twin Cities         stormwater ordinances.
municipalities and watershed
management organizations, is available
as a printed document and on the web at

                                                                                       The manual includes 40 detailed, illustrated
                                                                                       primers on specific best management practices.
                                                                                       Each discusses the method’s advantages,
                                                                                       limitations, and requirements for design,
                                                                                       construction, and maintenance.

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