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					                                                 UPDATE               Fall/Winter 2008 • US EDITION

Minnesota State Fair
International Bazaar –
Commons Area
Products used:
Increte Integral Colored Concrete,
Enviroseal 140 Sealer
General contractor:
John Hoffman, Maertens-Brenny
Construction, Fridley, MN
Dean Johnson,
TKDA, St. Paul, MN
Brock White sales reP.:
Roland Studler,
Brock White - St. Paul
time of Project:
Summer 2008

                                                                             FEATURED PROJECT
                                                         Water Treatment Plant #2,
                                                         North Branch, MN
                                                         Products used: Unitex ProPoxy 400,
                                                         Sonotube Column Forms and Dow Styrofoam
                                                         General contractor:
                                                         John Wegner, Municipal Builders, Inc., Andover, MN
                                                         architect: William Hennemuth Architect, Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                            Nancy Ziegler, WSB &
                                                                                                            Associates, Minneapolis, MN
                                                                                                            Brock White
                                                                                                            sales reP.:
                                                                                                            Tim Prigge,
                                                                                                            Brock White-St. Paul
                                                                                                            time of Project:
                                                                                                            May 2007-May 2008

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                                        From the President
                    Recent and ongoing economic             of customers, to help us verify survey findings and
                    turmoil across the planet has many      prioritize future actions. Thanks to all our customers
                    of us concerned about construction      who took the time to critique our performance and
                    prospects over the next couple years.   to our Customer Advisory Council for helping us to
                    North American economic activity        better understand the results. Overall, we received
                    had been strong in western Canada       good marks from our customers, but we identified
                    on strong agricultural and resource     some areas that we can improve upon and we will
   development markets and soft in the US on what           take this advice to heart as we develop our strategies
   had been “just” residential market problems. The US      and plans for 2009.
   economy, however, has likely fallen into a recession     Speaking of 2009, it’s time to sign up for the World of
   and Canada could well slow on its strong ties to         Concrete show scheduled for February 2-6 at the Las
   the US and on declining resource prices (especially      Vegas Convention Center. Registration brochures
   oil). Many questions need to be answered on both         are available online at worldofconcrete.com. Be sure
   sides of the border before any longer term trends        and use the Associated Construction Distributors
   can be discerned. We have all weathered economic         International sponsor source code, “A24”, to enjoy
   cycle ups and downs before and we will weather this      free show registration. We are now in our 54th
   one again, but the global economy is looking a little    year of service to the construction industry and our
   shaky at the moment.                                     continuing goal is to be your FIRST CHOICE of
   Brock White, however, doesn’t have much influence        supply. Thanks for your past business and we look
   over the world economy, so we will just stick to the     forward to serving you in the future. As always, tell
   basics of providing you FIRST CHOICE service             us how we’re doing – we need your feedback to do
   no matter what. One way that we make sure that           the best possible job. Call or write or e-mail me at
   we continue to meet your needs is to conduct an          rgarland@brockwhite.com.
   extensive Customer Survey every few years. This          Sincerely,
   year we conducted telephone interviews with nearly
   600 customers to assess our performance on a wide
   range of criteria. This data was in turn presented       Richard D. Garland
   to our Customer Advisory Council, a smaller group        President

                                       FEATURED PRODUCT

                                                             Dick’s Sporting Goods,
                                                             Crossroads Center,
                                                             Roseville, MN

  Products used: Glacier Stone
  General contractor:
  Shingobee Builders, Loretto, MN
  Masonry contractor:
  Bunn Masonry, Waconia, MN
  architect: RSP Architect, St. Paul, MN
  Brock White sales reP.:
  Darrin Nystrom, Brock White – Eagan
  tiMe of Project: Summer 2008

                                        FEATURED PROJECTS
  Cambridge Towers,                                    Fox River Cleanup,
  Cambridge, MN                                        Green Bay, WI
  Products used:                                       Products used:
  BASF ThoRoc 10-61 Rapid Repair Mortar, Carlisle      ACO S300K polymer concrete trench drain with
  Hot Applied; Carlisle 711 Pre-Pave                   slotted ductile iron grates, 3’ x 3’ and
  General contractor:                                  4’ x 4’ sump boxes.
  Concrete Coatings, Inc., Blaine, MN                  oWner: Tetra Tech EC, Inc.
  concrete contractor:                                 General contractor:
  Cy-Con, Inc., St. Paul, MN                           Miron Construction, Neenah, WI
  Brock White sales reP.:                              Project manaGer:
  Andy LeBarron, Brock White – St. Paul                Paul O’Brien, LEED AP and
  time of Project: Summer 2008                         Matt Scharenbroch, LEED AP

  scoPe of Project: Repair concrete deck of            architect/enGineer: Somerville, Inc. STS/
  parking structure in preparation of waterproofing    AECOM, CH2MHILL, Green Bay, WI
  prior to asphalt pavement overlay. Concrete repair   Brock White sales reP.:
  product ThoRoc 10-61; Waterproofing – Carlisle       Rick Moynihan,
  Hot Applied and Carlisle 711 Pre-Pave.               ZOLL Brock
                                                       White –
                                                       Green Bay
                                                       time of
                                                       Summer 2008

UPDATE • Fall/Winter 2008 US Edition                                                           PAGE 3
                   FEATURED PROJECT
  Platinum Bank, Oakdale, MN
  Products used:
  Sioux City – Copperstone Velour Mods,
  Krukowski Stone – Chestnut Ashlar 4” veneer,
  Cambrian Cream Cut Stone Sills
  General contractor: Shingobee Builders, Loretto, MN
  masonry contractor:
  ADB Construction, Maple Grove, MN
  architect: HTG Architects, Bloomington, MN
  Brock White sales reP.: Darrin Nystrom, Brock White-Elk River
  time of Project: Summer 2008

                                    FEATURED PROJECT
  Residential Project,
  Breezy Point, MN
  Products used:
  VAST Composite Paver
  Brock White sales reP.:
  Brock White-Brainerd
  time of Project:
  Summer 2008

                     FEATURED PROJECT
  Ciatti’s Ristorante, St. Cloud, MN
   Products used:
   Krukowski Chestnut Ashlar Thin Veneer
   General contractor:
   Miller Architects and Builders, St. Cloud, MN
   masonry contractor:
   JR Masonry & Concrete, Inc., Sauk Rapids, MN
   Partners & Sirny Architects, Minneapolis, MN
   Brock White sales reP.:
   Darrin Nystrom & Dan Koopmeiners,
   Brock White – St. Cloud
   time of Project:
   Summer 2008

                                         FEATURED NOTES

  Green Bay’s New
  Exterior Showroom
  Products used:
  VAST Pavers, Decorative Concrete,
  Pavers, Outdoor Fireplaces,
  Belgard Pavers, Versa-Lok,
  Cut Stone

UPDATE • Fall/Winter 2008 US Edition                      PAGE 5
                                                        FEATURED PROJECT
   I-35W Bridge, Minneapolis, MN
   Products used:
   BASF Degadeck Crack Sealer Plus
   General contractor:
   Flatiron/Manson Construction, Denver, CO
   suPerintendent: Randy Svilar
   Figg Engineering Group, Tallahassee, FL
   Brock White sales reP.:
   Andy LeBarron & Rick Kruger, Brock White – St. Paul
   time of Project:
   September 2007-September 2008
   scoPe of Project: Following the collapse of the I35W Bridge, MN DOT and Flatiron Construction set
   out to build a new segmental post tensioned bridge. Unlike other post tensioned bridges, this did not have a high
   density concrete overlay. Instead the driving surface would be built into the segmental form. After grinding a
   surface profile onto the bridge deck, Flatiron chose to seal the surface with a reactive methacrylate penetrating
   sealer. Using Degadeck Crack Sealer Plus allowed Flatiron to seal any micro cracking that may have occurred
   below the surface of the bridge deck.

   Concrete Washout/Containment Solution!
                       •	Simple	to	build	on	site                       •	Extremely	durable
                       •	Use	locally	available	materials               •	Highly	Flexible

       ed              •	Provides	cleanout	area	for		                  •	Easy	to	Install
Approv                   Ready	Mix	trucks                              •	Contours	to	Irregular	Substrates
Solutio                •	Contains	cementitious	run-off                 •	Superior	Resistance	to		UV	&	Ozone
                       •	Easy	to	dispose	of	residual	waste             •	Excellent	Low	Temperature	Properties
                       •	Great	for	mortar	towers

   Materials Needed
   •	 Soil	for	berm,	all	four	sides
   •	 45	mil	EPDM	Liner
   •	 Sand/soil	to	cover	liner	(protection	layer	with	mortar	tower	use	only)
   •	 Sandbags
   25’	x	100’	liner	might	do	multiple	sites,	other	sizes	available
   •	 Size	will	vary	by	site	requirement	and	determined	by	need.
   •	 Site	must	have	sign	posted	as	designated	concrete	washout	area.
   •	 A	compacted	base	needs	to	be	provided	to	support	the	application.
   •	 Sand	cushion	may	be	needed	below	liner.

UPDATE • Fall/Winter 2008 US Edition                                                                                   PAGE 7
                                                                                                         PRSRT STD
                                                                                                         US POSTAGE
2575 Kasota Avenue                                                                                      ST. CLOUD, MN
St. Paul, MN 55108                                                                                      PERMIT #2650
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