Minutes of the Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District by adz11579



                                        Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District
                                           101-B South Bickett Boulevard
                                                  Louisburg, NC 27549

Meeting Number: 8                                                 Date: September 17, 2009

Supervisors Present:             Tom Gulley, Chairman
                                 Carvel Cheves, Secretary-Treasurer
                                 Charles Mitchell, Supervisor

Others Present:                  Brian Short, District Conservationist
                                 Cindy Phelps, District Administrative Specialist
                                 Charles Bass, NC Ag Cost Share Specialist
                                 William Byrum, District Soil Conservationist
                                 Quinton Cooper, Tar Pam Technician

A. Chairman Tom Gulley called the meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

B. Minutes – Carvel Cheves motioned to approve the minutes from August 20, 2009. Charles Mitchell seconded.
   Motion carried.

C. Treasurer’s Report – Cindy Phelps presented the Treasurer’s report. The District account balance is
   $1713.04. Two checks were written since the August meeting. The County Budget expenditures for the period
   ending August 31, 2009 are $23,248.34. We have an unencumbered balance of $217,577.66 and have spent
   9.65% of the budget for this fiscal year. One invoice was presented for Board approval from Gray & Creech Water
   Systems, Inc. in the amount of $96.08. Cindy stated that this is one of the expenses that the District absorbed from
   the County Budget. Carvel Cheves motioned to pay the invoice. Charles Mitchell seconded. Motion carried. Cindy
   reported that due to the state budget deficit, State Matching Funds will see a five percent reduction for this year. We
   can expect to receive $3800 instead of $4000, but if the budget situation improves we could get the remaining $200 at
   a later date.

D. NRCS Report – Brian Short reported that there are sixteen active EQIP contracts. Seven of these are 2009 contracts.
   He is working with several contract participants on grazing plans, watering facilities and waterways. Several
   contracts are running late and have been modified several times. He set up a strict schedule so they can get practices
   done. He hopes to finish them up next month and get them off the books. Brian reported that there will be a Planned
   Listening Forum for EQIP in Greensboro next week. Staff and Supervisors will have an opportunity to offer
   suggestions on ways EQIP might be administered next year. Brian explained to the Board how the program priorities
   were set up this year. The Board discussed their main concern is that major resource concerns in our county can’t
   be addressed with the present set up. Brian will send suggestions to Greg Walker before the Sept. 18 deadline.
   He has two active WHIP contracts. He met with one participant and set up a plan of action. He also reported that the
   application window for the Conservation Stewardship Program closes on September 30. He met with several
   producers who would be good applicants. He does not have an application for Franklin Co. yet. One application for
   FRPP was approved for $1.3 million, but matching funds failed. There have been multiple applications for CP-33 for
   wildlife field borders. Brian reported that he is working to resolve issues found in the 4th quarter audit review. He
   reported that he is also working with HEL and Wetland Determinations and updating HEL Conservation Plans. He is
   almost done with the 2009 HEL Compliance Reviews.

E. NC Ag Cost Share Report – Charles Bass presented one contract for the Board’s approval: #35-2010-01-13,
    Cropland conversion to trees, $2,205. Carvel Cheves motioned to approve this contract. Charles Mitchell
    seconded. Motion carried. Charles explained that there are four more potential applications but they did not rank
    high enough for this funding cycle and will have to wait until January for funding. He asked the Board to consider
    possibly changing the ranking system so erosion control practices can rank higher and get in the first funding cycle.
   The Board has concerns about changing the ranking system in the middle of the year and asked Charles to
   get clarification from the Division before they make any changes to the ranking system. Charles reported that there
   were eight or nine other folks interested in the program but he is still waiting for them to make a final commitment.
   He reviewed the contracts and what the applicants were interested in doing and what’s holding them up.

F. Tar Pam Report – Quinton Cooper reported that there is a Tar Pam BOC meeting on Sept. 23 in Nashville. He
   doesn’t foresee any problems with the reports. He still is unsure if a new LAC for Falls Lake will be formed.
   He reported that he is working on nutrient management plans for Warren Harris and helping D.B. Gardner with soil
   tests. He also reported that he is working with Bill Lord about the possibility of using CCAP funds at Louisburg
   College. The project would involve a level spreader and bio-retention area. He said the state engineer may come in
   the next week or so. Quinton reported that he will attend a Food, Land & People workshop later this month. He and
   William will attend the Basics of Conservation Planning training for two weeks in October. He reported that he
   participated in Animal Ag Day with Cooperative Extension on Sept. 15. Over 750 third graders were in attendance.
   He showed the Board a power point presentation on the CCAP project at Lake Royale and discussed the project and
   how it will benefit the lake.

G. Resource Conservationist Report – There was no report. William stated that he has been helping Charles with
   lots of Ag Cost Share. He said that the letter concerning dead ditches was never printed in the Franklin Times.
   The Board discussed the problem of dead ditches in the county and Tom asked William to follow up on it.

Old Business

H. State Fair District Day - The Board discussed their schedules and elected not to sponsor a “District Day”. Staff
   was encouraged to sign up for shifts if schedules allow.

I. FFA Land Judging – Tabled from last meeting. Charles Bass reported to the Board on information that he has
   obtained. The land judging will be March 26 & 27 and there will be approximately 400 people for the Friday night
   meal. Charles stated that the Association will supply $1000 towards the meal. Charles explained how the judging
   will be held. The Board asked Charles to gather more information on locations and additional funding before they
   make a commitment. Tom Gulley asked that Charles get answers to the following questions:
   1. Where is the location for the meal?
   2. Where will the teams find lodging?
   3. Where is the location for the pits?
   4. Who will provide transportation from Wake County hotels for the teams?
   5. Where will the additional funding for the meal come from (approximately $2200)?
   Tom Gulley recommended having a special meeting on October 1 at 9:00 a.m. so Charles can provide the
   requested information.

New Business

J. State Matching Funds
   Carvel Cheves motioned to send in the application for State Matching Funds. Charles Mitchell seconded. Motion
   carried. Tom Gulley signed the application and it will be mailed in time to meet the October 1 deadline.

K. Area IV Fall Meeting
   The Area IV Fall Meeting is scheduled for November 19. We should be receiving registration information
   in the next couple of weeks.

L. Environmental Field Days
   Cindy reported that the staff has a full schedule for October and would like to hold Field Days in April. The
   Board was in agreement that this may work better. Cindy has been in contact with Franklin County Schools and
   April will work well with their calendar as well.

M. NC Foundation of Soil & Water Conservation – Lagoon Closures
   Charles Bass reported that there are special funds available from the Foundation to help with lagoon closures.
   He stated that there were only eight or nine counties included in the first funding cycle and Franklin County was

   one of those. He is presently working with five lagoons. Charles spoke to the Foundation Director and there
   may be a possibility of combining the Foundation money with EQIP and/or Ag Cost Share funds to close out
   some of the larger lagoons. The Board discussed one lagoon that is of particular concern with DWQ, but the
   landowner has not shown an interest in closing it, possibly because of the 25% cost she would be responsible for.

Other New Business

  Cindy reported that the Piedmont Commission Seat is up this year. Nominations must be sent to Granville SWCD
  by November 8, 2009. She also reported that elected Supervisors are eligible to get a free flu shot through the
  County’s Blue Cross insurance plan.

  William Byrum reported to the Board that he recently learned that the Legislature passed a bill stating that
  government agencies cannot prohibit installation of cisterns.

  Charles Bass asked the Board to consider sending a resolution to the Fall Meeting. He said that because of the
  support received from Canon for the Envirothon that Districts should consider purchasing Canon equipment for
  their offices. The Board said that the resolution would have to be worded in a way that is not considered an
  endorsement of the Canon company.

  Tom Gulley reported that the Area IV Envirothon Committee is asking Districts for a $100 donation. Carvel Cheves
  motioned to send $100. Charles Mitchell seconded. Motion carried.

The next regular meeting will take place on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. in the Louisburg Field Office.

There will be a special called meeting on Thursday, October 1, 2009 in the Louisburg Field Office to discuss the FFA
Land Judging event as well as changes in the current District ranking system for Ag Cost Share.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:10 p.m.

Carvel Cheves,


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