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                      “DIG IT! The Secrets of Soil”

Contest Divisions
PRIMARY:                               Students enrolled in Grades K-1 during the school year.
ELEMENTARY:                            Students enrolled in Grades 2-3 during the school year.
MIDDLE:                                Students enrolled in Grades 4-6 during the school year.
JUNIOR:                                Students enrolled in Grades 7-9 during the school year.
SENIOR:                              Students enrolled in Grades 10-12 during the school year.
SPECIAL NEEDS JUNIOR (K-6)*:                      Students enrolled in ED, LD, CD during the school year.
SPECIAL NEEDS SENIOR (7-12)*:                     Students enrolled in ED, LD, CD during the school year.

*Students enrolled in ED, LD, CD may enroll in either their grade level or a Special Needs Division. The
National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) does not have categories for the Special Needs
Division, therefore Special Needs enrollees will not advance to the NACD National Poster Contest.

Subject Material
1. Subjectmatter shall be an area of environmental awareness or conservation of natural
resources such as soil conservation, water quality, air, wildlife, forestry, with emphasis
being placed on the conservation aspects of the selected subject. Authenticity and
accuracy of information is very important!

2. Poster contestparticipants must use the theme "DIG IT! The Secrets of Soil”, based on
the 2009 NACD Stewardship theme. There is much to learn about soil. Almost all of the
minerals and nutrients we need fro life, to nurture us, to help us grow, to give us energy
and keep us healthy come from fields, gardens, trees and pastures. Every plant,
vegetable, or fruit that we eat gets its nutrients from the soil in which it grows.
Additional information can be found at www.nacdnet.org - Stewardship & Education.

1. A completed entry form for the Poster Contest must be securely attached to the back of
the poster. A parent or guardian’s signature is required to participate.

2. Any media may be used   to create a flat or two-dimensional effect (paint, crayon,
colored pencil, charcoal, paper or other materials).

3. Postersmust be at least 8.5” x 11” and no larger than 22” x 28”. Posters should be flat
(three-dimensional posters are not allowed) and on tag board or equivalent material.

4. Posters   should be packaged so they remain flat when sent for judging.

5. Eachposter must be the work of an individual student. Joint entries are not acceptable.
Although younger or special needs students may receive help in planning from parents
and teachers, WLWCA and NACD encourages each student to do as much of the work as
possible by him/herself.

6. The 2009   Stewardship title “DIG IT! The Secrets of Soil” must be on your poster.

7. Prizes shall be awarded to the first three places in each division at the county, area and
state levels.

8. TheLand Conservation Committees (LCCs), Land Conservation Departments (LCDs),
Area Associations and WLWCA may use posters for promotion of natural resources

            that win first prize at the state level will be eligible to advance to the
9. Only posters
NACD (National) Poster Contest.

County, Area and State Contests
An individual student may only enter in one county-level contest, either in the county in
which they reside, the county in which they attend school, or the county closest to their
residence or school that participates in the poster contest. The members of the
Washington County Land Conservation Committee shall sponsor the contest locally.
Everyone entering the competition will be rewarded with a certificate. (Teachers, please
include a typed list of all students entering the competition.) The top 3 winners in each
category (locally) will receive the following U.S. Savings Bonds respectively: 1st Place-
$75.00, 2nd Place-$50.00, 3rd Place-$50.00.

The winners in each division of each County contest are eligible to compete in the Area
Association contests. In some cases, counties do not hold county-level contests, and
students will compete directly at the Area contest level.

The 1st place winners in each division of the Area Association Contests are then eligible
to compete in the State Contest. The WLWCA Youth and Education Committee and the
WLWCA Project Coordinator shall be responsible for conducting the State Contest,
including arranging location, publicity, awards, etc. Each participant in the state contest
shall receive a certificate. First, second and third place winners in each division shall be
awarded a plaque.

Contest Schedule
October 2, 2009 - Washington County entries due to L&W Conservation Office.
October 16, 2009 - 1st Place Posters (Local Contest) to Southeast Area Poster Contest.
November 7, 2009 - State Poster Contest held in Stevens Point, WI.

National (NACD) Contest
Poster winners from the November 7, 2009 State Poster Contest will compete in the
National NACD Contest. Entries are due by December 1, 2009. The winning posters will
be featured at the 2010 NACD annual meeting. All posters will be returned in March of
next year.

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