; Application for David Starr Jordan Scholarship
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Application for David Starr Jordan Scholarship


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									Application for David Starr Jordan Scholarship-For IPFW Students Applying for IPFW Campus-Led Study Abroad Programs Deadline for spring-break programs: January 29, 2010 Deadline for summer programs: March 26, 2010
Scholarship and Application Policies The scholarship committee will take the following criteria into account when making a decision: GPA (must be at least 2.8) Academic strength and preparedness, maturity, and adaptability Quality of Statement of Purpose regarding benefit of study abroad Anticipated long-term effect of study abroad on study and/or career plans Other criteria deemed relevant by the committee Length of program Financial need Students must be enrolled in a travel program for credit. Preference will be given to full-time undergraduate students. Students applying for a scholarship to go on a program in which they have already participated will not be awarded funding. If a scholarship recipient is unable to complete the proposed study abroad program for any reason other than a documented case of extreme emergency, he or she must repay all funds awarded within 30 days of dismissal or withdrawal from the program. This includes, but is not limited to, early dismissal from a program for academic or behavioral reasons. Students who do not receive a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 for the courses taken on the study abroad program must repay the full amount of the scholarship within 30 days of notification of grades. Acceptance of this funding obligates students to publicize the opportunities and advantages of overseas study upon their return (for example, by speaking before a student group or writing an article for the campus paper). Typical Award: $300-$700

Please fill out the application form below by using the TAB key to access each field. Once you have completed the application, save it to your computer and attach it to an e-mail addressed to Jenny Weatherford (weatherk@ipfw.edu), Director, Office of International Programs. Make sure to provide an unofficial IPFW transcript and a Statement of Purpose, and to arrange for a letter of recommendation to be sent by one of your IPFW instructors to Jenny Weatherford (weatherk@ipfw.edu). No incomplete applications will be considered. Please provide both electronic and hard copies of your application. Send this form, your Statement of Purpose, and your unofficial transcript as e-mail attachments to weatherk@ipfw.edu. Please also send a printed copy to Jenny Weatherford at the Office of International Programs, Kettler Hall 269. Application Deadlines: Spring-Break Programs: January 29, 2010 Summer Programs: March 26, 2010 ************************************************************* Name: IPFW Student ID #: E-mail Address: Address:

Phone: Travel program to which you have applied: Major: Academic Advisor: Number of credits earned at IPFW toward your degree so far: Minor:

Will you be enrolled at IPFW upon your return to the U.S.? Are you a full-time student? Cumulative GPA: Last semester’s (Fall 2009) GPA: GPA in major: Please give the name of an IPFW instructor who will be writing a recommendation for you:

Are you now or have you ever been on academic or disciplinary probation? If yes, explain the circumstances:

Have you ever traveled outside the U.S. before? If so, where? Explain briefly how this experience benefited you:



Write a statement of purpose in which you address how the study abroad program to which you have applied will contribute to your overall educational, career, and personal goals. Please also explain why a Jordan scholarship is necessary to insure your participation in the program. Attach additional sheets, and make sure to provide a signed hard copy of your statement in addition to the electronic version sent as e-mail attachment.

David Starr Jordan Scholarship for IPFW Students Participating in CampusLed Study Abroad Programs Faculty Recommendation Form

Name of Student Applying: Program to which the Student is Applying: To the Faculty Member: Please comment on the student’s suitability for the study abroad program to which he or she has applied. Please take into account qualities like the following: maturity, ability to thrive in an unfamiliar environment, and seriousness of purpose. Return this form both as an e-mail attachment to weatherk@ipfw.edu and as a signed hard copy to Jenny Weatherford, Office of International Programs, Kettler 269.

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