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					Global warming: What is
       Causing it?

The Warming of the Earth Could
Change the Way You Picture the
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           Researchers around the
           world agree that the climate
           around the world is
           changing. Most people
           believe that the world’s
           population is contributing to
           this climate change. This
           idea is called Global

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Many scientists believe that some human activities cause global warming.
Some of these activities include:

    •Cutting down trees
    •Producing more trash
    •Polluting the environment
    •New Technologies that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

There are, however, some scientist out there that do not believe that
humans are contributing to the climate change. Some researchers believe
that there is a natural warming pattern that the earth is following
                                What in the world is a CFC?
                                        CFC stands for
                               Chlorofluorocarbons. These are
                               chemicals made up of carbon,
                 CFC's           fluorine and chlorine atoms.
                 Forestry          These chemicals are very
            9%                 harmful to the environment and
                                    are the one of the main
57%              Other             contributors to the ozone
                 Energy         depletion. CFC’s are often
                               found in household cleaning
                                solutions, hairsprays, and
        3%                             spray paints.
The ozone is a layer of gases that protects the earth from harmful UV
rays. The CFC’s and other chemicals that are being produced and
released are burning holes in the ozone layer! If nothing is done to
stop these gases from being released the ozone layer will soon be
completely gone. The ozone layer is very fragile. Therefore, does not
take much to destroy it. When CFC’s reach the ozone layer the
extreme amount of ultra violet rays breaks them apart. As they break
apart they release chlorine atoms. The chlorine atoms then join the
oxygen atoms that are put out by the ozone. This combination burns
holes in the ozone layer. These holes now allow more harmful and
heat causing rays to reach the earth.
Greenhouse gases are gases that blanket the earth and absorb
heat . This heat absorption helps to keep the world warmer then it
would be with out them. The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide,
nitrous oxide, and methane.

    •Carbon Dioxide is released into the atmosphere by the
    burning of solid waste, wood, wood products, and fossil fuels
    (coal, oil, and natural gas)
    •Nitrous Oxide emissions occur during various agriculture and
    industrial processes, and when solid waste and fossil fuels are
    • Methane is emitted when organic waste decomposes
    (through livestock farming), and also during production and
    transportation of fossil fuels.

         The overproduction of these gases is leading to the
                     over heating of the earth.
                                                          1957                      1987
        1827                   1890’s to              US oceanographer
                                                                                 Warmest year on
 French polymath Jean-                               Roger Revelle warns
Baptiste Fourier suggests        1940                   that people are
                                                                              record. The 1980s turn
                               Average surface air                             out to be the warmest
   the existence of an                               conducting a "large-
                             temperatures increase                             decade, with seven of
   atmospheric effect                                  scale geophysical
                            by about 0.25 °C. Some                               the eight warmest
keeping the Earth warmer                              experiment" on the
                                scientist see the                              years recorded up to
 than it would otherwise                              planet by releasing
                            American Dust Bowl as                            1990. Even the coldest
  be. He also uses the                                greenhouse gases.
                                  a sign of the                              years in the 1980s were
analogy of a greenhouse.                                Colleague David
                              greenhouse effect at                                warmer than the
                                                     Keeling sets up first
                                      work.                                    warmest years of the
                                                      monitoring of CO2
                                                          levels in the
                                                     Immediately Keeling
                                                      finds regular year-
                                                         on-year rise.
  Most countries are guilty to contributing to global warming, but the most
 industrialized countries use the most energy. Therefore, they are most to
             blame for the increase in the Earth’s temperatures.
                                                                                          Here is another
                                                                                           way to look at
                                  Look who uses the most energy!!!                               It!
                                        Are you surprised?

Energy Used by Countries                                             Energy Used
(Measured in Millions of                                   350
        BTU’s)                                             250
                                              M illions of 200
                                              BTU's use d 150
Japan      Germany         USA                             100
                                                                     USA     Germany       Japan
147           190           340                                              Countrie s
                                             Causes Of Global Warming

CFC's are emitted and    The CFC's breakdown and join w ith oxygen that is released by the     The holes in the ozone layer are allow ing more heat
go into the atmosphere       ozone. These chemicals combined burn holes through the                causing rays f rom the sun to reach the earth.
                                                    ozone layer.                             Now, because of the overproduction of greenhouse gases
                                                                                                  this heat is being absorbed instead of released.